09 May 2014
Albert Lopo conceded an interview to newspaper la Voz de Galicia; the Catalan defender turned 34 on this week and he explained his feelings for been back at Depor. He also talked of Pablo Insua.

Q: Fifteen years have passed from your professional debut (April 1999). What are the differences between this and the current Lopo?
A: The years have given me experience, like everyone. I have grown in every sense. Lately I had lived the negative side of football, when you donít even are picked for the games. Luckily, before I had lived the good part, to feel useful and important. So I came here with a renewed enthusiasm, a high spirit.

Q: In your previous stage at Depor you were changing the car frequently. This time it is the same since your arrival. Is that an age thing?
A: As I said, everything changes with time. You are slowing down on things. With this car things are going well, and it lasts! I still love cars, sure, but there comes a time when you say: Enough is enough. I think I've had all (laughs). I just missed a Formula One. Even on that you are settling down.

Q: To football is hard to settle down. Fans are constantly upset. Is it so different from when you started?
A: I think there wasnít so much nonsense before. The issue of the betting wasnít so strong, for example. Neither each play was looked so closely. Youíre missing a bit of the essence, which is what you cannot never lose. In which park can you see today twenty children playing football? Now football is a video game. Before, in the games, you could go out with chains or rings, and lift your shirt in a goal. There wasnít stuff like having to shake hands with the opposite when going out.  In the worst case you were saying hello and that's it... letís play.

Q: About the bets, people from AFE and the LFP have come here to talk to the players. What do you think about the issue of the incentives by a third party?
A: Well, you have to go out to the pitch to win by yourself. For the sporting objective. And you never can accept a payment for losing. Never. And if I knew someone then I would denounce it. Thatís clear to me.

Q: What about the others?
A: The others... Winning is yes or yes. What you can find from behind or ahead... It could be an added thing to what you have to do on the field. But for losing, absolutely nothing.

Q: Your coach believes that this team may compete at Primera without problems. You are just coming from there. Do you agree?
A: I think so. This team is competitive and it's up there due to their merits. Primera Divisiůn is a complicate league, but I donít think there would be any problem. Then you have to see every game, but there are worse squads at Primera. And others that are better, of course.

Q: This team has the bonus of the sacrifice on the field.
A: Not only in the field. Also in training. From day one I have seen that there is a huge enthusiasm for the goal of promotion and that this factor is transmitted into the field. Running, fighting for every ball, being always on the exercises that are ordered... Thereís a very good group, both on and off the pitch.

Q: The changing room grew a lot in the winter window. Are the rotations affecting the good atmosphere?
A: Whatís seen now is a standard on any team. Maybe what was strange was what happened before. The coach has enough choices, people entering, others leaving... The coach is paid for this, to choose from. Heís the one who knows how the team is. Truly you donít like when you arenít playing, everyone wants to contribute, especially when the team is up there.

Q: You have taken the spot from Marchena. How do you face the situation?
A: Carlos and I have a lot of experience. Experience in these situations. Iím coming after spending many months without playing, I know what it is to be a substitute. To me, when I arrived, I had to wait for the opportunity. But everything is fine. We wonít discover Marchena now, heís a major player and a great guy. We both seize our chances.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: I end my contract on this year. But I would like to continue playing. Once I leave football, my idea is to stay tied to this world. Maybe training. I still have to complete the last level of the course, I have to take it in Madrid. Then, if I am bitten by the bug, why not. Yes I think itís a good choice. But life gives you many laps in a short period of time... I didnít know I was going to come back here and in two day everything was settled.

Q: Now, do you want to continue?
A: In my head the only idea is the promotion and later to see what the club says. I donít want to face the same problem of the past. I'd rather want to have peace. I wonít eat my head for topics that arenít related to the sporting issue.

Q: What Depor did you find in your comeback?
A: From day one the intensity was high. The coach has everything under control. The training times, tactical issuesÖ Besides, he has given me confidence. Vazquez bet for me and Iím very grateful.

Q: The coach has been accused for retreating the team.
A: To play with five defenses doesnít mean to retreat. It depends on how you plan it. The full-backs can play very deep on the pitch. The day of Barcelona B, for example, we ended playing one on one at the back.

Q: You are playing alongside Insua, the sensation of the season.
A: Pablo reminds me of when I started at Espanyol. With all that hope. Things went well at the time, you were loved by the fans... Other than that, he has very good qualities for a defender: it's quick, strong and very good with the output of the ball. Furthermore, heís quiet, peaceful and a hardworking guy. It is clear that now is up to him to keep improving. The best is to not push him and to continue as before.



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