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04 Mar 2014
Depor’s coach was content as his players showed sacrifice and clinched three new points; he also denied that his team is winning thanks to the luck. The players welcomed the victory, but admitted the problems to control the game.

Fernando Vázquez expressed his satisfaction with the final result, “The victory was important. We completed two different halves. We were facing a great rival. You have heard me saying that Hércules have one of the best squads in the league. But well, it seemed like the easiest game of the season and in the end we won, but also had chances to lose the game. So, in disadvantage and scoring a goal like this, the feeling of satisfaction is absolute. We are all content.”

About the performance of referee Jorge Figueroa Vázquez, he commented that, “It’s hard to valorize the criterion regarding the fouls, but well, after watching again the game. I could have a more exact opinion. When you win, the referee is the least important thing [he laughed].”

El Profesor also commented what he saw in the second part, “We were fine at the beginning for five or six minutes, until they scored the goal. It was until that free-kick, then we had doubts and the team had problems to find its place. Things got worse after the expulsion of Luisinho. The injury of Juan Carlos also affected what I was planning to do. In the end we were trying to rescue a point and got the three. We are content. The expulsion of Luisinho was decisive in favour of Hércules. I wasn’t expecting for that and changed my plans. I had to remove Sissoko for this.”

A journalist asked about the performance of Rabello and Sissoko and the coach said that, “Rabello is getting used to the position. Sissoko looked more like a centre midfielder rather than a playmaker. We tried to correct this during the second half, but it’s normal. When you are a pianist you cannot play the piano and the violin at the same time. Today we played a 4-4-2 with freedom for Salomão, Bryan fulfilled his duties. Juan Carlos made a great game in offense, but deficient at defense. But I don’t have any complaints.”

He was also explaining the reason why Juan Carlos was a starter, “With Juan Carlos on the field the only think I tried to do was to replace Culio with Bryan [Rabello]. Juan Carlos had already played as a winger before and was trying to bring football at midfield. I know we lose some identity, capacity to control the game, but it was demonstrated that we had the capacity to make passes, which was clear with the first two goals.”

The Castrofeito-born coach explained why the team played with three centre-backs, “I noticed the team was too vulnerable before Hércules, so I chose to play with three centre-backs and opted in staying like that instead of having a double line of four men, because in this way they were going to have lesser arrivals.”

Finally, Vázquez assured that Depor didn’t win thanks to the luck, “We still hanging out with this issue of the luck. We weren’t lucky, you cannot be lucky when the rival is the one that fails. I already recognize it: they had plenty of chances to win and harm us; you cannot be lucky when the rival wastes the opportunities. Our victory isn’t thanks to luck. There were ten players that worked hard until they were unable to do more. The effort is never luck.”

The villain in the game was Luisinho, the Portuguese defender/winger was saying that he didn’t insult the assistant of the referee, “It was a normal situation in which I wanted him to whistle a foul then I told the assistant that he was wrong and the referee ended sending me off.”

At the other corner, the big hero was Toché after scoring a brace. He commented that, “I’m content for the goals and the victory. I believe we suffered too much after we didn’t know how to control the game in the second part.  After having the game under control in the first part we cannot end like this: to almost end losing it.”

 “We had mobility in the first part, having so many people at midfield you could notice they were combining. I believe that their first goal caught us by surprise and the expulsion locked us at the back. They had chances to win, and in the end we enjoyed again of that luck to win the game.” The Murcian attacker added.

Juan Dominguez was happy with the victory, but at the same time was worried as Depor are losing the defensive solidity, “You don’t need to suffer like this, but if we are going to get the three points and suffer like this, then I would sign it. We need to correct many things and it cannot happen that they tie the score after clinching a two-goal lead by half-time. The good thing of winning like this is that the victory tastes better, but in the inside you think that we shouldn’t be leaking goals so easily, something we have shown before. We cannot lose that security.”

The Galician midfielder also said that the system has nothing to do with the recent lack of solidity; neither wanted to blame the referee, “The errors aren’t caused by the system, instead these mismatches can be fixed independently of the system. I don’t think it was for this reason. Neither I want to talk of the referees, but I think that, in case of doubt, he should benefit the side suffering the foul. Still, I believe it wasn’t his intention to make the wrong decisions. Nothing more.”

Juan Carlos was another player with a solid performance after scoring a goal and bringing an assist. He confessed that he wasn’t expecting to be part of the starting eleven, “The true is that things were fine to me after been out for a while, a goal and an assist. I’m content with the team and for the work done. I wasn’t counting to be a starter and even was off in the previous lists.  Always try to do what I always did and things were fine. It was complicated later, but we won and must continue working.”

The Galician playmaker commented the fact that he started as a right winger, “It’s harder to me, but the coach also told me that I could alternate the position with Salomão and later with Sissoko. I felt comfortable on that function. I am content after been out and for not been able to help the team. It’s time to enjoy and be humble.”

At Hércules, coach Quique Hernández was commenting the game, “In the first half they went out pretty strong, we had the first arrival and then then they got the goal. The 2-0 allowed them to be pretty comfortable. We weren’t plugged into the game and clinched the comeback in the second part. We scored and then there was an expulsion. We were able to tie and had chances to score. They got locked and managed to score in the counterattack.”

“We are feeling screwed. The team made a big sacrifice, a lot of work that wasn’t rewarded, but we need to stand up ahead of next Sunday.  I need to praise the reaction of the team as they never fell down despite the circumstances. My team never lost the faith and I’m content for the work done by everybody. Nothing is impossible at this point and the main goal right now is to leave the bottom places.” He added.



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