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23 Feb 2014
Both coaches see the game as important, but also remember that a lot still ahead and that the “war” isn’t over. Vázquez didn’t give clear explanations of the reasons why Luis was left out of the list for the game.

José "Pepe" Bordalás Jiménez is a young, but highly experienced football coach. He’s a retired Valencian footballer who played as a striker at minor clubs and also at Hércules CF. He began his career as a coach in 1993 and since then he worked exclusively in the Valencian Community. His first experience at Segunda arrived with former side Hércules CF, replacing fired Juan Carlos Mandiá midway through the season 2005/06, and was later sacked early into the following campaign.

Later he signed for CD Alcoyano at Segunda B, but after two years he left the club due to economic problems and also because he failed to clinch the promotion. In 2009 he arrived to Elche CF replacing former Depor’s man Claudio Barragán and things were positive for him there, but the team fell down in the second round of the Segunda season 2011/12 and was fired.

For the season 2012/13 he made a big switch on his career as, for the first time, he abandoned Valencia in order to sign for AD Alcorcón in Madrid. It was a good move as the Valencian man left the team fifth at Liga Adelante, though later the Madrilenians were eliminated in the playoffs by Girona FC. However the club didn’t extend his contract and he stayed out of football for eight months, and was just called back as the replacement of Miguel Álvarez, who was fired after the Madrilenian outfit fell into the relegation zone. This is just his fourth game in this second stage at AD Alcorcón and it’s also his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. Many of the questions were related to the latest decisions regarding picking or leaving out some players. He began explaining the error as Lux wasn’t initially included in the list for this game, “It wasn’t a surprise but an error. What happens is that I never thought of the keepers when I’m making the list, so the list was released with the same names of the previous match. I told the club that there were only two modifications compared to the previous list, so we had to make the late change.”

“He [Lux] is fit to play, but evidently won’t be a starter, but German Lux is beyond being the keeper. He’s represent something else and I consider that it was right to pick him. I also see the sporting interest of the team. It’s good to have him close to the team. We will see later if he recovers the starting spot.” He added.

Asked about the reason why Luis was ruled out of the meeting, the Galician coach didn’t clarify the issue and just said that, “Everything I do on here is targeting the improvement of the players. I don’t pretend to affect anyone. I aspire to see everyone improving. He stays here in order to improve. There’s competence and it allows me to make decisions that in other cases would be impossible to fulfill. I talked to him after the training. Because he’s an important player and was in all the previous lists and now he’s out. I was trying to explain him the reason.”

Then he didn’t give importance to his latest decisions about leaving some players out of the lists, “These are coach’s decisions. Fool things or wimps made by the coach if you prefer. Juan Carlos is also out. It’s the same reason of the past week. I won’t explain why exactly this player was left out or not. I am only saying that the decisions are there.”

Asked about Sissoko, the Castrofeito-born coach commented that, “It’s in his mind to resign to the call made by his national team, but the final list comes out until March. He told me about it as he was out of shape. He’s much better now, but let’s said that on this week he got stuck and I believe that things will be faster if he trains on here for three days, today, Sunday and Monday. So, I am trying to hurry up the situation.”

Then he explained why Arizmendi was included in the list for the game, “I explained it before: Arizmendi was facing problems that were difficult to diagnose. At the beginning of this week he was feeling better, so he’s going out of the tunnel. He was missing confidence and wasn’t ready to help. The true is that the lack of continuity was killing him.”

Asked about the poor performance of Rabello in past games, the comment was, “Possibly he’s noticing the change as we are in a hurry. To switch of club during the seasons means to change the training style and other stuff, and I believe he’s noticing it. He’s living a metamorphosis. I don’t train in the same way they do at Sevilla. “

Vázquez is aware that tomorrow’s game is important, but is also conscious that the battle for promotion won’t be over in case of a defeat, “It’s important to win tomorrow. We are traveling there for that. But we must remain calm. We are going to Alcorcón and we can lose and nothing will be lost. We must assume things with calm. I believe that the team that with more clam will get the gold.”

He left some clues about tomorrow’s lineup. He was asked about the possibility to see Luisinho performing as a winger as there are four full-backs in the list, and he only said that, “The possibility is there and yes, I picked four full-backs.” Then he hinted that only one of the strikers will be a starter, “I am traveling with three strikers: Borja, Toché and Arizmendi. All I can tell you is that one of them will play. I also can tell you that Toché is approaching to his best form. “

In any case the El Profesor explained that he hasn’t decided yet all the details for the game, “It’s possible that we will have changes. I have time to think of it. We will spend six hours in the bus and will use the time to think of it. There are decisions that I will make later. I always do it. The team will be fine no matter the draw decided by the coach. That’s why I always say that this is a great group. The team adapts to the draws and that’s why I am content with the group.”

Once again the issue of the set-pieces is part of the discussions and this time the coach assured that the team will continue to defend these kinds of plays in the same way, “Surely we will continue in the same way. We will keep defending the set-pieces in the same way no matter we allowed a new goal from a corner-kick.”

About Alcorcón, he commented that, “The mystic is the same. Alcorcón have problems to win at home, they have spent a lot of time without doing it. Don’t know the reason why, but they have changed the coach and all the explanations I can give before are useless now. They have a coach that was successful on last season and this is always important for any team. He’s a tactical coach that will bring a lot of possibilities.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez is very happy after the club announced that the second kit for next season is going to be a tribute to Galicia, “It’s impressive. I’m enchanted. It’s very pretty and I believe it represents a general feeling. To presume of our land and many people were requesting for it. It’s perfect. It’s a gift. It will be good to play with that shirt at the Camp Nou. For me it’s important.”

Alcorcón’s coach addressed the media on Saturday morning; he was explaining the current situation of his team; “The week has been fine for us. Little by little we are regaining the injured players and hopefully we will have the full squad available for next Sunday. The players are feeling hopeful despite this is a complicate game for us.”

About the current situation of his team, the comment was, “It’s too soon to know what will happen. We remain close to relegation and now we need to get good results. The team needs to gain confidence and we need to improve. A lot still ahead, but it’s also true that we don’t have too much time. Each game is an opportunity.”

Before the press conference, Bordalás offered an interview to the LFP website; he commented his feelings before the game, “We are hopeful. It’s an historic team and it means a great challenge; they’ve great individualities and it’s a compact team. We always face the games with the intention of adding the three points. It’s my policy and what I try to transmit to the players. This game won’t be the exception.”

He commented how it was to land at AD Alcorcón in the middle of the season and with the team in relegation, “It’s a very important and different challenge, because the situation is not the same of the past season. When a coach arrives in the middle of the second round then the difficulty is bigger as there are players that you don’t know, then you need a period to know the squad and transmit what you want. With the pre-season in the middle everything is easier.”

“You try to reinforce their morale and earn their confidence. When the results aren’t good then the spirit isn’t the right one. When there’s a change of coach you must realize that he isn’t the only one that was responsible, but the opposite. I’m convinced that Miguel Álvarez gave his best to clinch the best possible results. It was a satisfaction for me to realize they were thinking of me when the team was living a complicate situation.” He added.

The Valencian man was commenting the differences between last and the present season, “Each coach has his unique style. I have my personal style and there are things that are similar, because there were players that were already with me on last season, but there are also new players and the previous coach was trying to aggregate his own concept of football.”

Finally, Pepe Bordalás was assuring that the aspiration of AD Alcorcón for this campaign is to clinch the permanence, “The true is that the team’s reality is to fight for the permanence. Last season it was the same, but luckily we did it before the expectations and everything else was a reward and an added thing. It was a magnificent season.”



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