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13 May 2014
Fernando Vázquez didn’t like the performance of his team, the players think the result was good, but not the best possible outcome, while Tino Fernández wasn’t content with the attitude of the team.

Fernando Vázquez was satisfied with the point, though he didn’t like the performance of the team, “We see the point as a good thing: when you achieve it doing your best, then it’s fine, and when you do it scoring at the end then it’s a little better. The true is that we suffered. We were pretty bad at the beginning, without intensity and strength. We found our place later and ended dominating within the last thirty minutes of the first part.”

“We started in the same way [during the second half] and the goal affected us. The tension, responsibility… and sometimes the team was confused, because you need to continue doing the right things, having organization, order, defensive strength and capacity to release the counterattack, and later everything turned to be a mess, because for me it was like that.” He added.

The Galician coach didn’t like the fact that Depor didn’t seize the anxiety of the locals, “Deportivo Alavés are living a complicate situation regarding the relegation, I expected to see they were coming for us and expected that things were going to be in a different way. If we would have taken the advantage… but it wasn’t like that and everything was favorable to Alavés. We also have the responsibility to clinch the promotion and it weighed over the players. We lost the control and I never like this.”

He was also pointing that his players lacked confidence, “We missed confidence. When you have the ball you have to go searching for the opposite goal having confidence. My team lacked confidence, it was a little afraid. You cannot damage the rival and it is noticed. We needed to do it as we do it at the Riazor, we need that confidence. Still, the team was fine and should have scored in the first half, but well…”

The coach was comparing the situation with the past game with Lugo, “Yes, it has a similar testes, though it was the opposite, because we scored the equalizer at the end and in the other game they equalized against us at the end, it is a little more painful, but today there were things that I didn’t like.”

Finally, Vázquez talked of the referees, “I talked at half-time with the fourth referee, because there were things that deserved a yellow card. The referee didn’t whistle them and there was a disallowed goal that was clearly legal. Toche´s goal was legal. The linesman didn’t see it and we were affected. Let’s hope that in other occasion it could be in our favour.”

Diego Seoane wasn’t sure if the point is good or bad towards the promotion, “Seeing what happened, this point is gold, but it was a pity because we were fine until the error of the first goal. Truly the point tastes like little, because the team was fine. In the first half we had some clear arrivals that we could have defined them in a better way, we only missed one more pass and couldn’t claim the three points.”

The side defender also felt sorry for the play in which Depor allowed the goal, “I felt a knock in the harm and it surprised me as I was going in the other direction. I tried to go back, but the striker held the ball pretty well and defined the play. It was a silly goal.”

Borja Bastón was describing the play in which he scored his 10th goal on the season, “It was a cross of Seoane, I eluded the rival and the shot was accurate, then I was lucky enough to see the ball going in. I would try to score more goals before the end of season.”

The Madrilenian believes that the point is good for Depor, “Alavés were also playing for their life and it was a complicate game, so the point isn’t bad. I don’t like to think about mattress of points. I am just thinking of winning the next game at home. This should be the idea in our head: that we are first and that will be promoted winning more games.”

Juan Dominguez was having a mixed vision of the point added in Mendizorroza, “For how the game was, the draw had a good taste, because you see the game is lost and to score at the end it brings joy and tastes like gold, but our intention was to win and therefore we aren't satisfied. We came here for the win. “

The Galician midfielder understands that Depor cannot be pending of the results by the direct rivals in the race for promotion, “What we want is to add the three points each week, and we aren't thinking of the rivals. That’s the key, because it’s useless to make calculations. We are only focused in our jobs.”

Toché was another player that believes the point was good for Depor, “We should see the point as something positive because, as the game was, the point doesn’t taste so bad. Now we must think that the team needs to defeat Eibar. The weeks are passing and we are looking ourselves at the top, but we must win and I believe the next game is very important as we face the second place in front of our fans.”

Meanwhile, Pablo Insua said that the point was good, though it wasn’t a win, “It wasn’t a victory, but we got a point at the end. We aren’t leaving content, but at least we are feeling less screwed.  They didn’t create danger throughout the game, but later found out with that unfortunate play and were having the advantage in the scoresheet. In the end we managed to tie the game, though it was at the last moment.”

President Tino Fernández was at the stadium watching the game and he talked to Radio Cadena Ser and Radio Voz; in the latter he showed his lack of satisfaction with how the players are facing the games, “If we are talking of playing finals then we should face the games as real finals. The defeat would have been unfair to Deportivo, but we also could have shown more attitude. I saw an Alavés that was willful and us… and it’s that no one can have more will and attitude. Later, in a football game, you can have bad luck, they can score in any play, but no one can beat us in attitude.”

Depor’s boss also believes that nothing is done yet regarding the promotion, “I always said that the promotion isn’t achieved yet. I am a man of mathematics and like to celebrate things when they are achieved. We still have work to do. Clearly this is an equal competition and we have saw it. We saw how a rival at the bottom complicated our life and they were really close to defeat us.”

At Alavés, coach Alberto López wasn’t content with the final result, “The team worked hard before the best rival in the league; it’s a pity to see two points escaping from us when we thought that we deserved them. At the beginning the draw wasn’t a bad result playing against Depor, but as the game was, it’s cruel. The draw is a pity, but we must assume it. We’ve lived complicate days and yes, today we are feeling screwed.”



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