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04 Sep 2006
Diego Trist??n and Lionel Scaloni have finally reached an agreement with Deportivo. Both men will receive an important amount of money in order to cancel their contracts. President Lendoiro has expended almost €6 million in these two cases plus the one of 'Toro' Acu?a.

Lionel Scaloni reached an agreement on Saturday morning. He was asking for part of this season wage and the Argentinean international has gotten what he wanted. It's speculated that Scaloni will receive €1 million as compensation, the same amount that 'Toro' Acu?a received on the past week.

Meanwhile, Diego Trist??n reached an agreement with Deportivo on Monday morning. He was asking for €5 million, but the report says that Lendoiro agreed to pay €4 million. In this way Lendoiro has closed the issue of the discarded players, one of the main headaches of the club during the last weeks. The €6 million expended on this subject means that this season, Deportivo has invested almost €18 million in the squad (€6 million in the discards + €9.2 million in 14 new signings).

Scaloni and Trist??n were menacing to take their cases to the Spanish Players Association (AFE) after being discarded by Caparr??s some weeks ago. The club tried to sell them, but it was impossible to find a destination that was fulfilling the expectations of the players. It was reported that both men were yelling at Lendoiro on the past Thursday, the day in which the summer market closed its doors. Apparently they were disappointed with the way in which Depor's president managed their cases.

Deportivo signed Adri??n L??pez last Thursday as the surprising reinforcement for the first squad, but the case has caused a conflict with Real Oviedo, his former club. The 18-year-old striker has been trying to join Depor since a couple of months ago, but his agent, Eugenio Botas, wasn't able to fulfil a deal between Deportivo and Oviedo. With the summer market almost closed, Botas and Lendoiro decided to follow a risky manoeuvre: to inscribe the Asturian youngster without reaching an agreement with Oviedo first.

Oviedo was warned about the situation by Botas himself, but the Asturian club has denounced the case in the Spanish Federation (RFEF), they are asking to get the player back. According to the reports of the papers, the Galician club consulted first the case with the RFEF and later they decided to inscribe Adri??n in la liga. For the moment the RFEF has suspended the inscription. Adri??n is in La Coru?a, but he isn't training with the rest of the players, he is just working in the gym and waiting for news.

The papers in Spain believes that Depor has a good chance to win the case. The main argument is that the youngster didn't have a professional contract before, and that he is free to accept any offer that was improving his situation no matter that Oviedo was in disagreement with the resolution; however, the case could take time since several appeals would be presented. In fact, it's expected that the first decision of the RFEF will be favourable to Real Oviedo. This is precisely the same situation that happened with Antonio Barrag??n when he was 'stolen' by Rafa Ben?tez from Sevilla. An incident that occurred a couple of years ago.

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