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31 Mar 2014
Fernando Vázquez was highly questioned for his decisions during the game. He assumed the responsibility and explained the reasons why he switched into a 5-4-1. Neither the players were happy with the result.

Throughout the press conference coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that the modifications in the second part didn’t have a positive impact at the team, “The result is disappointing, evidently, because… the result is disappointing for me, the team and the fans, because it’s a result that come together with other negative results at the Riazor. There’s a lane and, I don’t know why, it’s clear that we have problems at home, because it isn’t normal to only win one of the last eight games. I assume with responsibility the decision that was made, but don’t feel guilty.”

“It’s the key for our lack of takeoff; regarding the situation, when a coach fails to make his team to win a game then it’s possible to recognize that he could have made a mistake. I made the decision of the third centre-back due to the situation with Álex. I don’t make the changes to rest possibilities to the team, but to make it feel more comfortable. When I put a line of three centre-backs it’s in order to see the team feeling more comfortable, and it was hard to see the rival equalizing when I made the change. Football is like this.” He added.

About the game, the Galician coach commented that, “We were fine in the first part and it seems that the team was playing good, but it’s difficult for the team to create scoring opportunities. In the end we had two or three chances and scored a goal. In the second part, after I made the change and they tied the actions, there was a depression and the team reacted late. Without an extraordinary performance we could have won the game, but the true is that Tenerife’s goal was a big punishment.”

He was trying to explain why he chose to switch into a 5-4-1 at minute 60, “When I play with three centre-backs I release Seoane and bring freedom to Sissoko and Bryan [Rabello] on the wings. But the position of the team was to defend the result and it shouldn’t be like that. The first fifteen minutes of the second part were solid; the team was fine and feeling comfortable. That’s why I made the decision, because normally the game ends escaping from us. Now, at the end of the game, I can say that it wasn’t the best decision, but always remembering the most painful decision was the modification of Álex. I was trying to control Tenerife and see my team controlling the game. The change of Álex killed me as I went out of resources.”

El Profesor complained about the penalty, “For me it was a too light penalty. I had the feeling that both players were standing up, almost without moving. I have to watch it again on TV, but I believe it was a hard decision. It was similar to the one at Miranda de Ebro.”

Finally, Vázquez admits that Deportivo wasted a good opportunity as there were several direct confrontations on the matchday, “It’s useless what the others do if we fail having the obligation of winning. It was a key matchday as there were direct meetings. It was going to bring oxygen. But the results are what they are and we still there. Evidently we are going to keep pushing in order to improve.”

Diego Seoane commented that, “We started pretty well, with intensity, scoring a goal within the first five minutes and putting intensity. The game was favorable to us and reached half-time without problems, but an isolated play cost a penalty. We found ourselves with five men at the back and with little chances to turn upside down the situation.”

“I believe we need to finalize our chances. If we score the goals then we need to remain calm. It’s difficult for the rivals to react against us, but this time it wasn’t like that. It would have been perfect if we would have won. We need to make the jump and haven’t done it yet.” The side defender added.

Pablo Insua wasn’t content with the outcome of the game, “We dominated the things in the first half; at the beginning of the second part they started to have arrivals, and in the next play after we switched the system there was the penalty, and since then we didn’t have clear opportunities. In the end a draw that wasn’t part of the calculations.”

“Clearly the feeling is that two points escaped from us; we thought it was a good chance to extend the difference with the chasers. In the end a point means to add, but we wanted the three points. The penalty marked the game. Until minute 60 things were under control. We tried later, but it wasn’t possible.” The centre-back added.

Juan Carlos had a grey performance and was also feeling disappointed with the result, “The feeling when you don’t win at home is that you didn’t fulfill the mission. We tried to achieve a victory in order to be the leaders, but it was complicated. We claimed the lead, but there was a penalty. We had our opportunities and then things were equal.”

The playmaker stated that the team is feeling comfortable no matter the system, “I believe both systems are developed and the team feels comfortable with both. It isn’t the problem as the team feels fine. When you don’t win at home, and with the rivals are failing, you end up thinking that should have won. Now things will be tight until the end, but we are winning on the road what we lost at home.”

Neither Albert Lopo was happy with the result despite scoring his second goal on the season, “The best thing would have been to add the three points and not only one, but football has these things. It was a game that we had under control and later it happened this. I think the team never fell apart and we pushed in the second part, though we were a little delayed as they were also pushing. “

At CD Tenerife, coach Álvaro Cerveda was happy, but didn’t want to say that his team is an aspirant to promotion, this after been asked if his team was trying to demonstrate that it is a candidate, “We don’t play to demonstrate anything, but if this result demonstrates something it is that there’s a solid work with the team. There’s solidarity and that we never surrendered despite been losing at the stadium of Depor, a team that was playing in order to be the leader, and even I was surprised to see the team pushing to equalize the game and even trying to win it.”

He admitted that the early goal affected his plans, “Depor’s goal turned our plan into the wrong one. The plan was to hold on and then go out in fast plays, but after scoring the goal they weren’t going to allow you to complete the counterattacks, and since that point we tried to risk without making mistakes, and we succeeded. It’s the reading from the game. We put Ayoze and Suso on the sides and the entry of Kike brought security to midfield. “



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