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25 Jan 2014
Important meeting before a direct rival; Fernando Vázquez recovers Álex and Laure, while Salomão was picked for the first time. The rival is improving and relies in the good moment of Xisco.

Interesting match at the Nuevo Arcángel stadium; because the best home team is hosting the best visitor in this tournament. Córdoba CF have added 23 points in their home meetings, which is the best mark in the league. They only dropped points in the defeat before Barcelona B (1-2, Nov 30) and the draws against Deportivo Alavés (1-1, Sept 1) and Sporting Gijón (2-2, Nov. 03).

Meanwhile, Deportivo have added 19 points on the road, the same mark than UD Las Palmas, though the Canarians have played two more games in this condition. The Galicians have won 6 of their first 10 away meetings, which is a record for the club during a league competition. They only suffered three defeats playing away from the Riazor: 0-2 at Sporting Gijón (Sept 15), 0-2 at CD Tenerife (Oct 26) and 1-2 at SD Eibar (Dec 15).

Depor are currently living a negative streak of five straight games without victories; it’s the worst streak with the team competing at Segunda since 1989. At the time Arsenio Iglesias’ team spent seven straight games without wins, suffering five losses and only getting two draws in the period.

Finally, this is the 13th time in which Deportivo visit Córdoba CF playing for a league tournament; Los Blanquiazules missed the victory in the first eleven games, but have won the last two. The first was a demolishing 0-4 at the old Arcángel stadium with braces from Jordi Carreras and Francisco Garcia (Segunda season 1982/83). The other was a 0-2 win two years ago with goals from Salomão and Riki.

After five games winless Depor are living at the limit, just one point above the third place and facing a rival that can reach the same number of points if they win the meeting. So, the mattress is gone and there’s no room for more mistakes. A draw away from home is always something positive, especially if it is conquered visiting the best home team in the league. The problem is that it might not be enough to keep the seat at the direct promotion zone, place that Depor has occupied within the last ten matchdays. So, Depor need a reaction that brings calm and at the same time opens a gap with a direct rival.

Winger Antonio Núñez commented the issue on Thursday, ”Five games is too much for many people. I don’t think we are going to have too many opportunities to fail and stay there. It’s important to not fail anymore. It would be hard to leave the first places after been there for many weeks. Any team would be hardly affected for falling down and saw how a few teams are now above them, as it happened to Recreativo, but there's enough team on here to surpass a situation like this.”

In order to face this tough challenge coach Fernando Vázquez is only having sixteen players available at the first team, but somehow the team is looking more balanced as there are more choices to prepare a solid lineup, at least compared to the last two matchdays. Starting with the arrival of Diogo Salomão. The Portuguese winger just completed two training sessions at the team –one of them the gym- but he knows the club and even scored a goal at the Nuevo Arcángel stadium two years ago, so he will have minutes though won’t be a starter as the coach confirmed during his press conference.

It’s predicted a 4-2-3-1 formation, with German Lux covering the goal, Laureano Sanabria ´Laure’ returns from suspension in order to perform at the right side of the defense, Diego Seoane performs on the left, while the central positions are for Pablo Insua and Claudiano Bezerra ‘Kaká’.

Álex Bergantiños is the other player that returns from suspension; he will join his long-time partner Juan Dominguez at midfield. Núñez attacks from the right wing, Luis Carlos Correia ‘Luisinho’ does it from the left, Juan Carlos Real is expected to be the playmaker, while Luis Fernández should stay in attack.  It means four changes compared to the squad that lost before UD Las Palmas.

Manuel Pablo is out after suffering a muscle problem on last weekend; the other two players at the injury room are Álvaro Lemos and Carlos Marchena.  In order to fill up the gaps the coach picked two players from Deportivo B: centre-back Uxío Marcos and centre midfielder Paulo Teles. Finally, new signing José Verdú ‘Toché wasn’t picked as he’s lacking fitness.

The main situation during the week was the elections for the board of directors, Juan Dominguez commented how these situations are affecting the team, ”Evidently it ends affecting as it’s part of the environment surrounding you. We’ve lived unstable situations and we need to fight against these issues. But for now we are less concerned with this matter and are more focused in the games and the trainings.”

Meanwhile, Luis is convinced that Depor are ready to win this match, ”We are second, nine points above relegation and this fact says everything about Segunda División. Everything is equal. Córdoba is a team with many great players; they won in Ponferrada on last weekend and we are going there in order to break our negative streak and add the three points.”

List of picked players (18): Lux, Fabricio (goalkeepers); Laure, Seoane, Luisinho, Insua, Kaká, Uxío (defenders); Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez, Juan Carlos, Teles, Wilk, Salomão, Antonio Núñez (midfielders); Luis Fernández, Rudy & Borja Bastón (attackers).

It hasn’t been an easy season for Córdoba CF, the Andalusians began as one of the favourites for the promotion seats, but later it seemed that their aspirations were fading away after losing three straight games between November and December. But their latest performance, together with the failure of the other candidates, has put them back into the fight. The problem of this team was always the results playing the away games, but the last 0-1 win at SD Ponferradina –their first away victory in a year- is starting to balance their solid results at the Nuevo Arcángel stadium.

And it’s that Los Blanquiverdes have won three of the last five games, only losing once. And one of the figures within this period of time is former Depor striker Francisco Jiménez Tejada ‘Xisco’, who has scored a goal in three of the last four meetings. The Majorcan striker is a clear example  of the comeback starred by the team, because he only scored two goals within the first seven games, later suffered injuries and returned to end netting 4 times within the last 8 matches. Totally he has scored seven goals on the season, one goal less compared to last season and only six from his best mark playing for UD Vecindario (2006/07).

During the week the ex-Fabril was interviewed and explained the feeling for been facing his former club, ”I face the club that has gave me everything in the world of football and also the chance to fulfill my dream. I lived wonderful years in A Coruña and it will always be pretty. It’s a weird feeling, but now I’m at Córdoba and before everything I am a professional. Deportivo is a team that's in my heart and I would never celebrate a goal against them. It would be a lack of respect."

Coach Pablo Villa is set to return to the normal 4-2-3-1 formation as veteran Carlos Caballero and Luis Delgado ‘Luso’ are returning from a suspension. Ex-Guadalajara Mikel Saizar is the starting goalie; both full-backs in the formation are young and are also Catalan, 20-year-old Eduard Campabadal performs at the right side of the defense, while 21-year-old Samuel De Los Reyes ‘ Samu’ does it at the left.

Their youthfulness is balanced by the experience of the centre-backs, because the central positions are for ex-Celta Iago Bouzón (30) and former Real Madrid man Raúl Bravo (32). Then Carlos Caballero and Luis Delgado ‘Luso’ perform at midfield. Caballero is a former player of Cádiz that’s considered to be an important piece at the squad; after all he’s the player with more passes on this season (1,146).

Abel Gómez, who’s a 31-year-old midfielder that already played three seasons at Primera with Real Murcia, CD Xérez Granada CF, is moving forward and will perform as the playmaker in the scheme. New signing Miguel Ángel Nieto attacks from the right wing. Ex-Cádiz José María López Silva, who scored the winning goal at the Riazor during the first round game, attacks from the left. Finally, Xisco is the central attacker.

Winger Sebas Moyano, the youngest player to debt on this Segunda season (16), wasn’t picked for the game, but new signing Juanlu Gómez was included in the list. He arrived on Tuesday and could have minutes in the second half.

Fran Cruz was explaining his expectations for the match, ”The game against Deportivo will be a confrontation in which both teams are going to search for the opposite goal, neither of us will go out in order to speculate. It’s going to be a pretty game to play and highly competed. I want to see the fans enjoying a pretty afternoon of football.”

List of picked players (18): Juan Carlos, Saizar (goalkeepers); Iago Bouzón, Raúl Bravo, Fran Cruz, Samu de los Reyes, Campabadal, (defenders); Luso, Abel, Caballero, Pelayo, Rafa Gálvez, López Silva, Juanlu (midfielders) Nieto, Uli Dávila, Arturo & Xisco (attackers).

Córdoba: (4-2-3-1) Saizar - Campabadal, Iago Bouzón, Raúl Bravo, Samu – Luso, Caballero – Nieto, Abel, López Silva – Xisco.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Kaká, Insua, Seoane – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Núñez, Juan Carlos, Luisinho – Luis.
Referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez
Kick-off: 18h15 CET (El Nuevo Arcángel stadium)
Head-to-head Vs. Córdoba: 13 wins for Depor, 7 draws, 7 wins for Córdoba (Primera & Segunda)
Mark in Córdoba: 2 wins for Depor, 5 draws, 6 wins for Córdoba (Primera & Segunda)



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