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01 Mar 2014
Fernando Vázquez has been testing the system with three centre-backs, but is also eager to use the 4-2-3-1 and even the 4-4-2 ahead of Sunday’s game. He even has to choose who will be the starting goalkeeper.

Twenty players available and three possible systems. It’s the puzzle of coach Fernando Vázquez ahead of Sunday’s game against Hércules CF. Throughout the week the Galician tactician has been testing the system with three centre-backs, a 5-2-2-1 figure that recalls the system implemented by Lotina some years ago.

Despite Carlos Marchena is suspended the coach tested the figure delaying the position of Álex Bergantiños in order to join Pablo Insua and Albert Lopo at the centre of the defense. Then Laure and Luisinho covers the sides.

One of the main characteristics of this system is that the full-backs have plenty of freedom in order to join the attacks. It explains the reason why Luisinho is delaying his position. The normal options for midfield are Juan Dominguez and Cezary Wilk, but on Thursday Vázquez tested with Ibrahim Sissoko joining the ex-Fabril player.

Then Bryan Rabello and Diogo Salomão were tested as the two playmakers in the formation with Toché was the central attacker. Vázquez also has to choose the goalkeeper. German Lux is fit to play, but it isn’t clear if Fabricio Agosto will be benched.

But Vázquez also tested a 4-2-3-1 that included the presence of Antonio Núñez on the right wing. In this figure Álex Bergantiños returns to midfield and Rabello is moved to centre claiming the playmaker’s role.  The 4-4-2 cannot be ruled out either. In this case the coach would have to choose between Borja Bastón and Luis Fernández sacrificing the presence of Rabello.



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