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28 Apr 2014
Criticism against Deportivo La Coruña after the biggest loss on the season. The papers criticized the attitude of the players and accepted that Ponferradina deserved the biggest upset of the matchday.

Deporte Campeón: A Souless Depor lost the game. Ponferradina erased the colors from Deportivo’s players; they gave a sovereign bath of humility in a match dominated from start to finish by Claudio Barragan’s men. The Galician team went out asleep. If Depor wanted to play as they did recently, then they needed to use the pressure and the intensity, it was essential. But these factors were absent in a meeting in which the locals only disturbed Ponferradina in a couple of actions.

Depor lowered the arms. Riazor lowered the arms. In fact, in an image that hasn’t been seen in a while, some fans began to leave the stadium before the final whistle. The team received a football bath yesterday, because it didn’t match the level of strength and mentality needed for a football game. Perhaps the team thought that Ponferradina was a suitable opponent that can be beaten 'at half ' speed, but you almost never achieve anything in that way, at least nothing important. Now, after the blur, time for a new account. Lugo are waiting. Alberto Torres

La Opinión a Coruña: The most painful defeat. The team that added less points away from home this season inflicted to Deportivo, the leader in the league, the most painful defeat of the tournament. Never before the Galician team had lost with a difference of three goals. Indeed, only once had Los Blanquiazules allowed three goals during the current campaign when Numancia visited the Riazor (3-3). The other two “big” defeats took place in Gijon and Tenerife (2-0).

I don’t remember a performance so poor at Deportivo like this one. A zero for everybody. I was remembering Milan when it lost 4-0 in the Champions League, side that went out at the Riazor believing it had the tie in its pocket and we saw what happened. Deportivo went out yesterday believing that the promotion was done and didn’t do anything right. The football association never showed up and you cannot highlight any positive aspect from the game.

In the first half the team went out with a 4-1-4-1 draw, the same scheme of the last matchdays, but making the same mistakes of the first half in Majorca: the four midfielders didn’t help at all, neither defensively pushed the output of the ball at Ponferradina as they barely smartly retreated, nor brought the defensive aids. There were no fouls, anticipations and neither interceptions. In the end, almost nothing of the defensive principles in this game.

Offensively, there were no support, no combinations and neither permanent aids nor movements without the ball. There was no control over the game (Yuri was enough to get it for Ponferradina) again, almost nothing of the offensive principles in this game.

In the second half the changes were made without positive outcomes; the team passed to play with two strikers and delaying Rabello to the pivote position. We never managed to get a numerical superiority in attack. We didn’t create the corresponding diagonals in order to create the empty spaces. In 92 minutes we only completed two shots on target: in the first half at minute 30 and in the second after a half an hour. General reprobation!

One recommendation: Several players should be reminded about some basic fundamentals of the game like that, before passing the ball, you need to drive with it (the ball runs more and never gets tired) and the dribbles are useless when the pass is possible. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Reality check. For 80 minutes the Riazor searched for the team that has almost sentenced the promotion to Primera, but the fans found nothing. The remaining 10 minutes don’t count for the parade at the stands before the strong (and deserved) result for Ponferradina, side that gave a big hit to Deportivo. Vazquez's team recovered the worst feelings that were shown precisely in the same stage of the calendar in the first round. Without ideas in attack, it was unable to overcome the opponent in any facet of the game and was thrashed with justice.

In a week in which the bonuses occupied almost as many questions as the opponent, Ponferradina put Depor back to earth. Overconfident for the results and the recent game, riding the wave for what was shown before Recre and ignoring the less bright signs of the first part against Mallorca, the Galician team went out lukewarm, it conceded an early goal and it could have been two in 10 minutes, and crashed again and again before a Ponferradina that was strong at defense, working in pressure and, with the passage of minutes, working in the movement of the ball. The result, a bath.

The 0-3 led the unrest at the Riazor, but especially it unleased the bad taste in the mouth of who goes to a party and ends up frustrated. Depor’s performance was even more disappointing because it comes at their best moment of the season, and was completely overtaken by a team marked as ‘flimsy’ performing on the road. The promotion remains close, however. Miguel Piñeiro

Infobierzo (Ponferada): "Riazorazo". Major victory, the fourth this year, and it breaks the losing streak away from home, condition in which Ponferradina were winless since matchday 05. Colossal game by Yuri and unmitigated victory. Berrocal also debuted as a scorer with Ponferradina and Claudio couldn’t see the end on the bench, because he was sent off.

A dance over the leader by Ponferradina and a team victory in the truest sense, very polished. Serious game by Los Bercianos, side that disarmed a Deportivo that was unable to read the match. The score could have been higher if referee Trujillo Suarez would have seen the clear penalty of Lopo over Yuri at the 39 'or if two straight shots that hit the woodwork had entered, the first by Berrocal and the second by Acorán in the final stretch of the game, it was during the countless counterattacks that killed the locals.



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