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22 Jan 2014
The era post-Lendoiro is full of challenges; the financial crisis is demanding solutions to the immediate problems of the club. There are four issues that the new president needs to solve within the next month.

New era at Depor and there’s life after Lendoiro. The new president of Deportivo, Tino Fernández, will have a busy schedule in the next days. The club is living the last stretch of the administration process, so the immediate problems are related to money issues that need a solution in the coming days.

Four are the challenges that the new president need to resolve in the short term:

1- To reach an agreement with the Tax Agency: It’s the most urgent problem of the club. The Spanish Treasury has been trying to block the deal that was voted in the creditors meeting and is menacing to continue with the embargos, something that would be deadly for Deportivo. The Spanish government is reluctant to negotiate with Lendoiro, so the new president is having the big task of restoring the relation and find a payment plan that satisfies the demands of the AEAT.

2- Seal the agreement with the banks: The other two big creditors of the club are banks Novagalicia Banco and Banco Gallego. Lendoiro reached an agreement with them regarding the payment of their privileged debt, but the Bankruptcy Administration  didn’t accept it as they believe that the new president should be the one proposing it. So, the new boss must revalue the situation and decide if Lendoiro’s plan is acceptable or not.

3- Close the squad: The new president is only having one week before the closure of the transfer window. Lendoiro signed two of the three or four players wanted by coach Fernando Vázquez. It’s very probable that the new boss will attempt to hire a third reinforcement, while a fourth signing would need to be covered with an exit. It’s very important to make the right decisions as Depor need to change the current streak in order to continue aspiring to promotion.

4- The TV contract: There’s a conflict with Mediapro, the owner of the TV rights of Depor, as they are reclaiming part of the money gave to the Galician club after the last relegation. The deal signed with them is complex and Tino Fernández has said that this is an important issue that need to be fixed in the coming days.



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