23 Apr 2014
Cezary Wilk offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Polish midfielder is content with his first season in Spain and explained the novelties that he found playing at Segunda División.

Q: Is your adventure in A Coruña taking place as you had imagined?
A: It's better than I had imagined. Life in Spain is fantastic. The weather is very good, although I had heard that in Galicia is not so. People are wonderful, to me that's very important: to enjoy life. I am very happy to be here.

Q: What has been the fact that has surprised you the most?
A: I knew that Spain is the most important place to play football. The national team is the best in the world, the best teams in the world are here. So the standard is very high. Great place for this sport because everyone loves it. When I open the sportpapers 90% is about football and the rest on other sports. That’s amazing.

Q: What about the game?
A: I knew better the Primera División, because I watched much TV, but there's a lot of quality on here. Players always know what to do with the ball. They keep the ball, play, and make only a few passes. That's the biggest difference, even at Segunda División.

Q: But you are reproached because, sometimes, you are too defensive.
A: For us and for the fans the most important thing is the promotion to Primera División. That's our goal. To play better and score more goals would be fine, but now winning is the most important thing. We have seven more games and we have to win them.

Q: What would mean for your career to play at the Spanish Primera Division?
A: I don’t think too much about that. In football things can always change, sometimes you don’t know where you'll be in a month. You can only think about the next game.

Q: Do you see Deportivo in that league?
A; I hope so because I have a contract. I signed two years, but as I said in football everything changes very fast. I hope to play next year at Primera División and being here.

Q: Did you expect to play more often after beginning the season as a starter?
A: I have to always be prepared, one hundred percent when the team needs me or the coach decides I have to play. If you need me, I have to be ready. I'm here because I want to help the team, but I am also a professional player and I have to wait for my chances.

Q: What did Fernando Vázquez told you when you arrived?
A: I don’t remember. Sometimes I talked to the coach. He just told me a couple of simple things. He said I had to be prepared, to learn how it was the Spanish football and go step by step until reaching the starting lineup.

Q: Was it hard to adapt?
A: Here the midfielder is one of the most important players on the field. He creates the game and start the action. That's the biggest difference I found and I had to learn fast. I had to get used to change the position quickly, to control the ball. Those were the most important things to me.

Q: Also to be more daring in attack?
A: Here you always have go forward. You can never go back, that is not a good idea. But I like it.

Q: But still you are missing to score a goal...
A: I still has to score a goal, it's true. In Poland I didn’t score many, only two or three per season, but it doesn’t matter, because we have good strikers.

Q: Did you think a lot about the yellow card against Castilla?
A: It wasn’t a good time to see a yellow card, but it was my first offense in that game. I don’t know why, but here you have to be very careful with that type of play, it's easy to see the referee showing you a card.

Q: Are the referees stricter than in Poland?
A: Definitely. I prefer the English style, but they also allow you to play on here.

Q: Did you like the team against Recreativo and Mallorca without defensive midfielders?
-Alex is ready to play, so we'll see what the coach decides. We have played with three attacking midfielders. Juan Dominguez did very well alone as a pivote. The coach has many options.

Q: Were you relief to finally convince in a home game on this season?
-Of course, but we are very good on the road. The fact we were able to win so many games out has been our greatest strength.



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