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03 Feb 2014
Fernando Vázquez was satisfied with the performance of the new signings; the players were content with the result, while there were complaints at Sabadell for the work done by the referee.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was content with the performance of the team as he’s aware that the new players need time to adapt, “We are living the third transformation of the team; therefore we had to pay a toll at some moment in the game. We played with four new players and clearly you notice it. Sometimes there are positive moments, but you also notice the mismatches.”

He also admitted that Depor had problems with the rival throughout the second half, “It was the impression left, clearly the team was playing delayed in the second half and when we were worst it was when we had the numeric advantage, but we must also recognize that Sabadell isn’t the same team that we faced in the first round, because it’s an improved version led by this new coach. They evidently created many problems.”

There were many complaints at Sabadell for the work of the referee, but the Galician coach didn’t understand why, “I’m thinking why there are leaving upset. I didn’t watch the repetitions of the plays and don’t know if the goal was in offside or if there was a penalty inside the area. I didn’t see it. But I also have reasons to complain and won’t do it. What matters is that we won and I’m very content, which is the important thing. I can also complain of the referees, but as far as I won then won’t do it.”

But Vázquez mentioned one of the reasons why he didn’t like the referee: the red card shown to Juan Dominguez. “It’s one of the possible complaints that I could be making, because I think that it was very, very, very strict. The first and even the second yellow. The referee made the decision and the player made a mistake, though the criterion to show the yellow cards was something I couldn’t understand. Juan entered into this confusion and paid the price. He needs to learn. It’s expensive, especially ahead of next game, which is probably a more important game.”

In a general sense he was content with the performance of the new signings, “Sissoko made an assist, though the play didn’t end in goal, but it should have been. They fulfilled my expectations. I believe we earned technical quality, competitive quality and speed. I believe the latter is a very important weapon to break the defenses. I am content and hope they will be fit to play. The major part of them doesn’t have the pace that we have, so evidently as soon as they begin to play, the better.”

El Profesor also explained why the club signed Lopo despite the protest of some fans, like the Riazor Blues, “I want to explain: a series of players left, because they wanted to leave. Later they left enough money to sign reinforcements. An important centre-back left us, and my responsibility, beyond any story, is to reinforce the team with the most competitive players, and I believe that Lopo is competitive and will help us to get the promotion to Primera División.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez admitted that Javi Hervás and Montenegrin Marko Bakić were the missed targets during the winter window, “Yes. They didn’t want to sign for us. I believe Hervás had personal reasons and decided to stay in Alicante at the last minute. Later the other deal fell down. We had that possibility, a player that’s in Fiorentina [Marko Bakić], perhaps he thought: why to come to Deportivo if they’re at Segunda División?”

Toché had an explosive debut scoring a goal after just ten minutes; the striker commented that, “I’m content for debuting in this way. To have minutes and score a goal. The true is that Borja [Bastón] made an incredible work, fighting and opening the space. Later I went out when the game was broken and things were easier.”

“It’s always good to debut with a goal, now it’s time to continue working. We played well, I believe we controlled the game for about 80 minutes, until we scored the second goal, but I believe we were fine and the new players will try to fit into the team. I believe we are the rival to beat in this league.” He added

Bryan Rabello was another debutant; he commented that, “Yes, we were eager to play and the important thing is the victory. The coach told me to put pressure and that’s what I tried to do. Little by little we are going to earn more confidence.”

The Chilean playmaker was impressed with the environment at the Riazor, “The people were great throughout the 90 minutes, without doubt it is a motivation. We were playing well, though things were complicated after the expulsion.”

Álex Bergantiños was accepting that Depor suffered a lot in this match, “It seemed the game was favourable with the expulsion, but there are many turns and we felt the pressure at the final minutes. We suffered a lot, but there are no easy games in this league. There’s a lot of equality. In the end we are moving forward.”

“Perhaps we were too delayed, but they were also playing with two strikers, with Anibal, who brings danger, and it forced to us to play more defensively. The team is still winning and we are there. The new arrivals need pace and surely will bring things to the team; I believe they will add depth in attack, something we missed in the first round and, if we keep the defensive solidity, then I believe we have more options of sealing the promotion.” The Galician midfielder added.

Álex also commented the play of the possible penalty protested by Sabadell, “It’s the eternal dilemma. He [Laure] had the hand not attached to the body, but you always don’t know what the referees should be calling. It’s difficult to know how they will interpret the play. I believe they made a lot of fouls in the first part and perhaps there could have been more yellow cards. Later the second yellow over Juan was unnecessary and even in their second yellow the referee could have saved the card, but it’s only my perception. Some days you win with this, in others don’t.”

Diogo Salomão was the best player in the game; he commented that, “With the expulsion of Juan Dominguez we suffered until the end and I believe the result was fair. I’m fine in a physical sense and this fact brings me a lot of confidence.”

The other Portuguese player at the lineup,Luisinho, commented that, “The important thing was to get the three points; we fulfilled the goal and it was confirmed that this was going to be a tough game. The team was compact and solidary, just as the coach wants. These three points are important and must move forward. “

At Sabadell, coach Miquel Olmo was pretty upset with the referee, “We feel rage and impotence. The second goal was in offside and the penalty was saw by the whole Riazor. We have spent tough weeks, because in the end it doesn’t depend on us. This team competes; it’s brave and knows what to do with the ball. We played with ten players and locked Deportivo inside their area. This is has a big merit as we did it at the Riazor.”

Defender Carlos Hernández, who was sent off during the game, was also complaining, “The first foul didn’t deserve a yellow card and neither the second. No matter what, we went out for the game and always were in. We must continue like this and today we, at least, deserved the draw.”

Winger Juan José Collantes was complaining of the penalty that wasn’t whistled, “Even the players of Depor were surprised with the penalty. You need to be braver in order to whistle these actions. We were brave and ended with a fool face for not picking any point from this game.”

Keeper Nauzet Pérez was even suggesting that the referees want to see Depor getting the promotion, “We are screwed as we gave everything, but once again they have hurt us again. It’s tough to whistle against a team that has to clinch the promotion.  The positive part is that we were brave playing with ten players.”



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