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18 Feb 2014
The Galician papers welcomed the point rescued at the last minute, but also criticized the performance of the team. Meanwhile, the media in Asturias blamed the referee for “favoring” Deportivo throughout the match.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo miraculously saves a point. Fabricio raised his fists as Aranzubia did in Almeria, though it was Toché who connected the ball, almost without looking the aerial trajectory of the Canarian. The goalkeeper threw himself with anything at the 94’, which brought a miraculous draw for Depor against Sporting Gijon, Sandoval and 7,000 Asturian fans that were pulling their hair because they saw how the victory went overboard, and after a bad game by the Galicians. In a match of tension and limited opportunities, Sporting were feeling more comfortable and threatening in the counterattacks to sentence the meeting after the goal of Bernardo. Deportivo should be satisfied with the point after the game was lost and with the situation for the direct promotion as complicated as the defeat was confirming. Miguel Piñeiro.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo drew with Sporting de Gijón in a game that responded to the expectations, the level of the rival, by the sacrifice of the Galicians and the “evils” in set-pieces as the goal conceded came in the same way that almost always. Fernando Vazquez put a team with Luisinho and Salomão at one side; he gave a starting role to Antonio Núñez and put Borja alone up front. All this with the return of Juan Dominguez to command the bridge of the ship. It was supposed to be enough artillery to bomb Gijon. But this is football. A draw that, for its outcome, it should be assessed as positive. Alberto Torres.

La Opinión A Coruña: Toché takes down a point from the sky. When all seemed lost, Deportivo rescued a miraculous point, out of the blue sky. Toché pulled it down at the 95’, on the last play of the game, off a corner released by Luisinho. The Murcian jumped and with him the full Depor’s squad, from the keeper to the last Galician fan. All went ahead searching for the ball. All pushed the ball in. Fabricio, Toché himself, Marchena and even the  collective "spirit" according to Fernando Vazquez. 1-1 at the buzzer. Ecstasy at the Riazor. One lucky prize to faith, not to football. It tastes like victory, because the value at the standings is enormous, but it doesn’t clear the doubts.

Doubts about the calamitous defensive balance with the set-pieces, which again cost another goal. Questions for the team's offensive problems, with more possession that never before, but jammed as usual. And doubts too for Fernando Vazquez, who lately has faced troubles reading successfully the matches. Nothing worked. Neither to change the positions of the players -Salomão is a winger not a playmaker- nor to recall the system with three centre-backs. He sought to broaden the field and generate a numerical superiority, but was prompting even a greater thickness. Before there was an excuse: the scarcity of resources in attack, in quantity and quality. But now this is no longer valid. Supposedly there are resources for much more, no matter the rival is a big team as it happened yesterday. Eugenio Cobas

El Pais: Deportivo torn between doubts just when it was expected that it was going to grow, it suffers to defend the set-pieces and especially it continues to sink in a creative hole that pulls them to the epic. Thus saved yesterday the situation against Sporting in a match that didn’t deserve to lose, but in which they could have fell if the opponent would have been able to seize the counterattacks to sentence the meeting, those actions for which the visiting coach tiptoed in his summary of the game, as he was concerned because the clock was stretched over the odds just to punish who spent an hour playing with it. Deportivo equalized in the last action to makeup a succession of disasters, on skinny performances both on the field and on the bench. On the pitch the team was abandoned for too long to the long throws against an opponent that was locked and that was inviting to mature in the plays, to seek and try to exploit the unnoticed qualities of the supposed playmaker of the team, Rabello, over whom loom the first suspicions regarding his maturity to carry the weight of the team. Perhaps the problem is to think that a lad who isn’t at his twenty yet can take the helm of a promotion.

José Ramón Sandoval, who dyed of robbery what happened on the field, which is summarized in an obvious penalty (whistled and failed by Bastón) in which a player interrupted with the arm the trajectory of a cross, an offside which are often whistled with a square and bevel in the television replay and a confusing goal in the stoppage time that was extended as his players didn’t cease to use tricks and check the watch to see the time flew by. There was a team that lost time and a referee that applied the rules and even fell short in a stoppage time that should take into account , at least, six substitutions and two bookings for losing time in the throw-ins. Sandoval sold his gender and presented as the best of the cards which was only a daily menu. He cried in and off the field against the referee's decisions. Vazquez reminded him that if we talk about the issue, and given the recent history in the clashes between the two clubs this season or in past opportunities, perhaps Deportivo is the one more affected with this situation. Juan L. Cudeiro

El Comercio (Gijón): The referee grabs the win from Sporting. Sporting could and should have won at the Riazor, but the excesses, the overconfidence in the clear opportunities had in counterattacks and the condescension of the referee with the game already over prevented it. Bernardo scored in the first half and ,in the fifth minute of the four added in a controversial action, occurred the equalizer for the Deportivista outfit.

Los Gijoneses had four clear chances to have taken off in the scoresheet, but the overconfidence to finish the plays prevented from increasing the score . The win wasn’t possible, because when the fifth minute of extension was played, the referee whistled a foul of Bernardo , in a challenge over Toché. In the shot a corner-kick was produced. Then Toché tied the game, but it was after a foul over Mandi. The goal counted. This time Sporting deserved more, but suffered a number of refereeing errors, as the offside of Šćepović, in addition to the foul previous to the corner and another foul over Cuéllar, actions that had an impact over the score. Manuel Rosety

La Nueva España (Asturias): Greatness, with a misery final. The greatness was put by Sporting, confirmed as a strong candidate for promotion. At home of the strongest rival, Sandoval’s team showed its powers, imposed its authority and reduced Deportivo to the minimum expression. Their first shot on target was a soft attempt of Juan Dominguez at the 87’. Before a grand stage with a dedicated environment, colorful and willful, Sporting lacked to sentence in any of the opportunities they had. Hugo Fraile incomprehensibly wasted two of them.

What was too much for Sporting was evident. It was the local referee Sánchez Martínez, who has already cost them four points on this season. It was a bad referee. He whistled the double of fouls to Sporting than to Marchena’s team and in all the decisive plays he favored the local team. He conceded a debatable penalty for Depor, then disallowed a clear goal to Sporting, whistled a more than rigorous foul at the edge of the area with time served, then allowed a corner-kick a minute and a half after the extension have been fulfilled (it was four minutes, so it shouldn’t have been played) and ignored the obvious foul over Mandi that facilitated the header. A concert that was cooked during the week in La Coruña with their continuous protests. Víctor Rivera



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