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11 Feb 2014
Disappointment in the papers after the latest poor presentation of Deportivo. The media is worried for the constant mismatches at the moment of defending the set-pieces and for the lack of integration by the new signings.

Deporte Campeón An unexpected disappointment. Deportivo lost the leadership at Segunda, which is now shared with Eibar; it fell again in set-pieces and showed two distinct faces. In the first half, despite allowing the goal, it was very superior to Murcia. In the second, with the obligation to play in order to score the equalizer, it turned to be thick, uncertain, and was not able to create the supposed danger. A missed opportunity, one less game, an unexpected setback that should be useful to, against Sporting, return to see the Depor that we know. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: No spark in Murcia. The streak ended in Murcia, place where Depor were chasing a third consecutive victory and met an ugly defeat, which again showed the poor ideas in attack and gives the leadership in the hands of the unexpected Eibar. Deportivo didn’t create danger before a well ordered Murcia; not even with two central strikers within the final minutes. The Murcians overcame their absences in defense and took advantage of a new hole in the set -pieces, which again cost three points to Depor.

With the absence of Juan Dominguez, Fernando Vazquez was pushing by the mean street, but when things got complicated he pulled the plan B: three centre-backs, two wingers and two strikers. Neither the first nor the second formula allowed Depor to be a solvent offensive team, because Rabello still lacks tuning and knowledge in order to operate as the beacon in the playmaker’s role. Only the sparkle brought by Salomão offered some joy to the Galician outfit. The winger forced Casto to become the best player at his team with three critical interventions. The sparks of Portuguese and some isolated actions of Luisinho brought light to the thickness at the Condomina.

Lacking order after the modifications, with anxiety and hurry, but lacking ideas and unable to put the ball into the area, Depor died in the game without alarming Casto, it’s a defeat that, beyond leaving three points on the road and losing the leadership, it again highlights the offensive problems at the Galician team.  Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: New faces, old ghosts. At this stage of the tournament, when it should be clearing the horizon and the aspirants to promotion should be making a definitive step forward, some are determined to add pepper to a league without a clear dominator. Deportivo is no stranger to it and yesterday, in a favorable scenario to add points and self-esteem before receiving Sporting at the Riazor, it suffered an unexpected slap against a team full of casualties and that had only won one of the last fifteen games. Against Murcia, Fernando Vazquez’s men showed again the same weaknesses that have been manifested since the start of the competition. No continuity or consistency, the Galicians ended up falling for a set-piece that showed that Depor’s game has barely evolved. Either for good or for evil.

Deportivo continues to be the same team that was back in August, when the league started between doubts and uncertainty. It managed to compensate it with enviable economy resources that allowed them to dominate the standings without fanfare, but with difficulty to impose themselves before the rivals. The winter reinforcements made think of the possibility to witness an evolution towards other alternatives, but Vazquez’s men remain the same: fragile team in set-pieces and with serious offensive problems. M. Otero.

Marca: Slip and good-bye to the  leadership. The standings at Segunda División are tighter than a nightclub at four in the morning. Deportivo know it well as it imitated what Sporting Gijon did, its nearest rival, and stumbled upon an unexpected rival. The 1-0 was thanks to a goal by Dorca and leaves the Galician team at the second place, tied in points with Eibar.

Few clues foreshadowed that the Galicians were going to leave the Nueva Condomina without points. Well reinforced in the winter window, with a positive streak, seeking a third straight victory and facing a Murcia with a very different streak: 6 games without a win and only one victory in their last 15 games. To make matters worse, Julio Velázquez had to juggle in order to present a proper defensive line due to the plague of injuries hitting his team.

Murcia went out better, taking control within the first fifteen minutes. Deportivo, knowing of the opportunity to increase the lead with Sporting, put some pressure and enjoyed the better chances, thanks especially to a large performance by Salomão . Everything was fine... until Murcia skipped the script: Dorca, at minute 41 made it 1-0 with a header after a corner-kick. Fabricio hesitated and couldn’t prevent the goal.

After the blow and the pause, Deportivo’s players found that their coach was right to say before the meeting "no one can say that this is done." Far from it, Mr. Vazquez. His pupils tried to comeback with more will that effectiveness. And in this way is very difficult. The ideas up front were scarce and Murcia, meanwhile, was licking thinking of Kike’s counterattacks exhibiting a great display. But, apart from the chances for Bastón and Luisinho, Deportivo didn’t create danger before the goal of a successful Casto, so the score didn’t change.  Mario Cortegana.

La Verdad (Murcia): Murcia, a perfect machine. Real Murcia have taken oxygen when nobody expected. It ended the poor run of results just the day on which the almighty Deportivo La Coruña arrived to the Nueva Condomina, with their great squad, winter signings and first place at the standings. It looked like the worst time to get the first victory in 2014, but it was the best. The big rivals fit to Rea Murcia. It was the triumph of effort and faith, teamwork and sacrifice. Because the game could well ended with a win for the Galician team, but the Murcians became a perfect machine from top to bottom and from beginning to end at the moment of disarming the opponents.

Everything went perfect. Casto made four spectacular saves, Dorca headed in the ball and finished the team's work in a set-piece and throughout the second half the players gave their lives to defend and maintain the advantage.

This time there were no gear failures. Goal at the end of the first half and a clean sheet. With this win, Julio Velázquez’s team is putting distance with the relegation zone and breaks a horrible streak of only one win in fifteen games. It was a very hard victory that shows this team can survive without their starters. Eva Franco.



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