11 Apr 2014
Borja Bastón offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña. The Madrilenian striker says that he remains hopeful despite not enjoying of too many opportunities in recent games. He also hopes to see Depor improving at the Riazor.

Q: What are the feelings after your return as a starter against Castilla?
A: I spent a while without going into the team and it was a joy. The most important thing is that we won and we all benefit.

Q: How have you adapted to the fact of starting the season with a protagonic role and later pass to a situation in which you had fewer opportunities?
A: It’s a pretty season for all, because in the end the team is fine and if we clinch the promotion then it will be a good year for all. The level of the group has always helped me in a personal level. There was time for everybody and we just try to add things.

Q: Are you satisfied with your performance?
A: I started pretty well and scored eight goals. We aren’t an offensive team to have higher figures. Yes I could have made more goals, but these are circumstances. There’s more people, more partners, and sometimes things go better and others worse, but the work is always there.

Q: Are the strikers the most penalized players by the team's playing style?
A: Our style is bringing the results. We are defending pretty well and it's very hard to score a goal against us. If we are able to seize our chances then we are fine, but it’s true that you end up suffering up front without having chances every game. Still, you cannot say anything because the team is at the top and is winning. That's what matters.

Q: Do you feel you are the ones bearing more responsibility for having to seize those few opportunities?
A: Sure. It's hard, you have to have one, seize it and see the ball going in, if not it’s complicated to find another chance in the match.

Q: What went wrong for not seeing more often the system with two strikers?
A: I think it worked. Luis (Fernandez) and I played together against Alavés and the team was great. The coach is the one who decides, he watches the games and decides whether it should be a system or instead the other one. I think we can complement each other, not only with Luis, but with all the partners.

Q: Have you missed during the season a player to collaborate in the offensive aspect, a passing player perhaps?
A: Early in the season the team was formed in a difficult situation. There were many problems and inconveniences to make the signings, but we are a very strong group of people that’s together and working hard. The squad was made like this for different reasons, but the team showed its strength. It isn’t that we are missing a certain type of player; it’s useless thinking what could have been and wasn’t. We are who we are, we are here to get the promotion and are well placed for that, which is the most important thing.

Q: Have you ever questioned your continuity at the team due to the irregularity?
A: I came here to find stability. My intention is to play next year at Primera Division with Deportivo, but a lot can happen because in football you never know what can happen. It doesn’t depend on me. At the moment I'm focused on finishing the league well and then we'll see. I came with a big hope and with the intention that Deportivo can return again to Primera Division, because it’s a historic club and has won titles. The club opted for me at the time and hopefully I could restore that confidence.

Q: Do you calculate how many points you need to get the direct promotion?
A: They say you might need 70 points. We go game by game and now we are thinking of getting the three points this weekend, then three points on next week and so on.

Q: Is the changing room facing the game against Recreativo as the most critical match so far this season?
A: From now on all the matchdays are very important, but if you can rest points to direct rivals then it’s much better. It’s a very important game, but whatever happens there will be more later.

Q: If the game would be played away from home would you face otherwise?
A: At the Riazor we have not given everything we had to give, especially for the fans. We must offer a better spectacle and especially more wins, because we didn’t have that continuity. We have failed many times this year at home.

Q: What do you think the team has lacked on this season playing at home?
A: Segunda División is very competitive and there is no team that stands above the rest. We are doing a pretty effective game: we defend well and seize our chances. Maybe it's not what the fans like, but we're doing fine.

Q: Do you see  yourself having continuity on the final leg of the league and having  the confidence of the coach?
A:I hope to have continuity. We all fight for a spot and the true is that these are beautiful matchdays, because they are the last.



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