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31 Mar 2014
The papers were unpleased with Depor’s performance and all the attention was focused in the change of the draw at the middle of the second part. The media pointed out that Depor are unable to finalize the home games.

Deporte Campeón: Russian roulette at the Riazor. Deportivo was the leader of the league for one hour, the time between minutes 3 and 63, when the goals were scored, first the Galicians and then the Canarians. Possibly it deserved more in the overall game, but found the same evils, this time against a penalty that ended the possibility of returning to the first position.

With more passion than game, Depor tried but, once again, crashed against itself in A Coruña, place where it missed another opportunity. It is the stigma of this team at home. There are four games remaining in the Russian roulette of the Riazor. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Another lost opportunity . Riazor remains as a pending issue in the season of Deportivo, a team that on the road of promotion continues stumbling where it was least expected. Not even with the score in favour almost from the changing room Depor are able to find comfort at their stadium. This time Tenerife seized the occasion, side that from the exuberance of Ayoze Pérez, tied in the second half and didn’t hesitate to take a point before the Galicians, who wasted the chance to regain the lead after the failure of Eibar.

Depor went out searching for everything, knowing of the draw by the Basques and that the leadership was available with a victory over Tenerife. Rabid, wanting to please before the fans, the team of Fernando Vázquez soon found the goal with Lopo after a lovely free-kick of Rabello and a hasty exit from goalie Roberto. Vazquez decided to relieve Bergantiños and the disappeared Juan Carlos to introduce Marchena and Wilk. He tried to close the game with three centre-backs and soon, Marchena fouled Ayoze inside Depor’s area. It was minute 63 and Depor found the equalizer off guard, just when it had changed the system.

Vazquez pulled Ifrán to rehabilitate the attack and Depor pulled more character and will than football and ideas. Ayoze Pérez became a toothache and forced two yellows for Laure and Insua, but Tenerife didn’t test Lux. The final push of Deportivo, at the limit of the strength, brushed the prize with a header of Marchena that Tenerife’s defense cleared over the goal line The Galician team lost the chance to regain the throne of the league, because it is still unable to translate its theoretical superiority at the Riazor. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor stumbles. The perfect occasion to return to the leadership and mark the pace of the league, but Deportivo finished delivering a game from which not only the result is telling something, but also the message that was sent with the lead on the scoresheet. Fernando Vazquez chose the more conservative option and ended up engulfed by its consequences in a meeting in which the team squandered another opportunity.

What was seen in the first part was a Deportivo with the intention to dominate the opponent and at times with depth and with a daring behavior thanks to the constant mobility of Sissoko and the bigger participation of Bryan Rabello. With the Ivorian on the pitch, Fernando Vázquez may have found the piece that was missing from the start of the tournament after trying countless ways to find a reference on the offensive half. He had it with Culio, although the excess of initiative of the Argentine man ended up penalizing it. Sissoko instead provides pause and simple solutions to a team needing an alternative moving forward. At the back, however, the team is solid.

There was no sign at the time of Tenerife, it missed mordant without the impudence brought by its very young pearl. Fernando Vazquez’s players began to feel comfortable due to the limited demands from the opponent and, as it couldn’t be otherwise, the game of Deportivo became a little lazy, but kept the precision and at times abused the possession of the ball. However, this resource without mobility and neither depth ended languishing and only appeared as a bonus when Sissoko found it at the middle.

Deportivo returned from the break determined to close the game and in the first moments of the half it harassed the goal with more nerve than game. It had opportunities through Sissoko and Juan Dominguez, but ended up falling to its instincts. Tenerife was stretching with the passage of minutes and Los Blanquiazules lost control of the game, sometimes at the mercy of the opponent. Vazquez then executed the plan that usually used in these cases and placed Marchena between Insua and Lopo while he took off an inaccurate Juan Carlos for Wilk.

The plan blew up in the face of the coach when the referee awarded a strict penalty of Marchena on Ayoze Pérez that Ricardo didn’t fail to claim the draw. Deportivo suddenly faced the need to create more game just with all the machinery of destruction turned on and never found the right way to prevail in the final minutes of the match. Marcos Otero.

El Día (Tenerife): Two sides and a point. There are draws without a taste, results that don’t say anything and others that are great. The one achieved yesterday by Tenerife at the Riazor against one of the teams that, most likely, will get the promotion to Primera Division says a lot. And it came after conceding a goal in the opening minutes, forcing completely to change the approach and assume risks before a rival with entity. The rotation worked out and, at times, it gave the impression that the prize could have been higher.

With 45 minutes left, it accepted to take the initiative and overcame the better start of Deportivo. Juan Dominguez, Sissoko and Juan Carlos (50 ') had chances to kill the game. But they failed. Vazquez stepped back putting three centre-backs and paid the price. It was precisely Marchena the one that committed the penalty on Ayoze Pérez, who brought a lot of problems to the local defense. Ricardo scored the goal and filled with doubts a Depor that only pushed in the final minutes. Juan José Ramos



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