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24 Apr 2014
After been ruled out at the begging of the season, Diego Seoane is now a fixed starter and the tenth player with more minutes at Depor’s first team. But for it the right-back had to play in three different positions.

Diego Seoane is one of those players that had to struggle in order to get a spot at Deportivo’s first team. For three seasons (2009-2012) he only got the chance to play when there was a casualty at defense and his best campaign was the 2010/11 (837 minutes). He had to alternate between the first team and Fabril in order to keep playing and even lived a tense situation in 2012 when he delayed the signing of a new contract.

Last season he was loaned to Córdoba CD and lived a similar scenario there after only playing 12 games with the Andalusian outfit, and returned on this campaign finding out that Depor were at Segunda División. Together with Rochela, he was ruled out by coach Fernando Vázquez and it seemed that his destiny was a new loan, however the problems to build up a team with the club on administration allowed him to stay.

And the Ourense-born player has ended living his best season at the club. After not playing for the first 12 Segunda games, he appeared as the right winger for the visit to Recreativo de Huelva, and in the following three games he was a starter at the right side of the defense taking advantage of Laure’s injury.

He later went out of the lineups only to return strongly in 2014. And it’s that since matchday 22, Seoane has played in 12 of the 14 Segunda matches, being a starter in the last seven meetings. This time he’s performing at the left side of the defense, spot that he gained after the long-term suspension of Luisinho. The Portuguese is now performing in offensive tasks, which allowed Seoane to get the slot at defense.

Until now the 25-year-old player has performed for 1323 minutes distributed in 18 Segunda matches, which is the tenth best mark at the team and the best in his career at Deportivo, an unthinkable thing at the beginning of this campaign.

On Wednesday, Seoane talked to reporters and calmly analyzed his situation, “I finally have continuity. I spent a while reclaiming it. In order to show security you need continuity and minutes; now I’m having it. I can now be calmer and demonstrate what I can do. Things are working out for me. My position is the right side of the defense, but I’m doing a great job on the left. If I can improve, the better.”

He also stated that Depor won’t relax now that the promotion is so close, “These are things that can happen, but the team is living a good moment and I don’t think it will affect us. The goal is the promotion and we are only thinking of it. We will try to do it as soon as possible and need to win at home, this is the first home meeting and I don’t think there will be relaxation.”



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