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08 Jul 2006
Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s is furious with his players, the Sevillan is upset with the second defeat suffered by his team against a Segunda B club. Loses that happened in just seven days and that meant the elimination in Copa Xunta de Galicia. Meanwhile, the case with 'Toro' Acu?a seems to be returning to life

The elimination in copa Xunta de Galicia is a thing that has created doubts about the potential of Deportivo. Fans are disappointed, but who is furious with the squad is Joaqu?n Caparr??s, he understands that both Racing Ferrol and Lugo have made good games against Depor, but what he can't handle is to know that his men showed a poor face in those matches. The Sevillan coach has alerted that he will not tolerate any lack of sacrifice on the pitch.

Caparr??s himself explained the situation after the match against Lugo: "What has failed is the attitude. It's normal to see a team like Lugo playing motivated against us, they took this game as a serious thing while we faced the confrontation with apathy. We only made three or four shots on goal and that's a matter of the offensive line. Our control over the ball was poor and also very slow... we have to learn from this errors."

And the same players seems to be understanding the message. During the last hours several of them have been admitting 'their guilt' on this case. The following is a resume of their declarations:

Juanma: We don't have an excuse. We can't be showing two faces, we should play as we did against Zaragoza. This must be a lesson for Mallorca's game.

Filipe: The coach has said that we missed intensity and it could be true. We didn't play at 100% and it's truth that we allowed two goals, but I believe that the defensive line didn't have too many mistakes. We didn't score any goal and for that reason, the offensive line is guilty on this case.

Cristian: It's normal to see the coach upset with us. Any rival could defeat you on this days, but what has disturbed the coach is our attitude on the pitch.

Capdevila: Off course that he (Caparr??s) is upset with us, we can't be playing with that attitude. At least this game should help us to avoid any biggest damage in the confrontation against Mallorca. This happens when one team faces a game at 150% and the other one doesn't, no matter that both are from different categories.

It was previously reported that Roberto Acu?a have signed his cancellation with Deportvo, but at the end the deal wasn't fulfilled. The club and the Paraguayan midfielder agreed about the amount of the cancellation (€2 million), but the difference is that Acu?a thought that this amount was the net payment that he would receive, while Depor is convinced that this number was the gross payment without including taxes and other deductions.

For that reason, the Galician club presented a €1 million payment to Acu?a. An amount that didn't satisfied his expectations since the Paraguayan was waiting for a €2 million check.  For the moment Acu?a has continued to attend to the training sessions, although that he has worked apart. The club has now gave him 'vacations' until Monday, a day that has been understood as the crucial day in this case.

The other discarded players seems to be finding  a club after going out of Deportivo. Lionel Scaloni and Diego Trist??n cancelled their contracts on the past week, now the Argentinean is near to sign for West Ham, while the Sevillan striker could end in Bolton Wanderers although he was rejecting to play in England.

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