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25 Mar 2014
The papers emphasized the importance of the victory at La Romareda as they understand it is a huge step towards the promotion. The solidity in defense continues to be the strongest point of the team according to the media.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo gingers up. Deportivo’s team holds, keeps the pulse with Eibar for the top positions and puts more distance with the third place after the setback of Recreativo in Lugo. The Galician team went out to bother, harass and push an opponent in uncertain times. With combinations they stood near the penalty area and played in their field.

The Galician team combined, played, and produced football until getting the 0-1. From there they tried to dominate the opponent not giving any opportunity to get the draw. The local coach made two changes during the rest and tried to change the pace of his team with more speed and control. Once the local trainer made his variations, it was time for Fernando Vazquez, who put at stake the system with three centre-backs drowning Zaragoza. One less final, one more victory. Now, to think of Tenerife. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: The visiting Depor never fails. The best visiting team in Segunda didn’t miss the chance to conquer La Romareda. Deportivo won before a Zaragoza that ended crippled, helpless to get a point despite the need. A great move by Laure, culminated with a bit of luck, gave the victory to the Galician team after a first half in which they suffered after losing control of the ball, but with a second part in which the team felt comfortable despite the uncertainty of the result. Sissoko shone in his debut as a starter and Ifrán debuted with Depor doing it as a central attacker to hold on three points to keep the team in the fight for promotion cashing away from the Riazor the points that are flying away from home.

On the irregular lawn of La Romareda, Fernando Vázquez ordered the 24th different version of Depor, the one that’s hurrying up the calendar looking for the exact formula that will bring the promotion. Against Zaragoza the coach ruled out the line of three centre-backs and decided to gather the more offensive players at midfield. Upfront, warrior Luis Fernández returned, a nuisance for Arzo and Alvaro. Sissoko showed his flamboyant hairstyle and performed in the playmaking function, with Juan Carlos and Rabello on the sides pulling diagonals to open a spot for the side defenders, also encouraging Juan Dominguez offering connection options to put him out of the anonymity. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: The winning recipe. At this point in the season, few surprises can now be offered by a Deportivo that, based in consistency and repetition, has acquired a distinct personality to which the coach is trying to add some things. For better or for worse, the team of Fernando Vazquez has earned a reputation built on that performance during this season. What was shown yesterday at La Romareda to beat Zaragoza is not very different from what has been shown since the start of the tournament.

Deportivo enforced the rule of this season, the one that states that if the team takes the lead in the scoresheet then the victory does not escape. This has been the rule in the fifteen wins added by Los Blanquiazules until now. In that aspect, Vazquez and his men are aware that they are a step above the rivals, unable to put them in trouble if isn’t through a free-kick or a corner.

Deportivo, however, is also supported by pillars as the inspiration to sustain their miseries. Although the protagonist in Zaragoza was perhaps the least expected one and the team found the goal through the sacrificed, but little exquisite, Laure, German Lux was again providential for the result, as it happened before for example in Ponferrada, with his great save before Roger just a few minutes before the goal of the right-back.

Both Rabello as Sissoko, starters yesterday, seem to have imbued themselves in the defensive solidarity of the team, but failed to solve the offensive shortcomings. Both gave everything in defense, but the Chilean was again misplaced, trying to find a spot to feel comfortable and give fluidity to the attack. In this aspect, Fernando Vázquez continues resigned. The coach knows that if his team takes the lead in the scoresheet is more than likely that will end up winning the match, the chances to leak a goal and not been able to overcome the situation are also high. The winning recipe, however, was useful in La Romareda in a major game. M. Otero

Periódico de Aragón: Zaragoza wrestles to survive. Real Zaragoza are looking like an anguished castaway, suffering to reach the shore of salvation. Víctor Muñoz, on his return to La Romareda, introduced some substantial changes in the lineup and strategy, but the players just showed more aggressive, sometimes with a pedestrian spirit. There’s nothing more and the coach had the opportunity to check it in first person losing against a Deportivo that made the same game of always: not conceding a goal and scoring in the couple of occasions in which they reach the opponent's area. One of those chances was for Laure, who netted the winning goal with a double rebound in the woodwork and the body of Leo Franco; it was enough to impose their legendary efficiency.

Deportivo invests just enough, but have skills and players with much more defensive muscle. It is far superior as a team although it doesn’t look like it at first glance, almost flawless at the back and judiciously managing midfield, led the game to their preferred space: the pause and the convulsion of Sissoko. In the area of negotiation, Fernando Vazquez’s team was a couple of feet over Real Zaragoza, side that hid behind the fouls to stop its opponent. Without verticality, the Galicians found the small door they were looking for. Laure made a great play before Rico on the bottom line, combined with Juan Dominguez and the gods, they cooperated to put the 0-1, an advantage with a winning soul for Deportivo. Alfonso Hernández

Heraldo (Zaragoza): Víctor cannot revive Real Zaragoza. Víctor Muñoz has changed the mood, but not the result. Real Zaragoza had an intense beginning, the fans willing to make peace and the coach was acclaimed, but after the game the score of Victor could have been the same one with Paco Herrera: a sad and empty 0-1, a result that cannot be the responsibility of coach, who has been working just four days with the team. Not even the coach that, ten years ago conquered the last titles with the Aragonian club, can work miracles.

The squad is what it is, and with these players Víctor should search for the miracle, something that no longer can be defined, it can be trying to achieve a promotion position or simply escape from relegation to Segunda B. What is certain is that Deportivo, mate downhill with Real Zaragoza in June, is now fourteen points away of Los Blanquillos. A whole world and an example of the different path of  two teams that shared the same goal. J. L. Gaona



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