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13 May 2014
Despite not having a good game, the papers understand that the result of Deportivo could be important towards the promotion aspirations. The media in Álava was disappointed as their team dropped two points at the end of the game.

Deporte Campeón: Depor are walking slowly. Depor rescued a point in the visit to Mendizorroza after scoring in the final seconds of the game, seeing how a goal was disallowed for offside (it wasn’t) and fit the 1-0 after an action of bad luck in a long clearance from the goal that hit Seoane's back to leave Borja Viguera alone to score the goal. The Galician outfit didn’t deserve to lose, thick at times, but controlling the game. However this competition is long, hard, and very complicated. There was no time for more. Having seen the things the Galicians rescued a point. It isn’t useful bemoaning for a bad referee. Depor walking slowly but continues its course. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Another small step in Vitoria. The melancholic line followed by Deportivo within the last games threatened with another drama when Alavés, three minutes from the end, were caressing a soothing victory for their interests and it was adding an unnecessary uncertainty to the promotion aspirations of the Galicians. After another game of ups and downs, and after running out of ideas in the second part, Depor rowed as they could to neutralize the goal by Borja Viguera after the most unfortunate action of los Blanquiazules so far this tournament . And then Borja Bastón showed up to hunt a solid shot and rescue a point to leave things calmer, apart from the doubts regarding the spirit and performance of the team.

A goal that shouldn’t have been disallowed to Toché, after a brilliant pass from Juan Dominguez, and that was cancelled due to a non-existent offside, it would be protested in the next few hours, because it was giving the victory to Deportivo and the match against Eibar at the Riazor would tastes like a party. But another new low in the game of the team before an Alavés in need was close to jeopardize everything done in the previous eight months. Vázquez’s team forgave its few opportunities, it was hesitant and with a suspicious defensive intensity in the presence of the even less offensive moves by Alavés, but the savior goal by Bastón leaves everything in the background. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: A point from Primera. Almost at the stoppage time and with some uncertainty, Deportivo rescued yesterday a match that was unexpectedly difficult and that could have compromised the promotion options that for weeks seemed on track. A late goal from Borja pulled the team from the predicament they got in at Mendizorroza, hardly foresee after an unfortunate mistake that gave the lead to the locals and that brought a lump in the throat of the coach, the players and much of the fans. The four matchdays that lie ahead will dictate the importance of the goal scored by Borja Bastón, which is leaving Deportivo five points above the playoff positions.

The outcome was the more unexpected one if anyone looks at how the game began at Mendizorroza, but ended offering a string of unexpected things, something common taking in mind the stretch in which the competition is. After the break you didn’t see other possibility than the victory for the Galician side. By domain, game displayed and opportunities; the visiting outfit ended the first half lamenting for not taking the lead.

The second half, however, left a gripped Deportivo, a team to which, probably, the season is starting to be too long after all the pressure that had to bear as it was the team to beat. Such situations, however, often provide unexpected heroes, someone that usually isn’t counting. Yesterday it was the turn of Borja Bastón, although ailing for some weeks he remains as the top scorer of the team. His goal rescued a point that can be determinative. A point from Primera. Marcos Otero

El Correo (Alavá): Cruel tie at Mendizorroza. A cruel tie at Mendizorroza left Alavés without the reward that deserved in the second half and without the chance of approaching to the permanence. The club from Vitoria suffered in the first half against a solid Deportivo La Coruña, but an individual action by Borja Viguera at the start of the second part gave the advantage to Los Albiazules, side that later could have sentenced in a counterattack. However, almost in the last action of the game, Borja Bastón equalized the game. A draw that translated into the pitch the drama of two important points that have flown away to leave the team three points from safety with four games remaining.

Alavés was a solid team from the start, where Guzman entered the lineup and Emilio Sanchez regained his place at midfield. Gradually, the visiting team has demonstrated the soundness of a leader to control the game without too much troubles and had some arrivals, though without completing shots before the goal of Ivan Crespo. The Basque outfit, inaccurate with the passes, barely created danger apart from a header from Manu García and two isolated plays by Viguera. In any case, the team was ordered enough to hold on before an opponent where Sissoko has shone, who has caused numerous problems from the right side.

Everything has changed after the break in a weird play. The goal kick of Lux hit Seoane and left the ball to Viguera near the area. The forward, in another quality move, has disposed of two rivals to score with a crossed shot that hit the post first. One advantage that Alavés, on this occasion, was able to administrate with solidly for many minutes. Without too many problems in defense against a Deportivo trying it with the entry of Núñez and then Borja Bastón and Toché, two center forwards.

However, in the best conditions and with an almost resigned adversary, a cross from the right ended with a shot of Borja Bastón that Ivan Crespo could only rub. The ball has gently entered into the goal for the local fatality. From been placed very close to the permanence to remain three points above the safety with only twelve points in dispute. Fate continues to strike in a season where the options are ending. Fernando Ruiz de Esquide.

Noticias de Álava: One of the authoritative voices at the club held these days, with data in hand, that if the team was part of a league in which it only matters the scores for the first 45 minutes, then probably, at this stage of the tournament, we would be talking of something else, even fighting for the top positions at the standings. Unfortunately for this guy, who holds a position of great responsibility, football matches are still lasting 90 minutes, which means that Alavés seems to have been unaware of this fact given the large number of points that are escaping precisely in the final stretch of the games.

Yesterday, against Deportivo La Coruña, was another example, but not the only one on this season. Something similar happened in the last game at El Toralín, place where the Albiazul outfit was unable to successfully manage a 1-0 lead at the break before Ponferradina; or even before at Mendizorroza against Real Madrid B, or Zaragoza, moments when similar events occurred. Underlying the lack of significant maturity, at least from the players, who must articulate this kind of behavior. They lack rigor and also personality, concentration and, why not, mischief and malice at the moment of scratching seconds to the clock. But all these shortcomings are leaving Alavés where it is right now. Each time less alive, but clung, we don’t really know how, to the miracle, which is to win next week at Lugo. It would be nice to mentalize the players regarding the fact that the games are still lasting 90 minutes. A. Goñi



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