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12 Jan 2014
Deportivo are the winter champions at Segunda División 2013/14 despite missing the victory within the last four games; the Galicians completed 15 shots (9 on target) but missed more continuity to beat a slow and passive rival.

Coach Fernando Vázquez chose to play with Juan Carlos in the playmaking function, leaving Arizmendi on the bench. Juan Dominguez was ill (flue) and was doubtful before the kick-off, but in the end the Galician midfielder was a starter.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1, with Lux defending the goal, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo played on the left, the central position were for Insua and Marchena; Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the centre midfielders, Antonio Núñez attacked from the right wing, Rudy did it from the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Borja Bastón was the central attacker.

At Girona FC, coach Javi López presented the expected formation with the novelties of 37-year-old Jordi Matamala performing at midfield and 20-year-old David Juncà playing at the right wing, the references up front were Gerard Bordas and Felipe Sanchón.

Intermittent performance of Deportivo in this match, at some specific moments the Blanquiazul outfit was looking superior before a slow and passive rival, but just a few minutes later Fernando Vázquez’s team looked clueless and soulless. It was an image constantly repeated in the first half.

The game began with Girona having the ball possession and little by little the locals claimed control over the actions. The first attempt to score came at minute 7, Rudy assisted Borja Bastón inside the area, he was backwards the goal and the final attempt of the Madrilenian attacker went wide.

Rudy was the most active player for the locals in this game and he was the one that completed the first shot on target; he attempted from the left corner of the area, but visiting goalie Isaac Becerra made the save (9’). With the passage of the minutes the Catalans began to speculate with the counterattacks, while Depor were pressing up front.

The second shot on target came at minute 14, Juan Carlos attempted from the edge of the area with a high shot, but it was too soft for Isaac Becerra. Two minutes later Rudy attempted from long-range and this time the ball went wide.

Girona were looking harmless, but suddenly the Catalans had the best chance in the game. A long pass from midfield wasn’t cleared by Marchena and it left striker Gerard Bordas alone before Lux; his final attempt was barely deflected by the Argentine goalie and then the ball hit the post and went back into the path of  the keeper.
Then the Catalans had their first attempt in a set-piece, Jandro released a free-kick, Marchena touched the ball with the head and defender Richy attempted a scissors-kick shot sending the ball close to the far post of Lux (22’).

At this point the game was looking more equal as Depor were having problems to attack; the next chance to score came until minute 26 with a long-range attempt of Manuel Pablo that missed the target. But then the Galicians grow up in the game and had two clear opportunities, at minute 29, Juan Carlos attempted with a drilling shot that was caught by Isaac Becerra, in the next play Borja Bastón headed a cross coming from the left, but it was too easy for Girona’s goalie.

At minute 36, Rudy attempted again from long distance and his shot went wide. Three minutes later the Portuguese winger had the clearest chance for the locals in this half after collecting a cross from Antonio Núñez, he was standing at the penalty spot and his high attempt was cleared by Isaac Becerra.

Depor ended the first half after completing nine shots, but leaving doubts with its s intermittent behavior, besides Laure and Álex Bergantiños were booked, which means that both are suspended for the home meeting against UD Las Palmas.

Things didn’t change for the second part; at times Depor were quite superior to the rival, but then it fell into chaos and missed ideas to create scoring chances. Fernando Vázquez even switched the draw into a 4-4-2 and played with Teles as a left winger. The best came in the final minutes, with Luis close to score during the stoppage time.

The final part began with Girona pushing up front and having three chances through set-pieces (2 free-kicks + 1 corner-kick), but Depor’s defense resolved the actions. Then Depor had the first big opportunity in the second part, again with Rudy, who got the ball at the edge of the area to release a drilling attempt that was cleared to corner-kick by Isaac Becerra (50’).

At this point Deportivo were already dominating, though with the same lack of continuity, then Fernando Vázquez ordered the first modification and Arizmendi replaced Juan Carlos, the playmaker was a clear example of the intermittent performance in this game.

Borja Bastón was another of the intermittent players for the locals, after a couple of attempts in the first half he showed up again at minute 59 to collect a volley inside the area, but his shot went over the crossbar. It was expected the entry of Luis Fernández and that was the next change for Depor, though Vázquez ordered the exit of Rudy, which turned the draw into a 4-4-2.

Rudy was the most constant player at Depor. Always lacking the knowledge to decide how to end the plays, but at least he was constant, something missed by the rest of the team. Depor completed 19 shots in the game and Rudy made five of them (three shots on target).

Then the game suffered the same problem of the first part: it lost pace and therefore excitement. Depor weren’t able to create scoring chances, while Girona FC were too slow and apathetic. Thus the game was boring and walked towards a new goalless draw for the Galicians.

But suddenly it grow up again. At minute 75, Bordas had the biggest chance for his team in the second part; he collected the ball at the left side of the area, but his drilling attempt was stopped by Lux. In the next play Arizmendi couldn’t finalize a good move of Luis and at minute 74’ the Galician striker didn’t find the net after a clearance of Isaac Becerra.

Núñez was dragging a muscle problem and he was replaced by Teles, who performed at the left wing. The locals didn’t look good, but the true is that they deserved the victory for the chances they had. Depor made 19 shots (9 of them on target), while the Catalans only made 5 (1 in target and 1 hitting the post).

Deportivo had two opportunities within the final fifteen minutes; first a chance during a free-kick released by Teles from the left corner. Álex deflected the ball and Insua had an attempt on target that Isaac Becerra deflected twice and still he was unable to catch the ball, but Álex sent the ball over the crossbar from close range (79’).

The second opportunity came in the stoppage time. Teles released a high cross from the left, somehow Luis Fernández beat the mark to end releasing a header that was saved by Isaac Becerra, who truly was the hero in the match with his nine saves.

Mixed readings from the game. It cannot be said that Depor were highly missing Culio, because it had enough chances to win the game, but truly that the Galicians missed a leader. Juan Carlos was the one that took the spot of the Argentine man, but his intermittence was the perfect reflection of an erratic Depor.

It’s the second straight goalless game for Depor and, despite spending four games without clinching a victory, the Galicians are the winter champions at Liga Adelante. The second round starts on next Sunday as Deportivo are hosting UD Las Palmas at the Riazor (12h00 CET). Laure and Álex Bergantiños are suspended for the game after picking their fifth yellow card on the season.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Marchena, Manuel Pablo – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Núñez (Teles 75’), Juan Carlos (Arizmendi 54’), Rudy (Luis 66’) – Borja Bastón.
Girona: (4-2-3-1) Becerra - Iván López, Richy, Migue, David García - Matamala, Timor – David Juncà (Jofre 63’), Jandro (Eloi 73’), Felipe – Gerard Bordas (Chando 81’).
Referee: Mario Melero López. He showed yellow card to Laure (24’), Álex Bergantiños (40’), Matamala (43’), Timor (62’), Becerra (64’), Iván López (81’) and Arizmendi (86’)
Venue: Riazor (21,000)




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