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18 Feb 2014
Suffered victory for a Depor B that only enjoyed of scoring opportunities until the end of the game. Marcos Remeseiro came out from the bench to hit the crossbar and later score the winning goal at the last minute.

Only Marc Martinez was concentrated with the first team, so Bicho and Uxío were able to perform with the team. The players out injured were Marc Nierga, Róber, Juampa, Ángel Fernández and Toni Insua. Winger Cańi was a last-minute casualty (flu) and therefore new signings Portuguese Miguel Nunes Cardoso and Croatian Tonći Mujan were starters in the game.

Coach José Luis Devesa decided to keep the 4-1-4-1 figure. Felipe Ramos was the starting keeper, Jorge Callón performed at the right side of the defense, Adrián Martínez played at the left, while Uxío and Sidibé were the centre-backs, Álvaro Queijeiro was the lonely centre midfielder, Cardoso attacked from the right wing, Dani Iglesias did it from the left, Bicho and Romay were the playmakers, while Tonći Mujan was the central attacker.

The rival was Betanzos CF; a rival that was in relegation despite not losing any of their last seven games, what happens is that six of those seven results were draws. Coach Álex Suarez was counting with his best players, including midfielder Pablo Agulló. Ex-Depor Javi Vispo wasn’t picked for the game, but Sergio Cardelle and Roberto Rodriguez were starters at defense.

Once again Fabril was a perfect copy of what the first team did during its weekend’s game, because the lads played a poor match and only reacted until the final minutes to score the goal at the last second to pick up the result, though on this opportunity it was to win the game. The new signings are progressing, but it had to be Marcos Remeseiro who came out from the bench to became the revulsive.

The first part was boring, even more than the one played between Depor and Sporting Gijón at the Riazor some hours before this clash. Devesa put an offensive draw on the pitch, but as it often happens on this season the youngsters had the ball possession, but were unable to create any danger before the rival.

Betanzos, side that seemed content with the point since the kick-off, spent the time obstructing all the ways at midfield and protecting the result. Neither Bicho nor Romay were the lights that Fabril are hardly missing, while new signings Tonći Mujan and Miguel Cardoso demonstrated that they are not yet plugged into the slow pace of this team.

The locals were only able to create a sense of danger until the last minutes of the first half. It was a counterattack starred by Tonći Mujan that Dani Iglesias couldn’t capitalize (44’). The second half was following the same path, with a Fabril that seemed clueless and a solid but at the same time apathetic Betanzos.

Devesa switched the positions of the players in this half; Bicho delayed his position to midfield and joined Queijeiro transforming the draw into a 4-2-3-1, then Cardoso was moved to the left wing, while Mujan was the right winger and Dani Iglesias the central attacker.

Deportivo B didn’t improve too much with these moves, but at least it started to create more scoring opportunities. In this way Dani Iglesias had a new opportunity that he failed when he was alone before the goal and after been assisted by Cardoso (65’), later the Portuguese winger missed the target after collecting a cross from Romay (71’).

Then Devesa ordered the changes. First Deák replaced Uxio, and later Marcos Remeseiro and Álex Pérez claimed the spots of Mujan and Dani Iglesias. The entry of Remeseiro was the key as, despite Fabril’s game didn’t improve, he at least brought definition for his team.

At minute 81, Cardoso released a cross from the left that the playmaker smashed into the crossbar with a downward header, just two minutes later Bicho missed the target from close range. And when it seemed that the draw was definitive Remeseiro showed up to release a perfect free-kick that was transformed into an accurate shot into the far post past visiting goalie Manu Leis. It is his third goal in liga. It was also the last play in the match.

Fabril aren’t having a good performance on the season and it was clearly demonstrated in this game. Depor’s youngsters usually have the ball possession, but face many problems to create the scoring opportunities. Luckily the goal at the last minute brought the three points. Remeseiro changed the picture with his entry for the final ten minutes. Depor B remain the middle of nowhere, eleven points above the pit and thirteen away from the promotion zone. On next weekend the team visit Alondras CF, team that has the same number of points than them (34).

Deportivo B: (4-1-4-1) Felipe Ramos – Callón, Uxío (Deák 73’), Sidibé, Adrián – Queijeiro – Cardoso, Bicho, Romay, Dani Iglesias (Álex Pérez 77’) - Tonći Mujan (Remeseiro 77’)
Betanzos: (4-2-3-1) Manu Leis - Luis Coedo, Cardelle, Gonzalo, Pablo Vigo - Agulló, Róber - Manu Piquer, Cristóbal (Javi Ramos 70’), Sergio González (Juanma 81’) - Carba (Quin 86’).
Goal: 1-0: (90+3’) Remeseiro
Referee: Alfonso Oliva Bueno. He showed yellow card to Agulló (68’), Sergio González (76’) and Queijeiro (81’)
Venue: Abegondo (900)




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