06 Feb 2014
New Deporís president offered an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. He explained how life was after the first days in the job. The new boss also talked of some of his plans at Deportivo.

Q: How was the change from candidate to president?
A: I imagined what I would find. Not a huge surprise. Deportivo was running, regardless of whether things had to improve. It has been a quiet but intense transition. We have done many things and worked on many fronts.

Q: Frantic days
A: The initial challenges were the signings, the situation with the Treasury, the television contract. We have worked in all three. The signings are already done and in the other two fronts there a lot of things to do.

Q: In a few days you made the signings,
A: We had been working for many weeks on possible reinforcements; we had contacts and there is a continuing business, Ernesto Bello still counting for us. We've squeezed the resources we had, which were coming derivative from the exits of Culio, Kaka and Rudy. I think we've done pretty interesting reinforcements, together with the two that had been signed by Lendoiro (Salom„o and Tochť).

Q: The leader, with a tight squad, is reinforced. Now it is a candidate for promotion.
A: The goal is to get promoted and I think we will get it, but this is football. The squad has improved and we face the final stretch with more energy and morale.

Q: So, you are confident that there will be an approach with the Treasury.
A: I hope so, with a new plan to convince them about receiving more money, because weíll be promoted and theyíll recover much of the debt and that there will be a management that will be giving them more revenue. Weíve opened the doors to allow them participate in monitoring and control. The Treasury will be convinced and weíll fight for promotion.

Q: What has been the best thing on these days?
A: What we could have changed, like some reinforcements and business, the progress in the negotiations with the Treasury and confirm the love that people give us, which is the most appreciative thing of this project, as opposed to purely business matters.

Q: The headquarters of the club are a little shabby
A: Well, I would say old. We need something more functional, it is not about doing something luxurious. It's exciting, but I didnít have free time, I've seen a lot of memories, things from other teams, old trading cards.... All this has to be at the reach of Deportivismo. I donít know if a museum, but you get this story out to the street because there are spectacular things to see on here. Infrastructure is not just this location. We have requested a report on infrastructure. One day something fells down, the other day another thing fells. And in the end the situation is like this.

Q: They say that there are about a hundred open legal issues.
A: I donít know, but certainly itís excessive for an organization like this one. An indicator of normality has to be the little presence of the president in the media and not to have too many lawsuits.

Q: And how does family deals with it?
A: The problems remain the same, you have to study, do not play too much with the playstation, what about the notes?

Q: Are your children Deporís fans?
A: Yes, nothing to do with Madrid and Barcelona, in my house thereís only Depor.

Q: What did they say when you told them you were a candidate?
A: The little one, who is the football fan, told me not to introduce myself, because if we didnít win then I would be blamed. That's what worried him: that his father could be blamed for not clinching the promotion.

Q: You have signed a code of ethics, you wonít perceive a salary from Depor, what take you to get into a mess like this Deportivo?
A: Basically, to help the club. I donít see it so rare, there are many people in life who do things anonymously by helping others, making hard efforts and less rewarded. Here they give you hugs, so you have a reward, though itís emotional. We love Deportivo and feel rewarded.

Q Will you be a president who respects the law?
A: We donít only respect the law, but will be rigorous. We will fulfill the commitments, we will pay to the Treasury, banks, creditors, employees.... rigorous in spending and with the incomes. I donít know if the ball is going in, but the part of austerity, rigor, to maximize the commercial revenues, yes.

Q: Do you see yourself 25 years in office?
A: I donít see me too much time on here. The normal thing is to have shortest periods. In life you have to spend time on sites and evolve and change.

Q: What message do you send to the fans regarding what will be the stage at Deportivo?
A: Seriousness, rigor, transparency, telling them how things are, that I will defend Deportivo at all levels, to seek the unity of all. From a sporting point of view a message of boundless ambition. I donít plan to stay at Segunda, I'm from Primera and Champions, another thing is what you can get and when, but I target the top.

Q: How would you describe the Deportivismo, whatís special about being from Depor?
A: Well, I didnít think about it. I donít know.... I donít know other feeling like it. I'm not able to compare it to anything, because in other things I do in life I find nothing such as Deportivo. I go to see Depor since my childhood. I saw a lot of Segunda Division. Even the team didnít win the first time I went to watch it. You're being hooked and in the end you are totally in. And you watch videos, looking on the net and thinking about Deportivo... Accumulate memories and discover that you get excited with Depor. This feeling will not leave me. I can stop being an entrepreneur, I can stop being many other things in life, but always will be of Depor.

Q: It was said that you  didnít know of football, do you know about football?
A: We havenít come to a contest to see who knows more. We know enough, possibly more of what anyone believes. But the board of directors isnít the one that must know more. Weíve to guess right with people handling football themes. The chart is fundamental. I donít see the figure of the president who decides everything.

Q: Is there or will be Tino FernŠndezís signings?
A: There will be signings of Deportivo, neither of Tino nor from the sporting director. The signings are of Depor.

Q: Will we get promoted?
-I hope so.

Q: You have normalized the relations with veterans.
A: It must be so. I donít understand that veterans are not part of the club. You must separate the persons from the institutions and their functions. You need to have normal relations with the veterans. They are a heritage of Deportivo.

Q: How has been the relationship with the administrators?
A: Good, every time we talked to them we have reached agreement on all issues.

Q: Is Fernando Vazquez entering into future plans?
A: I have said that, as a fan, I would have liked to see him in moments of glory, when the spending was higher. I wish him success and to see him with is for many years. It is also true that this is professional football and we are subject to its rules.

: Is Ernesto Bello counting for the future?
A: Yes. I donít know exactly the function, but surely yes.



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