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01 Feb 2014
A reinforced Deportivo returns to the Riazor searching to end the drought at home; Rabello and Salomão will be starters, while Toché was picked for the first time. The rival lands in A Coruña being the most in-form team in the league.

If last weekend Depor were facing the best local team, now it is hosting the worst visitor. CE Sabadell CF have only added eight points after twelve away meetings, it’s the worst mark at Liga Adelante. As a way of comparison Depor, the best visitor, has added more than the triple of points playing in this condition (22).

The Catalans only added points in the visits to Deportivo Alavés (1-1, matchday 04), Girona FC (1-1, matchday 08), CD Tenerife (0-3, matchday 19) and Recreativo de Huelva (1-2, matchday 21). Besides, they are the second team that has conceded more goals away from home (22), only Hércules CF (24) have allowed more.

But Los Arlequinados are out of the relegation zone thanks to their recent winning streak, a rally that meant to win four matches in a row, actually they are the most in-form team in the league within the last six matches adding 13 points in the period. In this virtual table Depor would only be 17th after only adding 6 of the last 18 points in dispute. The Galicians arrive to the meeting after breaking a streak of five games without wins, though they have missed the victory in their last three matches at the Riazor (two draws and one defeat).

This is the 28th opportunity in which CE Sabadell CF visit A Coruña in order to play a league match against Deportivo. Los Blanquiazules won 18 of the previous meetings. The last time the Catalans won there was at the old Riazor with a 0-1 score (Primera season 1966/67).

Coach Fernando Vázquez said in a radio interview held on Thursday that his main worry was to win the games at the Riazor, something that Depor had missed within the last three home matches. He also said that the hope is that the new arrivals would help to change the picture, ”The new signings should bring the unbalance to win the games at the Riazor." He said.

In this sense two of the five signings made during the winter window are going to be starters in the match against CE Sabadell CF. Diogo Salomão played a few minutes in the past clash against Córdoba CF, while Chilean Bryan Rabello is going directly into the starting eleven after just joining the team on Tuesday. The coach confirmed that both are fit to plat for the full 90 minutes and are the main novelties in a formation that searches to end the drought at the Riazor.

Salomão shares the opinion of his coach and even said on Thursday that Depor have now a bigger responsibility, ”With the winter reinforcements we must always demand more things, because there are more players to bring aids and the level must rise too. The philosophy of the team can change a little and the new players can bring more light.”

In the end the four winter signings present during Friday’s training session were included in the list for the game. The other recent arrivals in the list are striker José Verdú Nicolás ‘Toché’ and right winger Ibrahim Sissoko. The latter wasn’t going to be picked, but entered as Rudy went out loaned during deadline day.

It’s predicted a 4-2-3-1 figure, with Fabricio Agosto making his first liga starting appearance for Depor in almost five years. Laure performs at the right side of the defense, Diego Seoane stays at the left, while Álex Bergantiños delays his position in order to join Pablo Insua at the centre of the defense.

Juan Dominguez is also delaying his position, though it’s to join Polish Cezary Wilk at midfield. Then both new signings, Rabello and Salomão, are part of the attacking line. The Chilean is the playmaker in the formation, while the Portuguese performs at the right wing, Luisinho attacks from the left and Borja Bastón is the central attacker.

Sabadell should bring good memories to the Madrilenian attacker, because he scored his first goals at Depor in the first round match, actually it was a brace netted within the first fifteen minutes of the second half. Totally Bastón has scored eight goals during this Segunda season.

The players at the injury room are Lux, Marchena, Manuel Pablo, Antonio Núñez, Luis Fernández and Lemos. Goalkeeper Marc Martinez landed in A Coruña on Friday in order to join Fabril and he went directly into the list of picked players at the first team in order to be the second goalie.

Attacker Javier Arizmendi was included in the list for the game after receiving a treatment with Botox in order to heal his Sciatica problem. Finally, two players from Depor B are part of the list: centre-back Uxío Marcos and playmaker Bicho. Centre midfielder Paulo Teles was initially picked, but he was also loaned on deadline day.

Fabricio was remembering his previous debut in the middle of the conflict Aouate-Munúa and said that he’s now a different man, ”I have now much more experience and games at my back. From that Fabricio to the present one there’s an abysm. It’s a pity to enter due to a situation like this [Lux’s injury], but within the misfortune the good thing is that the injury wasn’t so serious.”

Luisinho said before the game that Depor are forced to get a win in this clash, ”We are prepared and must win, because if not then the three points in Córdoba are worthless. We must give continuity to the results. The last three points were great, because we spent a wile without winning and we all are content. We needed a victory in order to gain confidence and these three points were important. We needed them. It’s motivating.”

List of picked players (18): Fabricio Marc Martínez (goalkeepers); Laure, Seoane, Luisinho, Insua, Uxío (defenders); Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Juan Carlos, Sissoko, Bicho, Wilk, Salomão, Rabello (midfielders); Arizmendi, Borja Bastón & Toché (attackers).

At matchday 18, Catalan club CE Sabadell was in deep trouble, immerse in relegation and with interim coach Miquel Olmo just ratified in the job after a two-game test period after replacing Javi Salamero. What happened next was a streak as impressive as unexpected, just the kinds of results that mark a before and after for a club.

The Catalans clinched four straight wins within the period, including a great 1-2 victory visiting Recreativo de Huelva, enough to leave the pit. Despite they only picked one point within the last two games the streak is good enough to be put them as the most in-form team in the league (13 points in 6 games).

These streaks are really important, especially in a so equal league as the Segunda División 2013/14. The main characteristic for this reaction is the solidarity at the team, because it hasn’t been an improvement starred by a couple of players, but by the collective.

A good representation of this fact is the goal scorers, because within the last six games Los Arlequinados have netted eleven goals and there were eight different scorers, only centre midfielder Antonio Hidalgo (2) and striker Aníbal Zurdo (3) scored at least twice.

But, as it happens to Depor, the coach has been facing problems to prepare the lineups due to the injuries hitting the squad. There are five casualties for the meeting at the Riazor, including midfielder Antonio Longás, who had to travel to Zaragoza due to a personal issue. It’s a sensible casualty as he has only missed one game on the season and as Antonio Hidalgo is also out with a no fracture.

So, coach Olmo will have to improvise at midfield territory as Moroccan Mohamed El Yaagoubi ‘Moha’ isn’t fit to play for the full 90 minutes. The problems with the injuries moved Olmo to pick young striker Jan Lladó from the B squad.

For the game at the Riazor it is expected that he will switch back to the 4-2-3-1 after using a 4-4-2 scheme in the disappointing draw before SD Ponferradina (1-1). This means that veteran Raúl Tamudo will be send to the bench. Canarian Nauzet Pérez defends the goal, ex-Córdoba Cristian García covers the right side of the defense, veteran Toni Lao performs at the left, while the central positions are for former Racing man Martí Crespí and Aragonian Carlos Hernández.

The mess at midfield is solved with the presence of two young players coming from two important football academies. First ex-Espanyol B man Juanjo Ciércoles, who’s 25, and with Fernando Llorente Mañas, who’s a 23-year-old player coming out from Villarreal B.

Later, Juan José Collantes attacks from the right wing, while David Arteaga does it from the left flank, Japanese Sotan Tanabe is the playmaker in the scheme and ex-Guadalajara Anibal Zurdo is the central attacker.

Two men to have in mind are Collantes and Anibal. Two years ago the Andalusian winger scored twice against Depor when he played for FC Cartagena, while the ex-Guadalajara striker is the top-scorer at the team with seven goals on the league season.

David Arteaga was talking of the team’s hopes for been visiting the leader in the competition, ”We’re full of hope before the trip to the Riazor. We know they are the leaders and that have a great squad, but everything is equal in this league and the games are decided by small details. We just know that we need a lot of points, at this pace we will need more in order to save ourselves; we all know that.”

List of picked players (18): De Navas, Nauzet (goalkeepers); Martí Crespí, Cristian García, Carlos Hernández, Artega, Toni Lao, Kiko Olivas, Jesús Olmo, Fernando Llorente (defenders); Juanjo Ciércoles, Sotan & Moha (midfielders); Aníbal, Collantes, Tamudo, Edgar & Jan Lladó (attackers).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio - Laure, Álex Bergantiños, Insua, Seoane - Wilk, Juan Domínguez - Salomão, Rabello, Luisinho - Borja.
Sabadell: (4-2-3-1) Nauzet – Cristian, Olivas, Hernández, Lao – Ciércoles, Llorente – Collantes, Sotán, Arteaga - Anibal
Referee: Jesús Muñoz Mayodormo
Kick-off: 20h00 CET (Riazor)
Head-to-head Vs. Sabadell: 22 wins for Depor, 12 draws, 21 wins for Sabadell (Primera & Segunda)
Record at the Riazor: 18 wins for Depor, 5 draws, 4 wins for Sabadell (Primera & Segunda)



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