13 Mar 2014
Centre-back Pablo Insua offered an interview to Antón Bruquetas from La Voz de Galicia; the Galician player admitted that the promotion is an obligation for Deportivo and also said that he doesn’t consider himself as a reference at the team.

Q: The decisive stretch of the season is arriving and you aren’t in the wrong place...
A: Of course not, but now more than ever it will be important to focus only in the next match, because the distances are very short at the standings and each point can make the difference to achieve the promotion.

Q: Speaking of promotion, do you see it as an obligation?
A: Deportivo earned in recent years the fact of being considered as one of the most important teams in Spain and only for the fans that we have, the promotion should be an obligation. Plus I think the squad is exceptional.

Q: You are the last academy player to settle at the first team, do you feel as a reference?
A: I guess people who are currently are in the academy will look at me as we did before with Juan Domínguez or Rochela, but I don’t consider myself as a symbol.

Q: What would you recommend to those aspiring to follow your footsteps?
A: That they should never lose the hope and that they should work every day to the top, because when you least expect it there will be a chance and you have to be prepared to not disappoint.

Q: For Fernando Vázquez his Depor seems to be Insua and ten more players...
A: [Smiles] I don’t think it's so big! [He smiles again without leaving their shyness] Fernando is giving me confidence and a starring role and that has brought me calm, enough to perform at a good level. And I am grateful for it.

Q: And what do think the coach has added to the team?
A: Work. Since the beginning of the season we are a disciplined group that knows how we play, defensively armed and successfully in the counterattack. We have learned how to capitalize our goals.

Q: Do you get advice from Marchena and Lopo?
A: In training and in the matches they give me some advice; they explain me how to place myself on the field during certain situations. It's a privilege to learn from two players with a record like theirs.

Q: Who did you admire when you dreamed of being a footballer?
A: From Depor I always liked Naybet, for how he managed the ball. And defensively, Jorge Andrade seemed very complete. And then, the people you can imagine, worldwide the big central defender, though I never had an idol.

Q: Will you end with the suffering of the last minutes?
A: At least we're having luck on our side and hopefully it will stay that way until the end. While it’s true that it would be better to reach that decisive stretch of the meetings with the scoresheet under control.

Q: Is already surpassed the issue of the set-pieces?
A: What happens to us is something inexplicable. We have tried to find a lot of solutions and we haven’t found the ideal one, but I am optimistic, in recent games we have progressed.

Q: Are you feeling more comfortable with the back line of four or five men?
A: The line of five men makes us stronger at the back and with the one of four defenders we participate more in the movement of the ball. I like both



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