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20 May 2014
Bittersweet taste after Depor dropped two points at home; the coach and the players were feeling sorry for not getting the three points. The celebration of Jota in the equalizer was also on the spotlight.

Fernando Vázquez was commenting the game, “You try to win, but if you see that you can’t, then you end thinking that it was good, at least it’s better than to lose, which is what I meant. Today we had an advantage in the first half and had it until committing that little foul at the edge of the area, we all were fooled, even the coach, and since then the game was different. The team with less nerves and more control had the chance to claim the lead, but we failed as we were too hurried. They had two scoring chances after minute 20, and we had a possible penalty over Antonio Núñez.”

He refused the idea that the competition is getting too long for his team, but admitted the problems to add points at the Riazor, “The team is the first place, we still at the first spot and have an advantage over the third place, so it’s a privileged position. Another thing is our problem at the Riazor, the problem to win games and add points at the Riazor, now worsened by the fact that we cannot close the games, it seemed it was over and these are the most complicate moments in a competition.”

“Even Rafa Nadal is having problems to close the games. We have sawn how the Spanish Primera División was defined. Atlético Madrid seemed to have decided the title, but it got complicated. Higher structures than us, like Barcelona and Real Madrid, faced problems, and we face a tough situation. Besides possibly Eibar play with the feeling that everything is wonderful, while we feel the responsibility to clinch the promotion.” He added.

The Galician coach admitted that his team had problems defending the set-pieces, “We should avoid the corner-kicks and free-kicks, and it’s true they were dangerous in set-pieces. Since a while ago we changed the way to defend these plays and we keep it. We depend of been focused, maybe they caught us in a compromised position.”

Vázquez said that he didn’t like the fact that Depor lost control over the game, “One team can never lose the control; in order to attack you have to do it having the control, in that sense, at some point, we lost this capacity and this is something that I don’t like. They planned a game like Ponferradina, with almost individual marks over my players, and when things are like this then we end suffering. “

Finally, Depor’s coach remained once again that the team remains as the leader in the league, “Sometimes it looks like this is sad, but we must remind that we are the leaders. Only three games are remaining, clearly the expectations are different, but in the end the competition puts you at your place. People might be expecting for something else, but this is the reality. We can do it better and worse, but the team is doing everything to be at Primera. I would have loved to clinch the victory, but the reality is that we ended with a draw and that we need to continue rowing.”

Laure wasn’t content with the final result, “It’s always important to add, but as the game was it was a pity, because I believe that the team was going out for everything and in an isolated play there was a lack of attention and they scored the equalizer. “

Still, the Madrilenian defender was assuring that Depor are feeling mentally prepared in this last stretch on the season, “There’s confidence and the team is mentally strong. We must think of ourselves and the true is that there’s one less matchday in the calendar. Now we must think of the next game.”

Neither Álex Bergantiños was content with the result, “It was an equal game, first place against the second, and we allowed a new goal in a set-piece. But the team did what we can, we pressed and at the end got a draw that leaves us at the top. Last week we tied at the end of the game and everyone was content, now it was different and it doesn’t tastes the same. It could have been a definitive blow, but it wasn’t possible and we must move forward.”

The midfielder was also commented the play of the equalizer, “We had the same old problem with the marks; the men at the wall couldn’t do anything and there was a lack of communication, it’s the second time on the season that a rival attempts a play like this. We must learn from it, talk about it during the week and try to not see it again.”

Diego Ifrán was another player unhappy with the draw, “After how things were with the 1-0, and for how the team was, the true is that you leave with a bittersweet taste in the mouth. They seized one of the few opportunities that they had. It was an equal game, but I believe that we had more opportunities. Football is like this and the important thing is that we remain as the leaders. Yes we spent three games without winning, but neither are losing, which is keeping us at the top.”

The Uruguayan attacker was also explaining what happened in the goal of Jota, “I believe he was misplaced, to dedicate the goal to Depor’s fans, it was a lack of respect and we tried to not see him doing it again, and then he was laughing at our face. The game is now over and we need to talk of the next game.”

German Lux was feeling sorry for the way Depor allowed the equalizer, “The play surprised us and truly we had the game under control until that point, later we were unable to create chances. They made a pretty set-piece and we didn’t know how to defend it.”

Luisinho talked on Monday and had an explanation for the recent failures in liga, “I think the failures in the last games are caused by the anxiety to clinch the promotion as soon as possible. It has been a weird league as it seems that no one wants to win it.”

He was also upset with the celebration of Jota, "I can be temperamental; I easily turn on, but I believe that his celebration was a lack of respect, though everyone is free to do whatever they want."

At SD Eibar, coach Gaizka Garitano was content with the point added at the Riazor, “When you come to a stadium like this, in order to play against the leader, you leave content after adding a point, especially with the feelings that we left, because you can add points without creating scoring opportunities and in this game I believe it was meritorious, because we were closer to add the three points than of losing.”

Midfielder Dani García was proud of the result and also believes that his team deserves to play at Primera División, “We tried to get the win until the end, we didn’t do it, but we have demonstrated that we deserve the promotion.”

Jota was defending himself for his celebration, “I am from A Coruña and had many people at the stands, family and friends, watching the game. I was very happy for dedicating the goal to them, a goal so important and wanted to enjoy it. I don’t know if I was wrong or not, but I saw that all of them celebrated it, so I was also able to celebrate it too. It wasn’t a lack of respect. I celebrate the goal, they understood it in other way and whistled. It happened in this game and we will see each other again and nothing will happen.”



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