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27 Feb 2014
Depor’s coach offered his mid-week press conference and explained the changes made against AD Alcorcón. He said that the goal is always to win rather than to present an attractive style. He also talked of the cases with Lemos and Sissoko.

Fernando Vázquez offered a long press conference on Wednesday. He talked with reporters for 25 minutes. The Galician tactician explained some of his decisions or the past game against AD Alcorcón. El Profesor also offered details of the current situation of players like Lemos and Sissoko, while he confessed that it hasn’t been decided the starting keeper for the next game. The following is a resume of the main things said by Depor’s head coach.

“I am not sure of how things will be from now own, but at the beginning, and since this week, he’ll train with Fabril, and on Saturday, if his coach considers is right, he will have minutes with the B squad. I will watch that game and will see how he is. Evidently he needs to compete and I cannot give him minutes as we have a clear goal, and on here the team is more important than the state of any footballer. He will be there training and we’ll make decisions later. “

“We’ll decide if he will keep training with me, maybe he will be training with Fabril for three days. It is still to be decided. Evidently he will now belong to Fabril. If we see that his evolution is positive, and if he shows a great level, then absolutely I will love to see him returning with us and enjoying of minutes at Segunda División.”

“When you play a football game the goal is to win and we won, clearly we fulfilled the mission. Since that point we can shade things. People say we were lucky and it’s okay. We won and we suffered. We knew it was going to be like that. I said it before in the press conference: to play at Alcorcón wasn’t easy despite they had changed the coach. I like to recognize things and we didn’t play a great game, we were fine in defense, and we were deficient in attack, but for me the goal is always more important than the playing style. I always sought for the victory and knew that a draw was going to leave us at the fourth place.”

“I will like to have a team controlling the game and creating scoring opportunities, but that’s excellence and we don’t have it right now. We work in order to improve and for now… what’s the distance with the relegation zone? [he laughs and watches Rafa Carpacho, the club’s spokesman] . I said it as a stupid thing of course, but some months ago it wasn’t a fool thing. I just say that we won the game and now Hércules is coming and we have to win again.”

“It’s a scheme used as a resource in past games and now it is clear that we are using it more frequently. You will know me for my decisions. It’s clear that if I’m doing it then it is because I’m thinking of it. Now I’ve quality players like Lopo and later have Marchena and Pablo [Insua]… those are important players and I always try to put the best. It can be the system used at the beginning of the game.”

“It gives me the chance to risk or not, because I’ve people for the sides with different characteristics and it brings other possibilities. But I am not saying it will be used it. I am training it in order to improve it, evidently, because I consider the players already learned the other systems and just need to train it from time to time. It neither means I’ll use it on Sunday, no, but it’s there. Before, everything was flatter on here. It was defined, now I’ve alternatives.”

“No. I haven’t decided yet. Lux is ready to play, and yes he’s missing match fitness, but I believe he could be ready to play during the weekend. Surely I have doubts, but am not thinking of it. Why complicate my life at this moment? I will think of it on Friday or Saturday. For now I will leave them train with normality. I’ll see how things are and will make a decision. The only think clear is that both are great keepers. The goal will always be a well-covered spot and surely I won’t make any mistake.”

“Well, as long as Luisinho continues performing at midfield the chances are big.”

“People say that we were lucky after scoring those goals on consecutive games, but I don’t consider myself as a guy that wins the games by accident, no matter we had a little part of luck, because it isn’t habitual to win two consecutive games in the stoppage time. The fans, what they want, is to see Deportivo winning. The rest is a debate between the coach and the critics. I’m convinced that the major part of the fans are not worried on how we play. Later we can discuss how we play. But I also seek to see the team pleasing, because I know that the fans know of this and clearly recognize when the team plays good or bad. In any case if I have to resign for something then it will always be in favour of clinching the victory.”

“It could upset someone, but it isn’t like that. Antonio [Núñez] had already played as a central attacker with me at Celta. What I needed was a passing player and I wouldn’t have it on the field if I would have replaced a striker with another striker. I had six players that were booked and was thinking: what if someone is sent off and I want to continue with five players at midfield?”

“I could have delayed the position of Álex in case of missing a defender, but I wouldn’t have a centre midfielder, only Juan Dominguez playing alone, so I introduced Bryan [Rabello] in case this was happening and I would have stayed playing with four or five midfielders. Luisinho would have switched the side and Antonio would have been playing for ten minutes there. I was searching for a pass by Luisinho or by Bryan looking for Antonio. It didn’t work out, but I was covered in case  something would have happened with the disciplinary subject. In that case what was the point in replacing a striker with another striker? For that I would have left Toché on the pitch, What I wanted was to change some things and at the same time have backup plan in case something would have happened. Antonio isn’t a natural striker, but in cases in which the rival is all over you, then he can play there as he can seize the cracks and he’s among the best players that I have for these situations.”

“He’s evolving in an impressive and positive way. He will probably, don’t know in this case the difference between possible or probable, that he will be on the list for this weekend, because he’s doing a great effort  and is improving, including the issue of his weight. If it wasn’t like that then I wouldn’t be talking like this.”

“I am calmed as I can see that the league is breaking up and we are part of the leaders. It is what we wanted. We are just missing the last sprint. It isn’t definitive, but to be part of that group of four or five teams is pleasant and pretty. Perhaps we will be playing for the direct promotion at the last match, but don’t know about it, a lot still ahead.”

“I think it is… I don’t want to say insulting, but it’s distressing for Oltra and it’s an abuse of power. When a club doesn’t want a coach then the only think they have to do is inform him about it. What they cannot do is to use him like this. It’s really hard and regrettable. It seems he was fired and then don’t, so there’s an abuse and he’s used like a toy, and I don’t think this is right.”

“Evidently things are hard for them and they are ten points away, and that means a month of competition. It means three and a half games. You will need to will all and they win everything, so things are complicated. It’s possible, but really complicated.”

“If we win I will be delighted, and in order to win we need to beat a team like Hércules. They are living a positive streak. You already know my opinion on them. I think that at the beginning of the season they had an impressive level, with a great coach and that practices a pretty style. I believe they were a candidate, but sometimes things don’t work out as you wish. They have been irregular and are currently coming after two straight wins. Beware of Hércules if they gain form. It’s a pretty team to watch and our fans will enjoy it.”



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