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05 Feb 2014
Luisinho is the player of January after been named in the top-four list in three of the four matched played in the month. In all of those games the Portuguese performed as a left winger. Juan Dominguez also shone during the period.

Luis Carlos Correia ‘Luisinho’ was signed during the past summer as a reinforcement trying to end the recent problems to cover the left-back position, and in the end coach Fernando Vázquez opted in using him as a left winger due to the shortage at the squad. And in this way the Portuguese multifunctional player ended named as the best player during January.

Truly it wasn’t the best month for Depor as the team only got one victory and two draws plus suffering a defeat, but the RCDLC.com peña members were impressed with his performance. Luisinho took part of three of the four games in the month and missed the other due to a suspension. In all of them he acted as the left winger in the formation.

He was the fourth most voted man in the goalless draw visiting Real Jaén, he picked a yellow card that meant a suspension for the home game before Girona FC, and Luisinho returned to end as the most voted man during the home game against UD Las Palmas and the visit to Córdoba CF, in the latter he made an impressive solo-play to assist Borja Bastón for the goal that meant the victory and to recapture the leadership.

Totally, Luisinho picked 15 points in the month; the second place in February was for Juan Dominguez, who picked just three less points after been named as the best player in the match against Real Jaén and second in the home clash against Córdoba CF. The third place in the month was another former player of Depor B: Luis Fernández. The striker earned nine points, three of them after scoring the goal against UD Las Palmas.

Resume of the month:


Best player

Collective note


Juan Dominguez





Las Palmas






Overall: Despite leaving early in the month, Culio remain at the top of the Player of the Season Award race. Pablo Insua remains at the second place, while Juan Dominguez jumped into the thirst seat. The great month of Luisinho allowed the Portuguese player to reach the fourth spot.

Overall Table
1st Culio 48pts
2nd Insua 38pts
3rd Juan Domínguez 37pts
4th Luisinho 34pts
5th Alex 30pts
6th Marchena 27pts
7th Rudy 26pts
8th Lux 16pts
=8th Luis 16pts
=8th Borja Bastón 16pts
11th Juan Carlos 12pts
=11th Arizmendi 12pts
13th Núńez 10pts
14th Laure 9pts
15th Seoane 8pts
16th Wilk 6pts
17th Fabricio 5pts
=17th Teles 5pts
19th Bruno Gama 2pts
=19th Kaka 2pts
21st Uxio 1pt
=21st Quique Fornos 1pt
=21st Salomão 1pt
24th Manuel Pablo 0pts




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