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05 May 2014
Disappointing result for the coach and the players; everybody admitted that Lugo deserved the final result as Deportivo didn’t know how to defend the two-goal advantage during the second half.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was feeling sorry for the performance of the team, “You always want to win, and as the game was it seemed like the most probable thing, but starting at minute 25 of the second half everything changed. It gave the feeling that we were tense and nervous, then we allowed Lugo to push us and it deserved to draw. A point for each side.  We came here looking for the three points; it was important for us an as the game was, we feel a little hurt. The feeling is negative after been leading in the score.”

The Galician tactician was worried as his team had allowed five goals within the last two matchdays, “This point can be useful, but I’m leaving angry as in only one week we allowed three goals at home and then two on the road. It is something that I must study.”

He was also admitting that his changes didn’t work, “I must admit that I am not having luck. It’s easy to get conclusions now. I noticed that we had lost the control over the game and that needed those changes, but I must recognize that things didn’t work out at all. It is like that.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez insisted that Depor must keep fighting to clinch the promotion, “A lot still to be done, nobody gives for free the games. We can on only go out to the field and win the games. Everybody wants the promotion, what happens is that it’s very difficult. Segunda División is a hard league and we need to end it in the right way, that’s the main thing.”

Pablo Insua scored the second goal and Depor wasted the two-goal advantage; the defender was feeling disappointed with the draw, “We are feeling screwed with the result, but we must recognize that they deserved it. They were superior in the second half.”

Diego Seoane was commenting the game, “In the first half we controlled the situation, we have everything to win the game, but they pressed in the second part, they had more arrivals and the draw is fair. Lugo pushed, they locked us at the back and it was hard to go out of there.”

“We didn’t have opportunities in the second half; Lugo managed the situation and we couldn’t control any of their arrivals and now we must win visiting Alavés. This point tastes like a defeat, but it’s a point and must keep adding. It seems we have to wait for the help of other teams, but we are Deportivo and must pull forward.” The side defender added.

Laure was trying to explain how Depor wasted the two-goal advantage, “Every time you are winning a game you search to secure the result, and trying to do it they grow up; they scored in set-pieces and turned to be difficult for us.”

“We tried to prevent them from scoring, but they did it having enough time and we have suffered. It’s positive to add on the road and we are already thinking of the next game. The promotion is closer and we must keep working. It’s weird to allow so many goals lately. What happens is that we are pressing up front and we are leaving more space at the back, so it’s normal to allow more goals.” The Madrilenian player added.

Diego Ifrán scored his third goal with Deportivo in this game; the Uruguayan was thanking the support of the fans on his Twitter account, “It was a pity the result, but we must keep fighting. One more point and ten points for the fans for their support. Thanks for the support! We will keep fighting.”

Juan Dominguez needed seven stitches in the forehead after the play of the second goal, he couldn’t explain how Depor missed the victory in the game, “The true is that we are feeling screwed as we lost two points. As the game was, with that advantage, the only thing I can say is that we lost it and I needed seven stitches in the lead.”

“In the second half we went out trying to control the game, but I don’t know how we ended locked at our side of the field. They created opportunities, mainly in set-pieces and clinched the draw. They didn’t have anything to lose and risked. That was the key. They played close to our goal and clinched the draw. In other opportunities we were able to sentence through the counterattack, but it wasn’t possible this time.” The midfielder added.

German Lux was explaining the play of Lugo’s second goal, “I went out trying to clear the ball and ended finding the head of Juan Dominguez. The true is that I didn’t know who it was when we collided. I went out for the ball, which was coming after a deflection, and we collided. It was a weird play and we cannot blame the referee for the draw, though something happened as the linesman didn’t ran to midfield. He stayed on his position.”

The Argentine goalie was also feeling disappointed with the final result, “The advantage was important and we didn’t know how to defend it having the ball, just like we did during big part of the game. We were locked at the back and they clinched the draw. The full second half belonged to them and locked us at the back until clinching the draw. We were forced to defend in any possible way, and we were unable to do it having the ball.”

At CD Lugo, coach Quique Setién was content with the reaction of his team, “It was a highly disputed game, with different phases. The start was hard for us, because they pressed us, intensely and it didn’t allow us to develop our game. Depor showed discipline and strength at defense.”

“The beginning on the second half was another thing; things started in the same way, but they got tired and we started to move the ball around. The result was against us, but we never lost the faith and we waited for our moment. We could even have won, because their keeper made two or three great saves, but I am satisfied. The last part of the game was simply extraordinary.” He added.







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