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21 Jan 2014
Disappointment after the loss in liga, the players weren’t happy with the result and think that they deserved a better luck in this game. Still, Depor’s coach was satisfied with the effort of his team due to the circumstances.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was saying that he wasn’t sad with the performance of Deportivo, “The rival scored two goals and fairly won; if the game would have ended without goals then we would have deserved to win, because we had more opportunities. We were better in a strategic sense during the first half and went out for the game when we wanted. Well, I am not disappointed with the performance of the team, but this is a hard result for us, deadly.”

“In the first half we played attempting to not see Las Palmas running, which meant to wait and press up front. I think things were fine as there was a sense of danger each time we were going out. The rival had the ball possession, but barely created danger against us. In the second half the score forced us to change the strategy. We went out searching for the rival; we did it and moved the ball from left to right. What happens is that we missed definition and some luck, and why not? Sight by the referee at the other side of the area.” He added.

He explained that the low form of Arizmendi was caused by an injury, “I want people to know that he wasn’t totally fit; he made an effort in order to enter into the list. In the end the injury of Manuel Pablo forced me to make this decision. I talked to him and thought he was ready to play for 30 minutes. He must solve these issues in order to demonstrate that he can be useful.”

As he said before the game, the Galician coach emphasized the importance of the home matches, “The team continues lacking the ability to win the games at home, unfortunately, if we could have the capacity to win games at the Riazor then we would be almost promoted, but there’s always a cause why we can’t do it. Sometimes we miss effectiveness, aim and fortune. Today we were inside the area in many opportunities, but missed the chance to seize it. Let’s see if we can change that.”

Later he talked of the referee; Depor’s trainer didn’t like his decisions as he didn’t watch a couple of pushes that could have meant another penalty for the Galicians, “I believe that there were one or two clear things inside the area of Las Palmas, but well…. I don’t like to hide behind the referees, but evidently I like to see justice and today I believe he committed some errors for not watching things, and when the errors are for not watching then I don’t think this was made intentionally.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez repeated the idea that he’s content with the performance of his team, “I work with the players that I’ve; I am content and sometimes even excited. I believe the team that played today made a great work before what could be the best squad at Segunda División. If they aren’t the best then they are among the best. We cannot be thinking of the players that will come, but of the ones that are here.”

Antonio Núñez was sad with the final result, “I believe they played well, but we made a solid game, enough to have claimed the draw, so we’re screwed and thinking of the next game. We had opportunities and the ball didn’t enter. We are feeling screwed with the loss and must move forward.”

The winger also commented the poor form of Deportivo, “This is clearly a low point; we’ve spent many games without winning, but I don’t see that the team is losing its mind. Truly the results aren’t arriving and the good thing is that we remain at the top. We still have the option to end at the first place and let’s see if we can change this.”

Luis Fernández scored the goal and said that his team deserved more from this game, “I believe we deserved the draw, but this is football. Other days we deserved to lose and ended winning. Today it was the opposite. We are living a negative streak and cannot lose more points. I am screwed for the result, because we started winning and had everything in favour.”

Juan Dominguez was disappointed with the result, “They didn’t have opportunities despite having the ball possession. We created more danger and had more chances, many corner-kicks and always tried to create danger. In the end is useless if the ball cannot enter. “

The Galician midfielder rested importance to the fact that Depor have lost the leadership in the league, “Evidently the loss wasn’t good, now we cannot think of that. We just can focus and prepare the next game, because this one is no longer useful. We must get the three points in Córdoba. I believe that before beginning the league everyone would be delighted with this situation, but we aren’t content and our intention is to always add the three points. Neither is a desperate situation. We must regain our strength and surpass this situation. “

A lot of expectation as president Augusto César Lendoiro was talking for the last time after a match. He was feeling sad for the result, “Life goes on and things cannot continue forever. A lot of years have passed. And I am not saying good-bye; because I will be with you tomorrow [presentation of Salomão & Toché] I will only comment the game as I always did throughout these 25 years. I want to thank you for everything. Today you are sad for the result, we deserved more and there were definitive plays for this result. I won’t talk of the referees now, but some circumstances didn’t help. I believe Deportivo was the superior side. There was no fortune and, for what Las Palmas did in attack, their goals are too much reward, but we cannot change the result. We can only hope this negative streak could change.”

“We cannot argue that the current situation is bad. If someone should tell us at the beginning that we would be here then I’m sure everyone would have been beyond content. It could be better? Yes, but we are in direct promotion tough close to other teams. I can only wish the best in a sporting sense to everyone, especially the people that have been following closely the matches at the Riazor.” He added.

At UD Las Palmas, coach Sergio Lobera was ecstatic with the victory, “We knew of the meaning of this game and what it could meant to achieve the three points facing a team like Deportivo playing at their field. It’s a very important victory, a win of prestige, which allows us to approach where we want to be. We must keep working. We must keep working and show the same balance, and it’s positive to start the second round as we did it today.”

Finally, Juan Carlos Valerón was explaining the meaning of this game for him, “I tried to be normal, to play in the most natural way that was possible, but  spent too many years on here. It was exciting the before, during and after the game, though I tried to be focused in the match. It was special to return to the Riazor and I’m thankful for the love that I’ve received.”



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