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21 May 2014
Following the footsteps of Cadete A, the Cadete B team of Deportivo completed another great year, winning its league for the fifth straight opportunity and with the generation of 1999 shinning on the pitch.

This team competes at Liga Gallega Cadete, which is the lower league to División de Honor Cadete. Since the A team competes in the latter it’s not possible to see the B squad promoted to the upper competition. Liga Gallega Cadete is divided in two groups, with Depor competing in the first and Celta in the second, reason why they don’t face each other throughout the season.

For this reason, and taking in mind the promotion system, Depor Cadete B practically have no rivals for the first position and thus they arrived to the new season after clinching four straight titles. Cándido Filomena was named the new coach of the team; he already spent several years working at the club, but this was his first experience as a head coach.

Once again Cadete B dominated Liga Gallega. As it happened with Cadete A, the team never felt the effect of the financial problems that hit hard Fabril, Juvenil A & B. There was a generational change –the full squad was changed with the major part of the players promoted from Infantiles plus six new signings- and the team continued to be strong enough to win almost all the games, and that taking in mind that important pieces in the puzzle like Chumi and Iago Gandoy were instead playing for Cadete A.

And it’s that within the first round the team won 15 of the 17 matches, only losing before Racing Vilalbés (2-0, matchday 12) and drawing at SD Compostela (1-1, matchday 03). However Galicia de Caranza and Racing Ferrol pushed hard and the difference with these two teams wasn’t as big as it could be expected. At the middle of the tournament Cadete B only had a 4-point lead over runners-up Galicia de Caranza.

The second round was also pleasant, with the team only suffering one defeat during the visit to Calasanz (1-0, matchday 23). But by matchday 31, the team already had a 7-point gap over Galicia de Caranza and didn’t even need to play the next game as the chasers lost in the visit to Xuventude Ososo (0-1), so they clinched a fifth straight title with three games remaining in the schedule.

The Alevin B team in 2009, the base of the Cadete B squad that competed on this season

Four years later, this is the Cadete B team that played at Liga Gallega

This new generation –all the players were born in 1999- is characterized by the strong attacking line. The trio composed by Manu Ramos, Manu Mosquera and Rubén Sande ‘Rubi’ have been playing together since the year 2009 when they joined the club at Alevin B, and together they always scored a lot of goals throughout their careers at Alevin A, Infantil B & A.

For this season they were joined by winger Álex Boedo, who arrived from Bergantiños, and combined the quartet scored 74 goals, which represented the 71% of the goals in favour. Ramos & Mosquera were midfielders in their early years, and recently they were moved to the centre of the attack with Mosquera performing on the wings at some moments. Meanwhile Sande began as a striker and was delayed to midfield territory. To mention that Mosquera is the son of Manuel Mosquera Bastida, a former player of Depor that also performs with the veterans.

Boedo and Mosquera ended as the top-scorers at the team with 21 goals added to their tally, but the form was completely different, because Mosquera scored the major part of his goals in the first round, while Boedo did it in the second, actually he scored five times within the last five games, including a hat-trick in the final matchday visiting CD Boiro (3-3).

And there are more players to notice; there are other seven lads that also began their career at the club in 2009 performing for Alevín B: keeper Jesus Jurado, defenders Chumi, Nico Manteigo, Juanjo, Gónzalez and Pablo Sánchez, plus attackers Anton Concheiro and midfielderIago Gandoy. So, this team can be labeled as the “generation of 2009” though the preferred nickname is “the generation of 1999” -year in which they all were born- a couple of these players were even performing for the A team during the season, like the case of centre-back Chumi.

Full-back Pablo Sánchez was the player with more minutes (2,127), though Rubén Sande and Manu Mosquera were the lads with more appearances (both strikers played in 33 of the 34 games on this season).

There were other important lads that joined the club after 2009; keeper Esteban Garcia was praised by the scouts though he was the goalie with lesser minutes at the team (784). It also called the attention the performance of Mexican Ynbal Colmenares, a centre midfielders with skills to control the centre of the pitch, plus Ethiopian Leo Cruz and Álvaro Otero, the later scored four goals and arrived on this season from Conxo. Both are full-backs.

The generation of 1999 reached the level of Cadetes and succeeded clinching a title that usually belongs to Depor. The important thing is that some of the lads are already playing with the A squad and thus demonstrated that they could become into an important generation for the club. The quartet composed by Manu Ramos, Manu Mosquera, Alex Boedo and Rubén Sande ‘Rubi’ is called to break marks at the club.




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