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01 May 2014
The club is studying the option of paying bonuses to the players in case of securing the promotion, but it will affect the salary cap. The players are worried as the fans can think the latest defeat before Ponferradina was related to this issue.

It’s normal that any club securing the promotion to Primera División end offering bonuses to the players in case of securing a promotion to Primera División, even in the case of Deportivo, club that’s coming out from administration. But in the present times the subject is more complicated.

And it’s that the salary cap rule implemented since the current season includes this amount of money in the budget of a club. It means the budget of next season will be reduced in case of agreeing this payment, which also means less room for the signings.

It’s a subject that concerns the club as it affect the planning for next season. Deportivo had problems on this season in order to build up the team for the Segunda tournament due to this reason, just to remember the failed signing of Alex Geijo, who underwent the medicals, but couldn’t be inscribed as the administrators and la liga didn’t give the okay.

The ones requesting to consider the payment of bonuses are, off course, the players. They argue that the several of them have clauses in their contracts that reduce their wages in case of relegation, and that the bonuses would compensate this reduction applied at the end of the past season. On the campaign 2011/12 the club agreed in paying a bonus (€2 million), though it wasn’t’ paid in the end as it was included in the list of debts during the administration process.

Since the players requested to consider the issue, there was an initial meeting between the players and Fernando Vidal, the sporting advisor of the club. It took place before the match against Recreativo de Huelva and both sides agreed that new meetings will be held.

And the subject was reported by the media on last week, though in the wrong way. La Voz De Galicia reported that Vidal told to the players that the bonuses weren’t possible as it would affect next year’s plans. And then it came the big loss before SD Ponferradina (0-3). The biggest defeat on the season and probably the worst game of Depor on the league tournament.

Immediately the players reacted as they feared the fans could think this defeat was on purpose. On Sunday, just hours after the defeat, Laure, one of the team’s captains, addressed the media about the issue, “The team is upset, because the information that has been reported on this week is false. There was a meeting before the game against Recreativo with Fernando Vidal and the club never told us that there won’t be a bonus. And later this information came out.”

“We are upset with this situation. This subject was commented during the meeting and there was a verbal agreement. We are upset because people might think that we lost because there are no monetary prices. It’s not true. The team will give everything to clinch the promotion and leave this club where it deserves. There’s no doubt about that. We hope the media can be more careful with this issue.” The Madrilenian defender added.

On Monday it was Juan Dominguez, the third captain at Depor, who talked of the subject, “We are hearing a lot of comments about that we lost in purpose because there were no bonuses. It is the straw that breaks the camel. We always go out at the top, for the fans and because we are close to clinch the goal. Sometimes things work out, sometimes don’t, but to go out always at the top it is non-negotiable. People must remain quiet, because the bonuses have nothing to do with the result of the last game.”

The midfielder also defended the right to cash this bonus, “90% of the players suffer a big cut in their contracts when the team suffers the relegation. When things don’t work out and the club suffers the relegation then your contract also goes down, it is a big cut, so I believe is logical to have this reward at the club for clinching the promotion, though we want the promotion with or without a bonus.”

Álex Bergantiños was the last player that talked of the issue. It was during Tuesday, “The information was released in the wrong moment. It coincided with our worst game on the season. But the true is that the issue was discussed months before and it must be talked privately. It isn’t a demand. We only talked to the club as we wanted to know if they think that the current season deserves a reward. We lived many difficulties throughout the year and we are clinching the goal. It’s a matter of the club to decide if we deserve this compensation.”

The latest information regarding this issue was reported by Radio Cadena Ser on Wednesday. The source informed that Depor’s board of directors already decided to offer a bonuses to the players and that an offer was already presented to the team’s captains.




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