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13 Jan 2014
Mixed reactions after the game; Depor’s coach was satisfied with the sacrifice of the players, but admitted that he wasn’t content with the result. The players preferred the victory, but are content as the team keeps adding.

Fernando Vázquez was admitting that the draw wasn’t the best possible outcome for Deportivo, “We played in order to win and, as I said some time ago, a draw in this league is frustrating, a little disappointing, but well… we worked in order to win and missed to complete the task. We had some fluidity at the edge of the area, but clearly we miss clarity to make a pass and leave a man with the chance to score. We failed on this task today. We missed the last touch and were too anxious. We missed class.”

The Castrofeito-born coach was asked about the performance of Juan Carlos, and he said that, “I trust in the talent of Juan Carlos; today, for the first time, he played in a position that should be fine to him, the one that he likes. He didn’t have a brilliant game, but I believe he can be extraordinary on that position. What happens is that he’s missing confidence and then I moved Rudy to that position, because I think he can create harm there. The role of playmaker is also good for Rudy; we will be exploring and if we don’t get three new players, then we will have to launch and mini pre-season in a tactical sense in order to build up a team.”

Asked about signings, the Galician coach admitted that there’s something and at the same time informed that the club is going to appeal the two suspensions ahead of the next game, “We are working on the issue of the signings. We have something back there, but you will have to ask Ernesto [Bello] and the president, because they are the ones who know. I’m close to them, but since there was a game I was focused on this, and the situation in the market changes from hour to hour. But we are hoping to sign, because today we suffered two casualties. We are going to appeal the yellow cards of Laure and Álex Bergantiños. I don’t know why he [Álex] was booked when it was a shoulder to shoulder play, it’s possible to appeal it.”

 “Remember that what we are going to sign are winter reinforcements and it’s always difficult to get something positive in this market. We will try to make the correct moves. For the moment we must continue with what we have, but certainly we need to get something else ahead of the next games.” He added.

He rested importance to the fact that Deportivo ended the first round as the first place at Segunda, “No matter what we are the champions of the Apertura tournament [he laughed] what happens is that it’s useless. We are there, though having a mini-crisis with the results. The attitude of the team is fine, but lately the results haven’t been good.”

Finally, Vázquez was praising the commitment of the players after all the things that have surrounded the team, “There are two pillars holding on Deportivo, one of them are the players; I always praised their behavior and we cannot ask more from them. The other part is the fans, so with the union between the players and the fans there are great chances to succeed.”

Antonio Núñez commented that, “I believe the team always works hard, it’s one of our strongest points. The team is fine in defense, but sometimes it isn’t enough to win the games. We are missing to be more dangerous up front. We need to analyze the reason, perhaps we need to create more chances. “

“They are a team that plays well, though it isn’t reflected in their position at the standings. It’s a team that knows how to move the ball and their players know how to treat the ball and it’s difficult to mark them. There was a moment in which they had the ball possession and the weight of the game, but in a general sense I believe we made a nice work.” The winger added.

Meanwhile, Laure was feeling content with the performance of the team, “I believe we have completed a solid game and only missed to create more opportunities. We need to improve the definition. We are having problems in the last quartet of the field, we need to learn how to release more accurate crosses. “

The Madrilenian defender doesn’t think that Deportivo will have problems to replace Culio, “He could have been an important player and we missed depth in this game, but I believe we have enough players to cover his exit. We need to keep improving. The team is having the weight of the game, but is lacking depth and the ability to make the proper crosses. Still, I believe we need signings and to get someone that could help us. We missed depth, but the true is that we are the leaders.”

Paulo Insua wasn’t too content with the result of this match, “We had the chance to add three points and now have spent four matchdays without winning. We missed a big chance, but I believe that neither we had so many clear opportunities to claim the victory, so at least we added a point. If we want the promotion we need to add the three points, especially at home, and today’s idea was to pick the three points. If you cannot add the three points then at least you must add one.”

“I believe that in the second part they were more delayed, so we had problems. We were unable to create harm. I believe we’re strong in defense and yes, we have low numbers in attack, because we are missing more freshness. I believe we didn’t understand quite well this game and missed more lucidity.” The Galician defender added.

Álex Bergantiños was pondering after Sunday’s training about the first round of Depor, “It’s an equal league and it’s clear that, perhaps, we aren’t a team practicing attractive football and our style is different to the one of teams like Atlético Madrid, sides used to win all the games in an spectacular league. But every team has its strengths and we are seizing ours. We are only allowing a few goals and know that’s difficult to score goals, so we need to extract the best from it. If we can match the results of the first round it could be enough.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro wasn’t too content with the performance of the team, “The true is that perhaps we didn’t do enough to deserve the three points. It always happens that in the end we want to achieve what we weren’t able to conquer throughout the game. In any case the point is valuable, because in Argentina we would be the champions of the Torneo Apertura. Here we are the winter champions, something that  isn’t special, but the point is that the others will have to add more in order to reach us.”

About signings, Depor’s boss was hoping to sign reinforcements in the coming days, “Once again it was demonstrated that the team needs signings, we hope to resolve some things in the coming days. The same goes with the exit of Culio. Apparently they already sent the money, but don’t have the confirmation of the bank. I guess it will be here on Monday. We are hoping to have the money in the next hours and reinforce the team, always with the approval of the coach, Fernando Vázquez, and the sporting secretary, Ernesto Bello. We are pending to see them accepting the conditions, and also their clubs, because it’s difficult to find free agents at this point of the season. I believe we can have signings before the game against Las Palmas, but will have to wait until the last minute.”

At Girona FC, coach Javi López was content with the result, “We were visiting the leader, which is a solid team that’s difficult to beat, and were also coming from a situation that put us in relegation. We demonstrated that we are improving and scared them having some good arrivals. We had our options and, despite Deportivo were pushing at times, we were solid. We have a good keeper and it helps in some punctual moments.”



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