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04 Mar 2014
The papers celebrated a new agonic victory of Deportivo; the media admits that Vázquez’s team is having big problems to control the matches, but is at the same time content as the Galicians keep adding the points to stay at the top.

El Ideal Gallego: Victory of contrasts. Deportivo responded with a victory to the opportunity to open a gap with the chasers and it did it in a game where the scoresheet indicates in a perfect way everything that happened on the pitch: a narrow score.

Depor were leaving into the break with a 2-0 inviting to optimism regarding closing a 'comfortable' match at the Riazor. From that moment the Valencian team dominated the Galician outfit from start to finish. It became owner of the meeting, especially when at the 62’ Depor was left with ten players for the expulsion of Luisinho, who faced the assistant and the referee was informed about it. Straight red card. Depor lived of the final minutes and in the only goal opportunity of the second part, Toché scored the final 3-2. Depor reach the last third part of the campaign in a privileged position. Suffering, yes, but at the top. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: Toché rescues Depor. In a game of radical opposing situations, Deportivo ended up winning when they saw that everything was lost, despite scoring twice within the first twenty minutes. Hercules, transformed into a wolf after being the lamb in the first half, tied the difference and even had plenty of chances to claim the comeback against a Depor with ten men after the childhood expulsion of Luisinho. However, a move of faith between Juan Dominguez and Seoane ended up with a savior goal by Toché, a goal that gave the victory in extremis and almost unexpectedly to a Deportivo that in the first half was something very similar to what the coach and the fans want, but broke down very badly in the second and can thank the football gods for surviving and add three points that may be worth much in the end of the season.

Fernando Vázquez has spent weeks looking for a new gear at Deportivo in order to face the home games and stop wasting points at the Riazor. The goal is to be more daring with the ball. In this context it surprised that the return of the banned Juan Carlos, moved out by the veteran and the signings. But the association of the academy player with Rabello, who regained a starting spot as Vazquez expects much from him, brought the football moments that are highly expected at a candidate to be champion at Segunda. Deportivo was far superior to a Hercules without answers and could have defined the game in the first act, something missed when the thing was reversed after the break and the club from Alicante spent over Depor. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: Game, nerves and result. So far this season, Deportivo had never deployed with the fluidity with which they did yesterday against Hércules, at some point the rival was cornered by an attractive, colorful, full of combinations and fluid team that enjoyed of many arrivals into the area. However it ended hugged to a result that, once again, was achieved when the game was already dying and that allows opening a small margin with their chasers, a treasure in this league of maximum equality.

As it happens in every game at their stadium, the fans came yesterday to the Riazor in order to see if Deportivo would continue embracing a proposal that has been enough to spend most of the tournament at the highest positions or if instead they would dare to make a step forward, something that coach Fernando Vazquez spurned this week suggesting that the most important thing is the result. Yesterday’s match ended giving the reason to the coach, not without a dose of suffering and uncertainty that wasn’t announced in the first moments of the match.

Hércules ended feeling sorry for the wasted opportunities, this after another big effort of Vázquez’s men at the final minutes, this time with one less player, and that was consumed once again by Toché and that placed the result above the game, fools and systems. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: The two faces of the carnival. Neither luck nor accident. It can be said that what happened yesterday at then Riazor was according to the festivities of the day: Carnival on Sunday. After knowing other results like the Eibar - Sporting (3-0) Deportivo couldn’t afford to lose points before this historic Hercules. The scores, especially the one of Eibar, imposed the obligation to win, because if not the Basque team would move away, and by the grace of the 3-2 at the Riazor, they now share the position. Fernando Vazquez was one of the most surprised men on the field within the last 25 minutes. The Castrofeito-born coach couldn’t believe the direction the game was following after beginning in a path of optimism for the victory, already favourable with a 2-0 after the first 20 minutes, to end fearing the worst: a 2-3 at the scoresheet. Neither luck nor coincidence, which seem to be the same, but that aren’t.

It happens that Deportivo is now a team full of morale; their men are convinced that the obligation is to win and fight for it until the very end. The points have the same value when they are achieved at the beginning or along the way. Anyway, the important thing is to add them without having to refer to luck or chance. Vicente Leirachá

Diario Información (Alicante): Pain in the back. Azkorra's back, in an unfortunate move on the goal line, prevented the consummation of an extraordinary comeback in the second half of the match at the Riazor with a third goal that was going to enter after a shot of Portillo and that would have finished a stiff Deportivo, team that at that hour of the match (74 minutes) was wandering on the pitch with ten players. Nothing and no one would  have dared to bet at that moment that the Galician side was going to break the 2-2 in an isolated play, with a run of Seoane that nobody could cut, while Hércules were listing the countless occasions they had in a second act of overwhelming superiority to guillotine the enemy. That's football, a battlefield where if you don’t kill, then you die.

All over the Galician goal, Hercules found out the unexpected and cruel punishment five minutes before the end. One lucky counterattack with Seoane completing the final race of a depleted Depor, ended with the ball at the penalty spot to see Toché heading before a doubtful Falcon (3-2, 85’). Unbelievable but true.
Almost lifeless, out of nowhere, Deportivo La Coruña killed the rival with a bite to the jugular of Hércules, a cobra that was mercilessly released in order to devour the enemy. These are things of football, unfair things of football. Toni Cabot



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