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21 Jan 2014
Today is the first call for the extraordinary meeting that will chose the advisors of the club and also the new president. Tino Fernández is the favourite to win, though it isn’t clear what will happen inside the board of administration.

Deportivo could have a new president on Tuesday. The first call of the extraordinary meeting that will elect the members of the board of directors is scheduled for today (20h00 CET) and it’s highly probable that there will be the needed quorum to proceed. The president is later elected according to the members of the board.

Five persons, presented their candidacy, including Augusto César Lendoiro, but in the end only three of them remain in the race: Germán Conchado, Manuel López Cascallar and Constantino ‘Tino’ Fernández; the latter is the favourite to win and practically raze the competition. On Tuesday, he announced that he had gathered 34,000 shares, which means more than the 30% of the club's capital.

Ironically the big doubt is not who the winner will be, but the procedure during the event. There were a couple of reunions between the club and the candidates and in the end it isn’t clear what they agreed. Candidate Conchado told to reporters that there was an agreement to vote for a full candidacy, which means that the winner will be the one with more votes and will have the right to choose the president and the full board of directors.

But Tino Fernández clarified in a press release that this wasn’t legal and that the normal procedure is to choose the members of the board according to the percentage of the votes and these members elect a president. Neither is clear the number of members of the board that will be chosen. Currently the club has four, but it’s commented that Tino Fernández will present a motion during the meeting in order to increase the number to seven, something that’s accepted by the other candidates.

In the end this is like any parliament election: the voters chose the party they like (one of the three candidacies) and the seats at the parliament (board of directors) are given according to the percentage earned by each party. Then the members of the parliament (board of directors) choose the president.

In this sense Tino Fernández’s candidacy could earn between five and seven of the seven seats. It will not only depend of the number of votes that the other two candidates can gather, but also of Lendoiro’s position, because in December the current president presented around 22,000 shares and that’s an important support, perhaps not to change the course of the election, but to name one or two members of the board that can have an influence in the decisions made inside the club. On Monday Lendoiro didn’t clarify what his intentions are. In the case Tino Fernández is unable to earn all the spots at the board, then the election of the president can take some days as they need an act to name the new boss.



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