10 Apr 2014
Ibrahim Sissoko conceded an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeůn; the Ivorian player is happy with the city of a CoruŮa and the performance of Deportivo, but refuses to refer to himself as a great player.

Q: We are seeing a great Sissoko, a player in his best form since his arrival and in a continuous improvement
A: Yes, I'm better, Iím in shape and the team is fine too right now.

Q: As the coach says, the team always manages to overcome the problems, the casualties.
A: If a player is not available then there is another that will do it fine. For example in the last game we missed Manuel Pablo and Manuel Pablo had a great performance. That's a team, with all players together, gaining pace, confidence.

Q: Listening to you it seems that instead of spending a few months at Deportivo you have spent a whole year. The key?
A: Football is like this, there are no limits. When you are in a team that plays well everything is easier. Also this team is a family and it's easier for me to adapt, to enter into the group. It has been like that since my arrival.

Q: What does the people on the street say to you, do you notice the love of the fans?
A: There are great people in A CoruŮa, and the same goes with the team, but I'm always at home, I donít go out. I train, then I go home, I do things at home.

Q: The first of the last four meetings at the Riazor is arriving, place where Deporís promotion chances are at stake. You cannot fail.
A: Itís the problem; itís the pressure that we have to surpass. Sometimes we lose the ball. The other team is earning morale and later we are the ones that must come from behind, keeping the pace, and sometimes we cannot do it. We have to win all four games at home to reach Primera. We must win at the Riazor.

Q: In your latest performances you were even compared with Djalminha, one of the most talented footballers that have passed through Deportivo and European football. In any case it is said that you are a great centre midfielder
A: Iím a not a great player; itís my team, my team helps me a lot in order to play. Iíve the possibility to help the team and Iím here for this. It isnít only the individual performance, but also the collective, something you need to earn in a game.

Q: The experts also comment that your football may be more effective at Primera than at Segunda.
A: I cannot say it, because I've never played at Primera, but I guess I would have no problem.

Q: Well, it can be at Depor on next year huh?
A: I cannot talk of that [he smiles]. Itís not up to me.



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