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14 Mar 2014
Once again Fernando Vázquez has tested different formations during the week, beyond the draw what the coach has emphasized is the pressure at midfield and the position of Álex Bergantiños on the field.

Coach Fernando Vázquez has once again tested the four systems (4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 & 5-2-2-1) during the trainings sessions. But against Barcelona B he seems more concern of the positioning of some players and the pressure put over the rival.

More specifically, the coach has emphasized the role of Álex Bergantiños at the team; El Profesor hopes the centre midfielder will now act in more complex way, because further than been the defensive midfielder Álex is now having the extra task of helping the defense in a more active way.

In this way he turns to be the third centre-back between Pablo Insua and Carlos Marchena when the team is defending. So, beyond having a fixed draw, Depor is switching the system depending in who’s having the ball, because the team plays with four men at defense when it’s attacking and five when it’s defending.

Another factor emphasized during the trainings is the pressure over the rival; knowing that Barcelona B is a team that usually dominates the ball possession, Vázquez seems decided to give them the ball and search for fast recoveries that will allow the counterattacks released from midfield.

It has been hard to predict the lineup within the last weeks, because the coach frequently changes the draws during the trainings, though there are some clear things. One of them is that Diego Seoane will continue to perform at the left-back position as Luisinho remains suspended; the other is that José Verdú ‘Toché will continue to be the central attacker despite he missed a clear chance in the visit to CD Mirandés.

It also called the attention the players that were used as possible starters during some of the tests. As example, on Tuesday the coach tested a 4-1-4-1 formation with Cezary Wilk as the lonely centre midfielder, while Fabril’s Bicho and Juan Carlos were the playmakers, plus the presence of Javier Arizmendi on the left wing.

Then, on Wednesday, Vázquez tested a 4-2-3-1 figure with Bryan Rabello as the playmaker, while Antonio Núñez and Ibrahim Sissoko were the wingers. For Thursday the coach emphasized the defense of the set-pieces, something that has been common within the last month.



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