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22 Apr 2014
The coach and the players were content with the victory and understand that it means a big step forward, however they also want to keep focused as the promotion isn’t achieved yet. Vázquez fears a possible relaxation at the team.

Despite the big score, Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy with the performance in the first half and he emphasized the importance of the penalty, “It seems it was easy, but the true is that it wasn’t. In the first half we were bad as we allowed Mallorca to run; we granted space and the team was trying to do something that it didn’t work. “

“We were fortunate to see the referee granting a penalty and this fact gave us an advantage for the second half. In the second part we were better. We didn’t allow Mallorca to run and felt comfortable defending. We scored twice through counterattacks and since then everything was fine, but it wasn’t easy and we never felt comfortable.” He added.

The Galician coach also admitted that he was thinking in making the substitution of Wilk before, but he change his mind after the early goal in the second half, “I was thinking in making it before, because I didn’t like what we were doing in the first half, but then we scored a quick goal, the team was playing more united and I saw them playing more comfortable, so I hold on the change. I saw that the team was controlling the game, which is the most important thing to me, and realized that Mallorca wasn’t hammering me. We were having the ball and for this reason I kept Juan Carlos playing alongside Bryan Rabello.”

Once again he was warning against the possible relaxation as the promotion is close to happen, “There’s one less game in the calendar and we increased the difference with the third place, we are now three games away, but we must fight against the danger of seeing the goal so close, because when you see that the goal is near you usually stop or end up relaxed. Therefore, we haven’t achieved anything yet. We cannot stop until the Primera División is mathematically achieved. We cannot relax.”

Finally, Vázquez was reflecting on the reasons why Depor is succeeding and Mallorca is failing in the race for to promotion, “I always say it. Deportivo had a fundamental weapon. I lived problems inside the club, problems with players as important men left, but we had a factor by which we ride: we never suffered a divorce between the club and the fans. Our people was always there, we suffered the relegation and they were there. There was always union as we were always together. We had the support of the city and the fans. We lived many problems, signings and institutional issues, but we were all together. The club, the coach, the players and especially the fans. This is the big difference with Real Zaragoza and Mallorca, clubs that went down with us.”

For Juan Dominguez the key was the second goal scored by Luisinho, “Luisinho’s goal was the key. It’s important to increase the difference starting the second part, because the rival fells down. We played better in the second half, because in the first they were the better team. The true s that the team was fine today. We knew how to hold on the difference in the second part and even increased it. It was good news to us.”

The midfielder was also emphasizing the importance of the away victories, “I believe Mallorca have a good team; in the first half they had many opportunities and could have hammered us. It was pretty equal, though it’s true that we were more accurate. The merit of the team is to win so many games on the road, it compensates a bit the points that we have missed at home. When you don’t add the points at home then you have to search elsewhere and that’s what we are doing.”

Perhaps the best news of the game is that the injury of Luisinho wasn’t serious; the Portuguese confirmed it talking to reporters, “In the end it was only the scare. We decided to not risk and I was replaced as a precatory measure.”

He also commented the game, “It wasn’t easy; it was a tough game. We suffered a lot in the first half. But turned around the situation and it was a fair victory. They key was to score before the pause and later to play on the counterattack and score again at the beginning of the second part. We continued in the same way and then Mallorca fell down.”

Juan Carlos Real was happy for increasing the difference with the third place at the standings, “We extended the lead over the third place, but we must keep working. It’s a great joy to see us up there, but we must remain calm. Until the promotion isn’t secured mathematically we cannot think it’s done.”

German Lux was also emphasizing the importance of the first two goals, “We are fine, going game by game, clinching the results and we made a big sacrifice. The penalty and the early goal in the second part were decisive. We are doing a great job, not since now, but since the first matchday. We are seizing the goals, because the team is solid at the back.”

Still, the Argentine goalie was expecting for a more difficult game, “I didn’t expect for a game like this. We were waiting for a more complicate game. The first half was a round trip. We didn’t know how to control Mallorca. They created danger and hammered us. But we practically ended the game after scoring the second goal.”

Laure was commenting the meeting, “We lived complicate moments; they were intense at the beginning and created more opportunities of what we are used to allow. We were interesting in seeing them nervous, so we could try to enter into the game. The true is that the team is now more solid, we know each other pretty well and everything is easier in this way.”

Meanwhile, Pablo Insua was trying to be prudent, “We have increased the difference with the chasers; we know that everything is favourable to us, but seven games are remaining. We must think of the next game and then in the following one, and must continue like this until the promotion could be a mathematical fact.”

The centre-back believes that the big score was a little unfair for what Mallorca did in the first half, “It was a string rival, a team that hammered us, especially in the first half. Maybe the result was unfair by half-time. It’s very important to keep showing our strength at defense, because you always add points and if you are fine in attack, then you end picking three.”

For Diego Seoane the result was fair, “Now the distance with the third place is nine points; we did a great job, we suffered a bit in the first half, but I believe we were fine. We scored the first goal and later the second half was ours. We started strongly in the second part, we scored again and since then Mallorca fell down. The game was also useful to recover people, because Borja Bastón scored and Arizmendi played again.”

Diego Ifrán, who scored one of the goals, was another player insisting that nothing is done yet, “Without doubt the points against Mallorca were important, but just as it was with the previous points and as it will be with the next ones. We must keep training because, until not achieving it mathematically, we cannot relax.”

At RCD Mallorca, coach Lluís Carreras was trying to keep mentalized ahead of the next games, "The feeling that we have is sadness for not clinching the victory, it’s a disappointment. But you have to look forward, it’s very difficult for the players, the coaching staff and the fans. We need help, we need to look forward. We can only look back to gain momentum. I feel strong enough to continue working and to keep training. I have the strength to keep looking for the solution that I think this team can have, for now the results aren’t arriving, but of course I have the strength to keep going. This is part of football, sometimes things are going well and in others don’t, but especially when things aren’t going well you need to keep a cool head and continue analyzing.”

Finally, the Catalan coach said that his team deserved a better outcome in this game, "I'm sad, disappointed and angry about not getting a win that I think, in some phases of the game, we deserved. At least in the first half. I'm not mentally blocked; I’m the one who has to find the solutions. This issue and the pressure of the promotion has done much harm to everyone in general, I think we should be more realistic. Clearly the long-term goal is the permanence, but the short-term is the next game. "



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