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22 Apr 2014
The papers applauded the performance of Deportivo at the Iberostar stadium; the media was pleased with a new exercise of solidity at defense and this time the effectiveness in attack. The papers also celebrate that the promotion is about to happen.

Deporte Campeón: Another blow towards the promotion. The third straight victory, loose, comfortable and deserved win, before a newly relegated team with players from Primera and with a lineup that always looked for creativity. It was the response to the triumph of Eibar and the stumble of Las Palmas. Depor won and took a blow towards the promotion.

As in the previous matchday, before Recreativo de Huelva, Fernando Vazquez opted in Majorca for a 1-4-1-4-1 with Juan Dominguez at the midfield position. The penalty transformed by Sissoko came after a couple of clear chances for Mallorca. Deportivo didn’t fail in the first opportunity they had. The goal of Luisinho killed the meeting prematurely on the first play of the second half. The 0-3 was the slab on the meeting and on Mallorca. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: A giant step. The raging river represented by Mallorca allowed a big win for Deportivo, side that fished three points that taste like Primera. The strength of the score brings a growing sense that the target is closer. The victory in Son Moix opens a gap of 9 points with the third place, which may be decisive, because Depor don’t lose the defensive solidity and hits increasingly strong in attack, spurred by the quality represented by Sissoko, Juan Carlos and the push of a striker like Ifrán. Between them produced the three goals in a game in which Depor had to sweat in the first half, but that was broke just before the break and smashed it in the second act with counterattacks coming out from the manual. Only the shock of Luisinho, stretched off after a slip that shook his left knee, put some anxiety to a victory that ended up being very comfortable.

Mallorca, a team adrift in the institutional issue and without a pattern on the field, resisted at the beginning. It made dangerous shots before Lux, who had to make two good saves in the same action midway through the first half. Depor, without the ball, suffered more with the draw that shone against Recreativo. Fast transitions and precipitated plays penalized Rabello and players like Juan Carlos, who could not show his class during the initial 45 minutes. Mallorca pushed hard and Juan Dominguez experienced moments of overwhelm. But the passage of minutes brought to him the weight of the game and, as soon as Depor cauterized the wounds from the side of Laure, the pace of the game declined and Mallorca began to lack ideas. Manuel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: To heaven from Palma. Something very strange would have to happen to Deportivo for not celebrating the direct promotion. It’s flying towards Primera, driven by the mistakes of others, but also for the good wave in which it’s surfing just at the key moment of the season. Firmly intact its defensive strength, the big key to success, and its attack has now gained several steps. Finally it has football, more than ever in this league. It was confirmed yesterday in Palma with an outstanding second half, with and without the ball.  In the first it struggled to contain the onslaught of Mallorca. It even had to appear the saving hands of Lux to avoid the 1-0. Depor knew how to wait their chance to hit and it did it during two key moments before and after the break. First, the penalty on Ifrán transformed by Sissoko (41’); and then right after the break, the goal of Luisinho after a magnificent combinative action (47’). The game ended there. The leader controlled at pleasure, comfortable with the ball and smoothly to keep it away from the goal of Lux, virtually a spectator during the second half.

Indisputable triumph of Depor, rounded by Borja with the final 3-0 midway through the second act. A bulging result that seemed unthinkable as the first half went. Mallorca were playing for their life and went out with a more daring attitude than the leader, willing to lock them at their area seeking for the first goal. Deportivo managed the game at will, with great participation of Juan Carlos and Sissoko. The Balearics, powerless, just roamed the area Lux, again well protected by the wall formed by Lopo and Insua. Pure reliability, such as Laure and Seoane on the sides. The Ourense-born player suffered in the first half to contain Nsue, but after the break he grew up, like the rest of the team
The goal of Borja Bastón was another good news for Depor, whose perfect morning was only clouded by the injury of Luisinho, though it was less severe than it looked. And he was replaced by Arizmendi, who enjoyed his first minutes since January. Another player that wants his share of a starting role in this stretch of the season. He was seen in the quarter of an hour in front of his former team, a Mallorca without answers despite the entries of Alfaro and Geijo. Crestfallen wanders too close to relegation. It was a direct rival and now lives another war: the one of the mud. Depor, nine points above Tenerife and Las Palmas, have almost won its war. Almost touching the sky of Primera, only three wins with seven matchdays ahead. Eugenio Cobas

Diario de Mallorca: Mallorca is broken into pieces. Broken footballers, stranded and consumed by their lack of commitment, attitude, professionalism and pride. Yesterday the group of Carreras conceded before Deportivo La Coruña their third straight loss and continues to drift in a Segunda Division that day after day put them closer to the relegation places.

It's unstoppable the deterioration of a Mallorca that kisses the canvas with the first blow, a team that defends shamefully, plane at midfield and listless in attack. The failure of this team is also the failure of Carreras, a coach that has already used all the bullets. And the players, scared to death, they are forced to fight against relegation, something for which they are unprepared.

Depor came out to walk at Son Moix. But today’s Mallorca, if something can go wrong it will go wrong. This time it was Kevin, who made  an absurd penalty on Ifrán after forty minutes. Sissoko materialized it and that was it for the Reds. What came later was after another embarrassing performance of impotence. Jaume Bauzà

Ultima Hora (Mallorca): Deportivo crucified Mallorca. Real Mallorca lost before Deportivo La Coruña in Son Moix, by 0-3. The Galician team has won with goals by Sissoko, from the penalty spot, Borja Bastón and Luisinho. With this defeat, the team of LLuís Carreras is dangerously close to the relegation to Segunda B. Mallorca made a good first half, but the game was twisted at the 40th minute with a penalty from Kevin that was transformed by Sissoko. In the next action, the referee didn’t whistle a possible penalty over Hemed. In addition, in the first moments of the match, the linesman has annulled a goal to Emilio Nsue for a doubtful offside following a corner-kick. In the second part, Mallorca received another bucket of cold water with the goal of Luisinho. From there, Los Mallorquinistas have decomposed and conceded the third goal in the boots of Borja Bastón. R.D.



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