14 Mar 2014
Diego Seoane was the replacement of Luisinho in Anduva; the side defender conceded an interview to Pedro Barreiros from La Voz de Galicia and explained his feelings for been playing. He also interpreted the playing style of Depor.

Q: You played as a left-back in the last game.
A: I'll play wherever the coach says. But everyone knows I'm a right-back and is the place where I can assist and join the attacks, the zone where I can finalize the plays. On the left I have a more limited role, but I want to keep playing and will do what he tells me. My best games were always with me playing on the right.

Q: For the first time you went ahead in the preferences of the coach before a competitor at the moment of getting into the lineup.
A: Those are circumstances. This coach changes a lot. It was already sawn that Juan Carlos is a great player, he wasn’t entering into the plans, but later he went in and did it perfectly. Yes, I have entered for the last game. Hopefully it stays that way.

Q: What does the coach asks from you when you play at the left?
A: He told me to defend first and then to attack. It is true, because I'm a defender, but I try to do everything. Only defending well isn’t enough reason to me in order to go home satisfied.

Q: Are you playing more than you expected earlier in the season, time when you were ruled out?
A: More of what I was thinking, no. More than I could hope for, more or less.

Q: Have you already turned the page off after the defeat against Mirandés?
A: Yes, that’s forgotten. Barcelona B is a very tough team. They are young and have dynamic players with the ball possession; they’re talented, but we should have a good game against them. We gained experience against such rivals and I think it's a game that can be good for us as we play at home.

Q: Isn’t Rabello adapted to Depor’s system? Or is that the shadow of Culio is too long?
A: Rabello is a good player, but we must remember that Culio gave his best performance towards the end, so it's normal to have a period of adjustment. For me his best game was the other day in Miranda, because it helped a lot in defense and in attack he was one of the few men that brought something. I think he’s progressing.

Q: What do you think of the coach’s numbers as he said that the team can only afford one more defeat?
A: It’s a calculation depending on how the past tournaments were. You look and more or less the numbers are like that. But I leave it for the end. First I prefer to win all the matchdays and then make the calculations of the coach.

Q: Does the blame for the defeat in Anduva fell in the penalty?
A: The game was scoreless until that decision of the referee, so to speak, the 1-0. I trust the word of my partner and he says that at no time... he touched the ball. I think Pablo Infante was going too fast and staggered. It’s normal, yes, but the referee cannot fail like that. For me the game would have ended in a clear 0-0.

Q: Have you noticed the pressure after the game?
A: I'm isolated from all of that and the changing room is just as always. Let’s see. It's hard, because you lose a game that you know you are superior, not that you were it on the field, but you know you have to win. And our game wasn’t the best. I understand that there may be anger, but we isolate ourselves and don’t think about anything else than Saturday’s game.

Q: Beyond this play, Depor are still without generating football.
A: The team has a game, because there are quality players: Juan Dominguez, Juan Carlos, Rabello... they have talent to create opportunities and manage the ball. But only in a few games we have dominated with clarity. In some matches we had more and better arrivals and we finished the games in a better way. For example, Mallorca, we made a good match. But it was only in a few of them, indeed.

Q: No one doubts the ability of these players individually, but why they don’t combine with the rest?
A: Because it's not our style. Defensively we’re very strong and we took advantage of what we have. Rather than dominate, we want to win the game. On top of that, rather than dominating the important thing is to win. Our style is to defend. Even the striker is defending, and when we are attacking, then to seize the chances that we have.

Q: Is it then a matter of the initial approach?
A: We are an ordered and organized team, and the opponent will always face problems to attack us. But we don’t pursue the style of Barca. We want to have arrivals, but faster. No need to stun the opposing team.



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