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08 May 2014
Depor’s coach has been one of the keys to see the team keeping the calm during the dark days at the beginning of the season, but his decisions during the games have been criticized and labeled as “too defensive”.

Fernando Vázquez is once again on the spotlight after Deportivo wasted a two-goal advantage in the visit to CD Lugo. He lasted too much in making the changes and, when the score was already 1-2, he switching the draw into a 5-4-1 only to see the rival scoring the equalizer five minutes before the final whistle, then he tried to correct the mess putting a striker on the pitch, but it was too late.

The coach himself admitted after the match that his changes didn’t work. The true is that it isn’t the first time in which Vázquez is questioned for his decisions; actually the same situation has already happened before, the previous case was in the home meeting against CD Tenerife (matchday 32). Depor were winning 1-0 by minute 60 and the Galician tactician switched the draw into a 5-2-2-1 after starting the game with a 4-2-3-1, three minutes later the Canarians scored the equalizer and the team dropped two valuable points at home.

In this sense his changes has been described as “too defensive”, mainly in the second round of the Segunda tournament, just when the club made offensive signings during the winter window. Vázquez has also been under fire each time Deportivo lost a game thanks to a goal conceded in a set-piece, like the visit to Real Murcia (1-0, matchday 25). This weakness has been shown by Depor all season long and the coach was never able to fix it.

Also, the “romance” with the media and the fans witnessed on last season seems to be fading away. The coach has lost the desire to speak to the press, before he was conceding two press conferences per week, now he rarely talks in midweek, just as it happened on this week as he didn’t address the media on Tuesday. Other situations that awoke the criticism against the coach were the selection of the penalty-taker –Depor wasted two penalties on the season- or the declarations in which he stated that’s more important to play on counterattacks and control the actions rather than to create combinative game.

But this is a more complex story, Vázquez could be wrong in many things, but it was also a key factor for the current success of the team at Liga Adelante. The dark days at the beginning of the season were tense enough to break the nerves of many people, with a friendly game in Portugal played entirely with academy players or with the demotion surrounding the club on July 31. But he never lost the optimism and faith.

Instead El Profesor remained calm. His team was half-made at the beginning of the season, but he was able to reach the top of the standing though, then his best player left –Culio- and the coach had to start all over again with the arrival of the winter signings, there were problems to build up the team, but Deportivo remain among the best two teams in the league and is close to secure the promotion, a goal that at the beginning of the season was doubtful.

The situation is bringing the debate about who should be the coach of Deportivo on next season if the team secures the promotion to Liga BBVA. For now president Tino Fernández is supporting Vázquez as in March he said in an interview that the club trusts him, “It's for conviction. The relationship with the coach is fantastic and we are talking about next season.”



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