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19 Apr 2014
The “old” Fabril saw in past months returned to Abegondo and offered a dreadful performance before the leader in the league. Depor’s youngsters had the ball, but never knew what to do before a rival playing on counterattacks.

Uxío Marcos was available for the meeting and started on the bench, but the list of casualties for coach José Luis Devesa was still long: Jorge Callón, Tonći Mujan, Stefan Deák, Toni Insua and Álex Pérez. Dani Iglesias wasn’t picked after the incident on last weekend (head injury); neither Álvaro Lemos was part of the game as he was dragging issues on the knee that was operated eight months ago. Finally, Marc Martinez was suspended after been sent off against CD Boiro. Since the season of Juvenil A was already over, the coach picked winger Óscar García, centre-back Róber and centre midfielder Ángel Fernández.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure. David Gómez was the starting keeper, Cańi was the improvised right-back defender, Adrián Martinez performed on the left, Sidibé and Róber were the centre-backs. Queijeiro and Bicho performed at midfield. Óscar García played on the right wing, Portuguese Miguel Cardoso was on the left, Romay was the playmaker and Marcos Remeseiro was the central attacker.

The rival was UD Somozas, the new leader at Tercera after Fabril were able to get a 1-1 draw on Sunday visiting CD Boiro. The team coached by Michel Alonso arrived to the meeting after spending 14 matchdays without defeats (they won 10 of the games). Two former players of Fabril were starters in the game: defender Jose Manuel, plus striker Luis Ángel; the latter is the second best scorer in the league (18 goals on the season before this game).

Horrible game by Depor’s youngsters; Fabril arrived to the game after a series of good performances and after clinching three straight victories –the best streak on the season- but on Thursday they returned to be clueless team of the first round, precisely the team that caused the current situation of being playing for nothing with four games remaining in the schedule.

The worst part is the poor form of the players that made the pre-season with the first team, the same ones that were supposed to be the pillars of the team. Keeper David Gómez continues to be too nervous, Uxío committed key errors in past games, Sidibé is a disaster at the centre of the defense as he commits countless errors in the output of the ball, Cańi has lowered his level and cannot perform as a full-back.

Bicho passed unnoticed in the game and is a perfect reflection of the impotence at the team. At the same time, Queijeiro had an acceptable performance, and Jorge Romay was the only one that showed interesting things in attack, though he was too alone, only having the contribution of Cardoso on the wing. Remeseiro is one of the revelations on the season, but on this opportunity he didn’t have opportunities and was more busy helping at midfield.

So, Somozas didn’t have any problem in giving the ball away to Fabril and spend the time playing on the counterattack. And the visiting team only needed three minutes to take advantage of the tactic; a long throw forced David Gómez to go out of the area and foul Héber Pena at the edge of the area, then Luis Ángel increased his tally of goals with a precise free-kick attempt.

Fabril had the chance to tie the game ten minutes later, this after Édgar Alvarińo ‘Edi’ committed a penalty over Cardoso, but visiting goalie Abraham Santos stopped the spot-kick of Remeseiro.

Since that moment the game followed a path that wasn’t going to change until the final whistle: Depor B had the ball, but couldn’t damage a rival that was feeling pretty comfortable launching quick attacks through the trident composed by Luis Angel, Rubén Gómez and Héber.

At the middle of the second half, Stefan Rodríguez entered into the pitch and he only needed two minutes to score the second goal. It was a corner-kick coming from the left headed first by Miguel Fiuza and later the attacker headed the ball home from the far post.

Devesa tried to react allowing the entries of Uxío and Marc Nierga for Remeseiro and Óscar García. The centre-back performed at midfield and Catalan Nierga was trying to bring presence inside the area, but the changes never worked. At the end of the game Ángel Fernández entered for a disappeared Bicho.

The recent improvement by Fabril disappeared as Depor’s youngsters played a dreadful game, without ideas and will before a motivated leader. The team had the ball possession, but it didn’t create scoring opportunities. Remeseiro could have changed the game at the beginning, but he missed a penalty. Three games are remaining in the tournament and Fabril is already playing for nothing as the permanence is secured and there are no options of reaching the playoff zone. The team rest on this weekend and return to play until next Sunday visiting CD Dorneda, the last place at the standings.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Cańi, Róber, Sidibé, Adrián – Queijeiro, Bicho (Ángel 82’) – Óscar García (Uxío 72’), Romay, Cardoso – Remeseiro (Nierga 72’)
Somozas: (4-2-3-1) Abraham - José Manuel (Javi Rosa 75’), Bao, Fiuza, Iago López - Edi (Antas 46’), Baleato, Héber, Rubén, Pablo Berros (Stefan 71’) - Luis Ángel.
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Luis Ángel, 0-2: (72’) Stefan Rodríguez
Referee: Alejandro Muńiz Ruiz. He showed yellow card to David Gómez (3’), Bao (10’), Edi (13’) and Berros (37’)
Venue: Abegondo.(650)





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