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25 Mar 2014
Fernando Vázquez and the players are happy with the result and especially with the performance of the team. Depor’s coach also stated that one of the problems is that his team usually confuses intensity with tranquility.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was talking of the difficulty of the league and the need to add the three points, “It’s always important to win, because the goal is to be at the top and get the first or second place, and as things stand, it’s crucial to add three points. Today’s game was complicated, Zaragoza aren’t living the best moment, but it’s Real Zaragoza and this is La Romareda.”

“The goal is to put distance with the clubs in playoff positions and escape together with Eibar. It’s only a desire, because the reality, despite today’s result, is different. The situation will surely remain the same until the end. We wanted to win in order to not lose the track of Eibar. We did it and are content for doing it.” The Galician tactician added.

Then the Castrofeito-born manager explained his decisions during the meeting, “The team went out with the intention of putting pressure over Real Zaragoza, with a 4-4-2 system in some sense, though with Sissoko as a playmaker helping the striker. “

“We sorted some situations that I didn’t like. I switched some players and reached halftime mark with the 0-1. We held for ten minutes and then decided to switch the positions of Álex, and then it was time to wait and caught Zaragoza in a counterattack. Things worked out and we are content with the result. We are a tough team to beat, though our weakness is the creation of game.” He added.

Finally, Vázquez was explained the main problem of Depor on this season, “Let’s say that sometimes we confuse intensity with tranquility. You can be intense and play intense at defense, but when you are attacking you need to know how to change the pace and that’s difficult to my team. It isn’t new as it’s an old problem carried by us.”

Pablo Insua was content with the performance of the team, “It was important. We were coming after two games without winning and we are there. Now let's see if we can win at home again. We are seizing our goals and are winning by narrow scores. We are solid at defense thanks to our sacrifice, and let's see if we can continue like this."

“Today we were missing some players and the team was still working. Our ideas are clear, now the squad has depth, though sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. The important thing was to win again. We must think of the next game and face the situation game by game. It was important to win as the chasers and pressing a lot.” The centre-back added.

Juan Carlos was emphasizing the performance of Deportivo’s defense, “Zaragoza, in the first part, created three clear opportunities, but in the second they didn’t create anything against us. The defense worked pretty well throughout the game.”

“These three points are very important to us. We needed a victory after the win of Eibar and we don’t want to lose our current position. What matters now is to clinch two straight victories in order to caress the promotion. If you don’t win, then you depend of what others do.” The playmaker added.

Meanwhile, striker Diego Ifrán, who debuted on this season, wrote on his Twitter account, “We are content after this very important victory; it means a new step towards the goal and it was also special to me as I returned to play after nine months without stepping into a football pitch!”

The scorer in the game was Laure (his third goal at Depor); he commented that, “The goal was a great joy to me. I had that luck that sometimes you need in order to score a goal. We didn’t create too much game, instead we were searching for the counterattack. They felt more comfortable attacking and the goal pulled us to our side of the pitch.”

The Madrilenian defender didn’t want to talk of the number of points that Depor need to clinch the promotion, “You lose the goal if you look forward, so we must go game by game. This has been a complicate season, with a lot of changes, both in pre-season and later in December. There are a lot of new faces, but the team is still competing and we are proud of it.”

Diego Seoane explained that the difference was in the punch, “They had arrivals in the first part, but never succeeded. The difference was there. Meanwhile, we scored the goal in the chance we got. What matters is to claim the three points in a difficult stadium like this one. We have quality people up front and soon they will be integrated into the team.”

At Real Zaragoza, coach Víctor Muñoz was happy with his players despite the result, “We have tried. I want to congratulate the players for the attitude, because they gave their best in an individual level. Some things were fine, others don’t. What we missed was more fluidity.”

“We were hoping to change the destiny of this team, but in front we had a great rival, a very practical team, they only had a few chances and have scored a goal. We knew that things were going to be nasty in case they could claim the lead. Real Zaragoza had three opportunities in the first half, Depor had one and we went with the 0-1 to the rest. We tried in the second half, but they were pretty strong at defense.” He added.

Finally, keeper Leo Franco commented that his team didn’t deserve the final outcome, “We did a great work in a tactical and physical sense, but unfortunately the result wasn’t what we were expecting. We didn’t deserve the defeat, but we were fine, so we must continue in the same way.”



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