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14 May 2014
Disappointing year for a team that missed the promotion seats and that left a poor impression, mainly in the first round, but neither can be denied the big problems faced by the coach before and throughout the Tercera tournament.

It was a complicate season for Fabril. The financial problems and the salary cap rule affected the composition of the team and coach José Luis Devesa was aware until the last day of the players that were going to play with him; actually he was still facing problems with the issue during the first months. But despite the problems Depor B was, together with Pontevedra CF, one of the favourite teams to fight for the playoffs at Tercera División (Celta B, Compostela and Racing Ferrol were promoted to Segunda B). After all, during the previous campaign the team missed the promotion at the last second and now the same behavior was expected.

Many players left from the previous season, but the fact that affected the most were the internal moves. Pablo Insua and Luis Fernández were promoted to the first team, while Álvaro Lemos suffered a serious knee injury that was going to sideline him almost for the entire season. Besides, Jorge Romay, Oumar Sidibé, Paulo Teles, Cañi, Dani Iglesias, Bicho, Uxío Marcos and David Gómez made the entire pre-season with the first team, so the coach was forced to pick players from Juvenil A (even from Juvenil B) in order to fill the gaps.

Actually, the presence of Fabril’s players with the first team was extended to the regular season as they were normally training during the week with Fernando Vázquez, later they were joining the B squad during the weekends. In the meantime the team began the Tercera season with only three signings coming from the outside: winger Jesús Cañizares ‘Cañi’, left-back Aarón Rama and playmaker Marcos Remeseiro. Striker Iago Beceiro also returned after his European adventure. The club didn’t made more signings, because it was going to affect the salary cap, which was already tight with the first team.

It turned to be the worst campaign at Tercera for Fabril since the season 1986/87 (11th with 37 points). Now it ended ninth, but only after the reaction witnessed in the second round. The start of season was quite positive, with three victories within the first four games and with only one defeat within the first eight matchdays: 0-2 at Arosa SC (matchday 03).

At the time the first team was short numbered and players like Bicho, Uxío and Dani Iglesias were picked by Fernando Vázquez, so Juvenil A lads like winger Óscar García and midfielder Ángel Fernández had a starting role at the team.

But the problems arrived soon; Devesa was repositioning players –midfielder Sidibé was a centre-back all season long as example- and the injuries started to hit the team. At times there were up to eight casualties at the squad due to injury reasons and also because some of the youngsters were concentrated with the first team. At some point Devesa himself was out of the games as he was having a personal problem, so second coach David Sánchez was in charge.

And it was under all these circumstances that Fabril began his worst moment on the season. Between matchdays 09 & 19 the team played 11 games, only winning once (1-2 at Pontevedra CF) and losing 5 times. In this way, by the end of the first round, Depor B were 15h at the standings, already 12 points below the promotion zone and only 5 points above the drop zone.

There were some changes for the second round, now all the youngsters available were training for the full week with Depor B as Fernando Vázquez decided it, and only in a few opportunities some of the lads were picked for the Segunda matches.

The second round began in a positive way: 3-0 win over SD Grixoa, but that result was followed by the worst loss in the tournament, a brutal 1-5 loss visiting Cultural Areas with the team allowing 4 goals within the last half an hour. At the time coach Devesa also pointed out that some of the lads were lacking interest, “What happens is that we have players on here that aren’t coming in order to compete.” He stated in December.

But the true is that Fabril were going to grow on the season, because Depor’s youngsters only lost five of the last seventeen games on the season.  Truly the team was more mature, but there are two key reasons to explain this late reaction. First the team made three singings in the winter window: attackers Tonći Mujan and Marc Nierga, plus winger Miguel Cardoso. Lemos also returned from his long-term injury.

Besides, the coach switched the tactic; it was still playing with a 4-2-3-1, but with the figure of the “false nine”, this since Remeseiro was used as a central attacker. The true is that it was a more offensive team, Bicho was delayed to midfield, Romay was the fixed playmaker, while Croatian Mujan and Portuguese Cardoso were attacking from the sides.

Thus came the best moment of the team, chaining eight victories during the ten matches played between matchdays 26 & 33. There were big wins like the 1-5 win at Alondras CF and the 6-1 hosting Rápido de Bouzas –the biggest win on the season- But it was already too late to aspire to promotion; the playoff spots were always ten points away and truly the team never had a real chance to reach the first four spots

The casualties were still hitting the team by the end of the season, as example for the visit to CD Dorneda (matchday 36) seven players were out due to injury reasons, some of them important players like Bicho, Uxío, Lemos and Mujan.  The season ended with a sad 1-4 loss visiting Racing Vilalbés with the team allowing three goals in set-pieces in a frame of fifteen minutes. The set-pieces were another problem for a team that allowed 55 goals, enough to have a -1 in the goal difference. First time on this century that the goal difference is negative with the team competing at Tercera División.

It’s clear that the season was disappointing, but before judging coach Devesa and the players it’s necessary to have in mind the countless problems that were faced, mainly at the beginning of the season. The sacrifice in order to fix the limitations at the first team had a price to pay for Fabril. The injuries were also a factor that contributed to the downward spiral of the first round.

Things improved in the second round with the arrival of the winter reinforcements, plus the new policy with the youngsters that were training with the first team. It wasn’t enough to reach the first four positions and, for the second time in three seasons, the team didn’t qualify for the playoff round at Tercera.

If the first team is able to secure the promotion then there will be more room to reinforce Depor B ahead of next season, but as always the base of the team will be the players staying from this year and the ones promoted from the Juvenil A team.

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