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31 Aug 2006
The last day of the summer market left several surprises for Depor's fans. The club negotiated a last-minute signing: Adri??n L??pez. Meanwhile, Lendoiro was only able to fulfil the exit of Pablo Amo. Depor's president tried to find a solution to Scaloni and Trist??n. Other players like Mackay and Alc??ntara were loaned out. Deportivo-la-coruna.com has all the details.

The striker asked by Caparr??s already has a name: Adri??n L??pez Alvarez (18). The ex-Oviedo player was the last-minute incorporation made by Deportivo. It was previously rumoured that he would join Fabril, but Depor's officials had to sign a professional contract with him in order to take him out of Oviedo. This last fact still has to be clarified by the club, but the inscription of Adri??n has been confirmed and his name appears in the list of new incorporations in the official site of la liga (LFP). Lendoiro confirmed later that he signed a five-year contract.

In this way, Depor signed 17 reinforcements for the season 2006/2007: Lopo, Riki, Bodipo, Cristian Alvarez, Pablo Alvarez, Juan Rodriguez, Estoyanoff, Rodri, Barrag??n, Arbeloa, Verd??, Guirado, Aouate, Filipe, Alc??ntara, Antonio Tom??s and Adri??n. However, Tom??s, Alc??ntara and Guirado were loaned out for this season.

The following are the detail of the discarded players:

Pablo Amo: He will play in Recreativo de Huelva during the season 2006/2007. The terms of the operation weren't revealed, but the club confirmed his departure in its website.

Roberto Acu?a: He still has to negotiate the cancellation of his contract, but this could happen in any moment since Acu?a himself confirmed that he will probably retire from football. His case should be resolved in the next days.

Lionel Scaloni: He received a very late call from the club (23h30). One of the club's officials asked if he would like to play in Racing Santander, the Argentinean answered: yes. Seven minutes later he was in the club trying to solve his case. But Scaloni was informed that nobody was answering the phone in Santander. Then, the club tried to negotiate the cancellation of his contract.

But Scaloni refused to negotiate and later he discharged his fury in sportpaper Marca: "The club didn't want to reach  a solution, their attitude isn't serious. We gave all the advantages and I'm really sad. I don't know if I will have a spot in the club or not, I just know that I will stay." In a late press conference Lendoiro informed that Deportivo is still negotiating with Scaloni, and it seems that the cancellation of the contract will be resolved after all, but nothing is done yet.

Diego Trist??n: Minutes before Scaloni's arrival, Trist??n was negotiating his exit with Lendoiro. Apparently there's an agreement to cancel the contract of the striker, but the club hasn't confirmed yet the operation. Trist??n only said that "I will not stay in a club that doesn't want me."

Other exits that were negotiated in the last hours of the market:

Carlos Alc??ntara: He just came from Villarreal, but the club decided to loan him out to Real Ja?n (Segunda B). Canaldeportivo only reported that this measure was taken in order to give minutes to the youngster. He will play in Ja?n during the 2006/2007 campaign.

Ian Mackay: The same case as Alc??ntara. The club confirmed that a loan is the best thing to do in order to give some experience to the young keeper. He will play one year in Ceuta (Segunda B).

Jorge Andrade: Real Madrid was desperate in order to reach an agreement for him. The negotiations for Ayala (Valencia) were broken and the Madrilian club tried to negotiate a last-minute deal, but nothing was agreed and the Portuguese defender will stay in Depor... at least until December.

In this way Caparr??s has 26 names to conform his team for the season 2006/2007: Aouate, Mun??a, Manuel Pablo, Barrag??n, Juanma, Andrade, Coloccini, Lopo, Arbeloa, Rodri, Capdevila, Duscher, De Guzm??n, Juan Rodr?guez, Sergio, Valer??n, Verd??, Iago, Filipe, Riki, Estoyanoff, Cristian, Bodipo, Arzimendi, Taborda and Adri??n. Iago will occupy a Fabril's spot and since la liga only allows 25 inscriptions, Pablo Alvarez has been left without a place, the Galician winger will be out until December (broken leg). Depor will have to decide then the best thing to do. Probably the club will try to put a player in the winter market (Mun??a, Duscher or Andrade). The cases with Trist??n, Acu?a and Scaloni are still to be resolved and clarified.

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