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27 Jan 2014
The coach and the players were content for defeating a direct rival, but also because Deportivo broke the negative streak of five straight games without clinching victories. Fernando Vázquez fears the injury of Lux might be serious.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was happy as Depor broke the negative streak, “It was important to win. We spent five weeks without winning and were going down, so it was really important for us to break the streak. At the same time you should see that things are complicated at the standings, and in any distraction the rivals end passing you. We increased the difference with Córdoba. The true is that things are really exciting, you win two games and later lose two. It will be like that until the end.”

He also praised Córdoba CF, “It was an equal game. They are a tough a complicate team, especially playing at home. It’s hard to defeat them, I always like them. They’ve great players and are well coached. Today they created a lot of problems against us.”

But the Galician coach was also saddened with the knee injury suffered by Lux, “We will make new scans, but his knee doesn’t look good. We have to wait for 48 hours and won’t know what’s going on until then. It’s really sad. Evidently it is the negative news of the game.”

Finally, Vázquez said that the combination Wilk-Álex Bergantiños isn’t part of his future plans, “It isn’t the first time that I do it and for this game it seemed to be the better choice. That’s why I did it. In the future? I don’t know, because this isn’t the fundament of the team. We should be playing with Juan Dominguez as a centre midfielder, and now we are getting this lad from Sevilla [Rabello], so the role of playmaker should be for him if he fulfills the expectations..”

All the players were expressing their happiness with the final result; starting with Borja Bastón, the scorer of the winning goal, “I am content for the three points and also for the goal. We hope to continue adding points at the Riazor. We should work during the week for it. This league is competitive and the important thing is to say that we’re up there.”

Laure was saying that, “It was an equal game in which we were lucky enough seizing our chance. I am content for breaking up this negative streak. They are pretty strong playing here and, besides, the environment was pretty, so it is a game from which you go out reinforced. The exit of Culio was hard and now we are feeling confident with the reinforcements, always willing to continue.”

Salomão returned to Depor and left a positive impression. He said that, “We are content for returning, also for the victory. We are happy for taking part of the game, now we must try to extend the good results and try to do it better. I felt fine. The rival is also up there and it was great to win here. Now I want to play in front of the fans, the home wins are important. The championships are achieved playing at home.”

Pablo Insua emphasized the importance of the victory facing a direct rival for promotion, “We spent five games without winning and it was important to get this result; we were living a bad moment and the three points are great to us. We believe Córdoba will be up there, so it’s important to tie the goal average. It was important for us to get the win on here.”

Same was the speech of Luisinho, "It was important in order to break the negative streak. We needed the three points and it was important. Córdoba is a great team and we were fine. I am content for helping the team and the important thing is that my play ended in a goal. We had bad luck against Las Palmas and today we had this goal at the final minutes.”

On Sunday the team returned to A Coruña, at the airport German Lux expressed his hope that the injury won’t be so serious, “I will have hope until knowing the results of the scans. We must be optimistic and hope for the best. This isn’t bad luck. I always try to do the best, to train, work hard and football has these things.”

At Córdoba CF, coach Pablo Villa described the defeat as a big hit, “It was unfair. The defeat was excessive, also if we have claimed the victory. This is a  big hit, but Segunda is like this. It is hard as many people came to the stadium and there was a lot of hope. We can only stand up and now travel to Vitoria.”

“We missed fluidity with our football; our most talented players didn’t have their day. The first part was equal. Perhaps they were a little better, having an extra point with the arrivals, but without danger. Despite they were better at the beginning of the second part the team grew up. We didn’t have too many chances, but there was a sense of danger.” He added.

Ex-Celta Iago Bouzón was complaining as he thinks the result was unfair, “We had the initiative and the ball possession, but contrary to what happened in other home games, the possession wasn’t translated into goal opportunities. They are a solid team that isn’t worried for been waiting at the back. They are up at the standings, but don’t go out for the games. The few goals they have allowed say a lot, but I believe that a team that exposed so many things like we did in the game at least it should have got  the reward of the draw.”



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