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16 Jan 2014
Candidate Tino FernŠndez offered an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeůn; he talked about the problems with the Tax Agency, the situation of the club and what he could do if his candidacy wins the elections.

Q: Nobody says openly in the attempt to respect the opponents, but you are going to be president of Deportivo...
A: Well, that depends on the shareholders on day 21. We have the hope, the number of shares delegated on us may be enough, but things happen when they happen, the contracts are made when they are signed, the elections are won when they are won and the money when you collect it.

Q: Will you take more shares than the ones presented in the previous meeting?
A: Yes; weíll present more.

Q: There is great anticipation for the day of the meeting in order to know how the elections will be in terms of delegations, what do you expect from this meeting on next week?
A: The true is that Iíve no idea of what the other candidates can take, because they havenít picked up the shares from Decemberís meeting and I have not much idea of what they can add regarding delegated shares, each one of them. I think the overall participation will not be easy to surpass compared to the one had in the last meeting. Some people even think this is over. I doubt the participation will be higher to 50 %. Weíll have to see where the vote of Lendoiro is going, but I understand that there will be much participation.

Q: And the first job is to deal with the AEAT. What future do you see in the relations with the Treasury with you commanding the ship...?
A: Indeed, thatís the first thing unless thereís an agreement on these days before the elections, which I believe it wonít happen. Now the goals are to strengthen the team and negotiating with the Treasury, but I honestly think it's more important to reach an agreement with the main creditor. Iím expecting that the embargoes will be resumed once the bankruptcy case is closed, but I also hope they will give us a chance to listen our proposal. I wouldnít understand that thereís a hurry, sincerely, I hope that weíll have time and the opportunity.

Q: People ask: Will Deportivo be liquidated? You would not be here if that was the case and there was no future for the club...
A: If I would be thinking that Deportivo are going to be liquidated then I wouldnít be here. I wonít be the one closing the doors at Deportivo, thatís very clear for me. It isnít the ordinary debt the main problem, but the whole, the agreement should have been reached in a comprehensive solution to all creditors.

Q: Is inevitable the increase in the clubís capital? Is it possible to lose control of the club by the fans?
A: I think that the increase in the capital has to be done. We'll see what amounts weíre talking about. I particularly like the model to continue the same: the shareholders will have the last word. If we use the increase in the capital then it will be a similar model and if not letís see where we do arrive. If we have to raise money, then we will go out at the moment for it, but if people donít want to be here then we would see how to capitalize. There are other ways. Weíll have to define the ways, but my wish is that these elections wonít be the last one, which is a model of ' popular shareholder ', we could call it that way, but the reality is what it is. The club needs money and weíll try to get it in different ways.

Q: Have you contemplated the possibility, for example, of releasing bonds instead of stocks?
A: Weíll try to have all financial creativity and imagination, because itís one of the challenges. Financial management is one of the requirements. We all agree on that as we havenít done well, itís not a strong point of the current Deportivo.

Q: What do you expect from the transfer of power?
A: I think there will be an ordered transfer of powers. We are all Deporís supporters and all share something very important. We all want the best for the club and there will be no problem. Neither is true that thereís no communication. Maybe there isnít between me and Augusto [Lendoiro], but thereís communication between people of the club and my team.

Tino FernŠndez during the interview with journalist Alberto Torres

Q: What about the allegations that you were going to present after the shareholdersí meeting?
A: We didnít do anything but are not yet ruled out. As lawyers told me the result of this inattention with the shareholders could be seen within three or four years... We continue to believe that we are right. We have also detected irregularities in the meeting of December 20, but donít have the act, and the general approach will be to seek prosecutions which have immediate results and that are good for Deportivo. It would not be the same if we found ourselves with someone who has taken the money from the box, which we are sure it wonít happen. In that case you have immediate options.

Q: What do you think of the teamís performance?
A: I think it's pretty good. We have to remember that in June we had no squad for the trainings. It has much merit being first, that's the good news. It will be an even competition until the end and being there is important. We must congratulate the players and coaches. The campaign has barely touched the sporting subject and I think the candidates havenít touched there. The team has been sidelined though the city of A CoruŮa is small, with 37 square kilometers and everyone has a friend that tells you things, or that listen to the radio, read newspapers and itís difficult to stay out of everything when you are hearing strong words like liquidation.

Q: How is the relationship with the captains and Fernando Vazquez?
A: We have no direct relation right now.

Q: How is the chapter of the reinforcements? Who decides? Do you know a lot about football?
A: I know at the level of a simple user, Iíve been attending to the stadium since been ten and I have learned some things. I can get higher, but I 'm keeping that, as the 98% of the stadium, I 'm a normal fan. There is a person who will be in charge of the sporting subject and I believe in the professionalism of the club at all levels, including in the sporting subject. The president doesnít have to be the coach and neither the one that makes the game analysis. My mission is, above all, to ensure the economic health of the club, attract the right institutional and relational environment and guess right with the people, both on the field and the sporting management ... We have been working in the reinforcements for several weeks. Weíve reached and have agreements for several weeks with some players, but itís also true that people wait what they can wait, and more on the world of football. It's like a taxi , whoever shows up it picks it first . Those who make the decision are Fernando Vasquez and Ernesto Bello, you only say, "These are the possibilities" and later make decisions.

Q: If the signings turn to be bad, or if they donít yield and the team fails to achieve the promotion, would it be a failure? 
A: I think not. I hope and wish the promotion. I think the two goals, promotion and the economic issue, are very important, but the economic stability is above the promotion. If you have a framework you can move up next year. You also have to realize what has happened throughout the year. The year is what it is: a pre-season almost without players to make quality training, something we are currently facing too. I hope and wish that that we are going to clinch the promotion and I think we're going to get it. I think we are going to reinforce the team with two or three quality players to give us that strength. I'm sure we will end among the first six places, though hope to end first or the second.

Q: From your circle we have heard some names, Valerůn as a kind of institutional representative, Aranzubiaís return... What can you say?
A: Yes, there are expectations, but you have to separate the 'now' or what may come now. Now, what matters are short-term actions, those two or three players to strengthen the team and to clinch the promotion and that represent what we all want. From there itís clear that more players will arrive, legendary characters that have no obligation to anyone, but right now nothing is closed.

Q: Another phrase I've heard is that you could build a bridge for collaboration of large companies, but mostly one: Inditex. What about that?
A: I donít know what the possibilities are. With them I have not talked about this and when the time comes we will speak. And if doesnít happen in A CoruŮa there are other big fortunes and now weīll try to make a project of popular capitalism. Letís hope we will have the aids, but all these cases need to be worked out. We donít have anyone banned and no door is closed. Even Inditex is a client of mine, I donít deal with Mr. D. Amancio Ortega, I make deals with parts of system, I think everyone is willing to listen and have to work in our projects.

Q: Will there be many changes in the club? Have you already begun the conversations to modify some structures...
A: That goes through making a rigorous analysis of each person. We have a vision of how the club is running in the inside, but then everything changes when you're inside. One thing is to be on one side and another to be at the other side of the bar. We must do a rigorous analysis and thereafter a proposal, counting in all cases with people and their opinions. With our ideas we will make a schedule, because we have to make an investment too, that brings together the word ' euro ' and need to know what we have, what we want to do, where we want to go and what we have to invest in time and money but judging from the outside you will almost be wrong. Some people do too many things and you have to focus, surely they work hard, but didnít do the right things. That's the idea, to count with their views, also on the sporting aspect, to count with all the opinions, from the coach of the Benjamin squad to the coach of the first team. All are people of football and all can provide things.

Q: What message would give to the shareholders and socios thinking of the future?
A: My message comes from the real Deportivismo; I would tell them that we are it too. We have a great club, we believe on it, itís a great city, also that Deportivo is important and has a future if we are not here. We want you to think of the future, we donít come here to make a review of the past 25 years, but to work for the future of the club. Lendoiro is the president who has spent more time on the job, we have enjoyed the titles but now need a different management model. We really have a future and we come to work for that future.



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