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11 Feb 2014
Frustration at Deportivo after an unexpected defeat that cost the leadership at Segunda. Fernando Vázquez admitted the offensive problems of the team, while the players were angry with their performance the outcome.

Coach Fernando Vázquez said after the game that he wasn’t content with the performance of his team, mainly with the offensive game displayed in the second half, “I don’t know the rest of the players, but I am not content. I believe we had enough players to make a better presentation. Especially in the second half. I hope to improve the offensive problems of the team with the arrival of the new players, but we already suffered a lot in the first round of the tournament. The offensive display continues to be our biggest problem.”

He pointed out that the goal of Murcia after a corner-kick was the key in the game, “We had the ball possession and we had problems to create scoring opportunities. It is what happened to us in the second half. It’s also true that in football the set-pieces can mark the games. The strategy affects the games and Real Murcia was fortunate enough to get a chance in the first half, which was the key to the result.”

Asked if this setback is going to affect the upcoming clash against Sporting, Vázquez said that, “The defeats only have a bitter taste. It isn’t good, but when you start the season you are aware that you will lose some games, so you need to accept the defeat and know how to return. It isn’t the first and hopefully it will be the last, though it isn’t probable, now we need to comeback and face the game against Sporting. Football is like this.”

Albert Lopo played his first minutes after his return and the Catalan felt sorry for the outcome of the match, “My debut was tarnished by today’s defeat. We were hoping for a better result, but a set-piece has marked the final result.”

Diogo Salomão, who was the best player in the first half, was also feeling sorry for the problems to defend the set-pieces, “It was a complicate game, just as we were expecting. The true is that things weren’t fine to us and, despite having or chances, we lost. One more time we allowed a goal in a set-piece. We must fix these in problems in order to add points in pitches like this one.”

Pablo Insua was feeling dejected after the game, “It was a complicate game. We were lacking order after their goal and never knew how to create opportunities. These three points were going to be useful in order to increase the difference with Sporting Gijón. Now we face an important game against a direct rival, it means to define the goal-average and to earn some confidence.”

The Galician centre-back was unable to answer what happens to Depor at the moment of defending the strategic plays, “As it happened in past games we are suffering in set-pieces. We must change the things. I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but we must find the way to fix it. We must try to earn confidence and move forward. Next week we must show our real level at home.”

Right-back Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was even admitting that he made a poor presentation, “We wanted to win the encounter and ended playing a bad game. I played a very bad second half. Now we lost the leadership before Eibar, a team that’s making a great season and we are going to fight hard during this second round at Segunda.”

“It was a game in which we feel screwed for suffering the defeat, because I believe we did the merits to deserve more. In the first part we dominated and had opportunities to claim the lead, we dominated and were attacking by the sides. But later we missed effectiveness up front and ended paying the price. We had Murcia under control and didn’t seize our chances. Later they claimed the lead and ended locked at the back.” The Madrilenian defender added.

At Real Murcia, coach Julio Velázquez was satisfied with the victory, “Within the last weeks we were competing pretty well, but were unable to finalize the games with a victory. In the end these are points and good feelings. Today’s victory was really important. It was about time. Especially for the players that weren’t starters and that today’s showed a great performance, mainly as we beat the team that was the leader.”

“We always were aggressive and sought for the rival. The way to defend the result wasn’t to retreat and wait at the back. We were searching for fast transitions and attack according to our possibilities before a quality rival. The strategy was the same throughout the game. We played with three centre-backs and two wingers, then we managed to keep the structure despite the pressure.” He added.



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