22 Mar 2014
Juan Carlos conceded an interview to Marcos Otero from newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The playmaker talked after been going in and out of the lineups and of his problems to adapt performing at the wings.

Q: How would you describe your season so far?
A: Let's say there have been many moments. I started participating as a substitute, then I was a starter, then I was left out of the lists. Then I was a starter again. Many changes, but overall I think the balance is positive. The level inside the changing room is very tight. Within the few players who we were at the beginning, there were always several possibilities and many changes.

Q: How did you managed the situation?
A: You learn moving from one place to another. When you donít play as often as you want, you try to not fade and remain yourself, when you play, you try to keep working and stay at the team. These are things you will learn with time. When you play out of your normal position or when you play in a way that donít favors you then you try to adapt. Everything is learned. It also enriches the player and the collective. In that sense I think I've learned enough, even playing outside of my position as well.

Q: Did you asked for support inside the changing room when you werenít playing?
A: The group, for all that has been lived since the beginning of the season and all the problems we've had, it becomes stronger. Individually you always end up getting together with people your age, as Juan (Dominguez) or Seoane, but Marchena also helped me a lot. At the end everyone tries to help and itís a great opportunity for the people here to have that kind of players, with that experience, and willing to help.

Q: Did you expect to return to the team after the arrival of the winter signings?
A: If people come here and you're not playing at the end it seems they are no counting with you. But you have to learn how to work and it could end affecting you, because you donít reach your best as you are not playing. What you have to do is to change the opinion of the coach and work harder than ever, but I never thought I was going to have a chance. It demonstrates that you need to be prepared, because the opportunity can come without waiting for it.

Q: Fernando Vazquez said earlier this season that he expected more from you, did you defeat your distrust?
A: We donít talk much, but I felt I could give more. But he also understood that it had to be slowly, I havenít much experience as to be a major player at those moments. Iíve noticed a change and feel better now.

Q: Do you think that maybe people was expecting too much from you?
A: I donít know. Maybe they have some hope. I think that, for my profile, the zone in which I play, you can expect more. I know I'm a cold player, calm, and perhaps I donít call the attention as others. They might expect something from my game that I cannot offer. Surely there are people who expect much more and others that seem to be content for the kind of player I am. Everybody is different. I see it in a positive way, I try to improve. Perhaps at the beginning I did have a bit of that pressure as many people were waiting a lot from me, but I tried to relativize everything and handle that pressure.

Q: Did you ever consider changing the way you play or certain aspects of your character?
A: When things go wrong you are thinking of many things. When I was playing out of position, on the wing, it was hard, because I wasnít used to the sacrifice. I tried to correct those things, but in the end you have to try to be yourself. I have to play as I know, even if I play in a position that I donít like.

Q: What has changed for you playing on the side?
A: You learn from everything. The more complete a player is, the better it is for the team. I play on the wing, but move towards the centre, because the coach asks for it. If you alternate positions you end enriched and it's perfect for the team.

Q: Do you get the feeling that the team hasnít found a defined game system on this season?
A: More or less the idea is clear. We work many alternatives in case any of them donít work out and we quickly know to switch to another one within the games. I think the team, in terms of schemes and variations, has clear ideas. Playing with five defenders, as against Barcelona B, we also were feeling comfortable.

Q: Why is it so difficult for the team to score goals?
A: Itís hard, but in the end the results are the results. We donít score too many goals, but the coach is based in the defensive efficiency, in only allowing a few goals. Itís his idea and we have already noticed that the team feels comfortable with it.

Q: Are you benefited from the equality in the league?
A: The coach knows how the league is and also how the other teams play. It's all very equal and to keep a clean sheet is very important.

Q: Have you made a calculation of the points needed to get the direct promotion?
A: Around 75, but itís only a guide. Surely it will be around there, but it's hard to think beyond each matchday.

Q: Do you see yourself at the team for the next weeks?
A: I donít look beyond each week, much less now that we need a victory.



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