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02 May 2014
Fernando Vázquez is seriously thinking in returning into the 4-2-3-1 figure after last weekend’s defeat. It has been the debate throughout the season as Deportivo have prioritized the balance and the defensive solidity.

For months Deportivo and coach Fernando Vázquez were questioned due to their offensive game. The Galician outfit was barely creating danger against the rivals, the media and many fans understood that the team was simply holding on by the defensive performance and by the seizing some of the few scoring opportunities had per game.

Depor reached the top of the standings in this way, but the criticism continued, and the negative comments were even increased when Vázquez chose to play with five defenders. It was the triumph of the balance, the goal of the coach for this season, because what el Profesor has always wanted is a team that concedes nothing, securing the ball and only then it tries to attack

It is something the coach always mentioned, as example what he said before the game against RCD Mallorca, ”We must keep or identity: trying to avoid the shots on target and therefore to not concede goals. We will try to do it, that’s non-negotiable. From there, if we can do that and later have the ball, then we’ll try to do it. If we’re capable of dominating having the ball and creating scoring opportunities, it would be wonderful. But the point is to not concede anything to Mallorca in order to beat us.”

This search for balance was characterized by the presence of two centre midfielders in the formations and at times the team even played with three centre backs. It was like that for 33 matchdays, however there was a change for the home game against Recreativo de Huelva. Cezary Wilk was suspended and Álex Bergantiños was injured, so Vázquez made one slightly modification that turned to be a big change, because he chose the unbalance of only placing a centre midfielder –an offensive one- plus two playmakers and two offensive wingers.

The formula worked for two games, but it was a disaster for the third meeting, the 0-3 loss against SD Ponferradina. Now, with Álex and Wilk available, the coach thinks if he should return to the balance of the past or risk with the unbalance of the most recent weeks.

During the week he trained both approaches. On Tuesday he worked with a 4-1-4-1, though with some novelties as Luisinho was performing as a left-back defender and Diego Seoane as a right winger, Bryan Rabello was on the left wing and Ibrahim Sissoko was one of the playmakers.
One day later the coach was testing a 4-2-3-1 figure, with Álex Bergantiños entering into the formation claiming the place of Juan Carlos Real and leaving Rabello as the lonely playmaker.

The decision of the lineup for Saturday’s game against CD Lugo won’t end the debate between the balance and the unbalance; actually it’s probable that the coach can end using both systems in the remaining games on the season.



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